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Aydlett, Sawyer, & Guard Cemeteries
Powells Point, NC

Directions:  All 3 of these small cemeteries are located .4 mile north of the junction of North Spot Road (SR 1113) and South Spot Road (SR 1111) on the east side of North Spot Rd. about .2 mile across the field.  It can be driven to by going through the yard of the Stone residence and bearing to the left up a lane.  Google Maps for these cemeteries.
The Aydlett Cemetery was photographed by Elizabeth Aydlett Lewis and the Sawyer & Guard Cemeteries were photographed by Lisa Boswood & Judy Brickhouse in 2012.

Aydlett Cemetery
Aydelett, Lydia 1800 Oct. 27, 1884 [see another photo by Judy Brickhouse]
Aydelett, Quebeck Jan. 31, 1880 Nov. 4, 1884 [see another photo by Judy Brickhouse]
Aydlett, C.[ Caleb] C. Nov. 2, 1851 Dec. 29, 1912 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Rev. XIV, 43.
Aydlett, Saint Forlonia Jan. 1, 1848 May 13, 1917 At Rest.  Wife of C.C. Aydlett  [see another photo by Judy Brickhouse]
Gregory, Patsey Sep. 1, 1829 Oct. 13, 1900 Our Dear Mother.  Though lost to sight, to memory dear.
"Trust in the Lord.  I shall know my Heavenly Father" were her last words.
[see another photo by Judy Brickhouse]

 Sawyer Cemetery
[same location, but further back]

Sawyer, J.B. Aug. 9, 1840 Nov. 9, 1918 At rest.
Sawyer, James Wilson Oct. 30, 1868 Sept. 9, 1929  
Sawyer, Sallie M. Aug. 30, 1849 April 25, 1904 At rest.
2 oval cement slabs with no names     [Information from Currituck Co., NC Cemetery Records by the Albemarle Genealogical Society; 1995] No photo at this time.

Guard Cemetery
[same location but fenced in 1988]

Guard, Isabella B. [Burgess] Mar. 26, 1884 Sept. 5, 1923 [Double with John E. Guard]
Guard, J.E. Sr. [John Etheridge] April 4, 1842 Nov. 4, 1917 He took thee from a world of care In everlasting Bliss to share.
Guard, John E. [Etheridge] Jan. 9, 1887 Oct. 10, 1960 [Double with Isabella B. Guard]
Guard, Martha E. Aug. 29, 1849 April 2, 1912 Wife of J.E. Guard - Resting till the resurrection morn.
Guard, W.J. Feb. 25, 1891 Nov. 17, 1891 Asleep in Jesus

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