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Thomas E. Smith Sr.
Willie Louise Outlaw
[no copyright date]
(Note: in 2001 Mrs. Mary Ann Bateman Smith, owner of the Bible and 2nd wife of Thomas E. Smith, Jr. made changes in this Bible.  In the Joseph F. Smith Bible, Thomas is listed as Thomas "Etheldred" Smith, however, his son, Thomas Jr. had Edward for a middle name and his marriage certificate reflects that.)

Holy Bible
presented to
My Husband
Thomas E. Smith Sr.
His Wife
Willie Louise Smith

Family Register

Thomas Edward Etheldred Smith Sr.
Willie Louise Outlaw
were united in

Holy Matrimony

on the 3rd day of April
in the year of our Lord 1924
at Epworth M.E. Church
Rev Costen J Harrell


Vivian Estelle Smith Ė Sept. 28, 1926
Ella Louise Smith Ė Feb. 17, 1929
Thomas Edward Etheldred Smith Jr. Mar. 31, 1930
Thomas Edward Etheldred Smith Sr. Feb. 2, 1899
Willie Louise Outlaw Smith Dec. 20, 1911 [it appears to be 25 overwritten with 20]
Donald Edgar Mohr April 19, 1919 [to the side is written Sonís in Law with an arrow]
Paul Irvin Powers Jr. Sept. 4, 1926 [to the side is written Sonís in Law with an arrow]
Donna Lee Mohr Jan. 25, 194? [194? overwritten as 1944] [Grandchildren with arrow]
Ella Lynn Powers Jan. 1, 1948
Shirley Mae Stewart Smith Dec. 22, 1932 [Daughter in Law written to the side]
Thomas Edward Etheldred Smith III June 4, 1950 [Grand son with arrow]
Willie Louise Smith Oct. 3, 1951 [Granddaughter with arrow]
Gary George Mohr June 28, 1952 [Grandson with arrow]
Joseph Frank Smith Sept. 6, 1953 [Grandson with arrow]
Shirley Mae Smith April 2, 1955
Susan Lydia Smith May 14, 1956
Cheryl Ann Smith June 17, 1958
Seth Smith August 12, 1972


Vivian E. Smith & Donald E. Mohr Dec. 27, 1942
Ella L. Smith & Paul I. Powers Jr. Jan 26, 1947
Shirley Mae Stewart & Thomas E. Smith Jr. Nov. 19, 1949
 Thomas E. Smith Jr. & Mary Ann B. Smith Aug 2, 1969
Allen & (
Dee) Wise Oct 6 1968 [written over top is Willie Louise Smith]
Robert N. Wade & Cheryl Ann Smith July 21, 1974
Joseph F. Smith & Debbie Lymn March 22. 1975
Thomas E. Smith III & Linda Ann Haas Dec 20, 1975


Thomas E. Smith Sr. Feb. 19th 1971
Willie Louise Outlaw Smith Feb 21, 1973
Thomas E. Smith, Jr. September 5, 2000
Donald Edgar Mohr  March 28, 2002

This Bible was scanned and transcribed by Benjamine O. Bateman.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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