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Joseph Frank Smith & Ella Whedbee Bible
(Aug. 2002 in possession of Mrs. Mary Ann Bateman Smith)


Leonard W. Smith July 4th 1890 Hertford Co. N.C.
Richard F. Smith Nov. 30th 1892 Hertford Co. N.C.
James P. W. Smith Oct 3, 1895 E. City N.C.
Thomas E. Smith  Feb. 2, 1899 E. City N.C.
Vivian Estelle Smith Sept. 28, 1926 Richmond Virginia
Ella Louise Smith Feb. 17, 1929 Princess Ann Co. Virginia
Thomas Etheldred Smith Jr. March 31, 1930 Norfolk Virginia


Thomas E. Smith & Willie Louise Outlay   April 3, 1924 in Norfolk Virginia


Joseph Frank Smith July 21, 1934
Ella Whedbee Smith April 3, 1916

Dorothy Elizabeth Smith

July 20, 1931

This Bible was scanned and transcribed by Benjamine O. Bateman.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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