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This is to Certify that Bailey O誰eal and Ann Matilda Evans
Were Solemnly United By Me In Holy Matrimony
At C. F. Smith痴
On the Eleventh Day of September
In the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-six
Conformably to the Ordinance of GOD and the Laws of the land
In Presence of Jesper White, Wm H. White
Rev. S. B. McKinney


Fannie E. O誰eal and John Gray was married August 22-1903
Bailey O誰eal and Ann M. Evans were married Sept 11th 1886
Katherine S. Gray and Alvah N. Cole were married Oct 8th 1921
Fannie O誰eal Gray and Olin Park Chapman were married April 19th 1924
Alvah N. Cole Jr & [Living] were married Sept 4 1945
Walter B. Gray & Evelyn Eloise Wise were married Dec 26-1925
Fannie E. Chapman & Clayton D. Walton were married -- 1930


Bailey O誰eal son of Isaac O誰eal and Salinda, his wife, was born May 10, 1863
Ann Matilda daughter William A. Evans and Julia, his wife, was born July 25, 1864
Fannie Elizabeth daughter of Bailey O誰eal and Ann Matilda, his wife, was born Nov. 9, 1887
Malissa C. Waterfields daughter of Adolpheus Waterfields and Malissa his wife, was born May 22, 1899
Katherine S. Gray daughter of John Gray and Fannie his wife was born June 27-1904
Walter B. Gray Son of John Gray and Fannie his wife was born Nov 17-1905
Alvah Newman Jr. Son of Alvah Newman Cole Sr. and Katherine his wife was born May 2nd 1925


Family of Alvah N. Cole Sr.
Father-Joseph Counselor Cole July 30, 1856
Mother-Sallie Miller Cole April 22, 1862
Cora L. Cole , July 20, 1883
William T. Cole, Nov 26, 1884
Arthur D. Cole, Oct 7, 1886
Bertha L. Cole, Mar 10, 1888
Fred V. Cole, Nov 22, 1889
Ellis M. Cole, May 22, 1891
Harry A. Cole, Mar. 26, 1892
Alvah N. Cole, May 6, 1896
Mary J. Cole, May 10, 1898
Maggie Bea Cole, May 10, 1898


Ann M. ONeal died May 5th 1914 age 49 years and 10 months
Fannie E. Walton died Nov. 28th 1937 age 50 years
Bailey O誰eal died Dec 10-1945-age 82
Alvah N Cole Sr died Feb 18th 1959 age 62 years
Alvah N. Cole Jr died Nov 15, 1966 age 41 years
Olin P. Chapman died (This entry in the Bible is incomplete, but family records show that Olin P. Chapman died July 7, 1928.)
[Note: There are additional entries in the Bible which have been omitted here to protect the privacy of the living].

This Bible record was transcribed and contributed by Vanessa Cole Purschwitz.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.

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