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Dutcher Family Bible


Jacob P Dutcher Dec 24: 1788
Margaret Smith Nov 21: 1785
Jane Dutcher Nov 25: 1813
Smith Dutcher Aug 12: 1815
John M Dutcher Nov 28: 1816
Samuel Dutcher Dec 28: 1820  leep year thursday
Benjamin W  And Sarah Ann Dutcher March 20: 1824


Samuel Dutcher                    
Esther M Field                     
Margaret Ann Dutcher         
George Anson Dutcher         
John Alvin Dutcher                
Olive G. Gallop                     
Lilie May Dutcher                 
Seth H Dutcher                     
Evear (?) S Dutcher              
Sidney  C Dutcher                
Effie L  Dutcher                    
Dec 28: 1820
Mar 2: 1824
Aug 25:  1844
Nov 22:  1847
June 7:  1852
Dec 31  1862
born the 26 October 1880
born Jan 2  1883
born april 5 1888
born febuary 24 1892
born February 7  1893


Samuel Dutcher  Sept 3 1888
Evar S Dutcher May 24 1892
Sidney C Dutcher August 19 1892
Esther M Dutcher July 20 1895
Olive G Dutcher March 3 1926 was Born December 31  1862
John Alvin  Dutcher April 10, 1931


Samuel Dutcher to Esther M Field Sept 5 1843
Margaret A Dutcher Dec 24:1863
George Anson Dutcher Aug 25:1866

[Then on the other side of the divided page in a different handwriting]

George A Dutcher to Ida W Havens who was born April 8 1849  
John A. Dutcher to Olive G. Gallop Dec. 31,1879


     This Dutcher Bible was passed from Mae (Dutcher) Newbern to her daughter Olive (Newbern) James and then to Fred and Louise (Flora) Newbern.  I have Louise's permission to submit these pages here.  We appreciate her generosity in sharing this family history.
     It appears that the first entries are made by someone in the Jacob Dutcher family but beginning with the Olive G. Gallop birth entry on the second page, the handwriting changes. The last three death entries appear to be in the handwriting of a third person, most likely Mae D. Newbern.

Glenda's Genealogical Notes:
Jacob P. Dutcher records:
   1820 Sullivan Co., NY - 2m 0-10; 1m 16-26; 1m 26-45; 1f 0-10; 2f 26-45
   1830 Stanford, Dutchess Co., NY - 2m 5-10; 1m 10-15; 1m 15-20; 1m 40-50; 1f 5-10; 1f 15-20; 2f 40-50
   1840 Conesville, Schoharie Co., NY - 1m 15-20; 1m 50-60; 1f 5-10; 1f 15-20; 1f 50-60
   1850 Conesville, Schoharie Co., NY - Jacob Dutcher, 61, farmer; Emma, 62; Sarah A. 26
   1860 Conesville, Schoharie Co., NY - Jacob P. Dutcher, 71, retired; Elizabeth, 59, tailoress
   1870 Conesville, Schoharie Co., NY - Jacob P. Dutcher, 81, sick; Elizabeth, 69, keeping house
   Tombstone in West Conesville Cemetery, Conesville, NY - Jacob P. Dutcher died Aug. 12, 1871 age 83
A posting on the Dutcher Message Board in 2000 says that Margaret (Smith) Dutcher, 1st wife of Jacob P. Dutcher, was born Nov. 21, 1785 and died December 20, 1832 and from the census records it would seem that this is probably correct.  It appears that his 2nd wife is Emma and his 3rd is Elizabeth, however, neither of their maiden names are known to me and neither of them are listed in the Bible.

Samuel Dutcher records:
   1850 East Hampton, Suffolk Co., NY
- Samuel Dutcher 28, boat builder; Esther, 25; Margaret A.6; George A.,3
   1860 Denning, Ulster Co., NY - Samuel Dutcher, 40, Master Carpenter; Esther M., 36; Margaret A., 16; George, 13; John A., 7, Susan, 5; Johnson, 2

   June 18, 1864, Southhold, Suffolk Co., NY - This Indenture made the eighteenth of June in the year one thousand eight hundred sixty-four between Samuel Dutcher of the town of Southhold, in the county of Suffolk and  state of New York and Esther M. Dutcher his wife, parties of the  first part and the "Southhold Savings Bank" of the same place, parties of the second part, Witnesseth, That the said parties of the first part, in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to them duly paid before the delivery hereof, have bargained and sold, and by these presents do grant and convey to the said  parties of the second part & their  assigns forever, All that certain piece or parcel of land situated and being in the town of Shelter Island, in the county and state aforesaid and Bounded Northerly by lands of Calvin M. Griffing, Easterly by lands of Hannah Haines and Mary Haines, Southerly by the lands of said Hannah and Mary Haines, and Westerly by lands of James Sherman, containing one acre. Being the same premises, as intended  to be, that were conveyed to Lewis L. Bennett and Thomas Wade by Maxwell L. Griffing and Florence A. his wife by deed dated March 9th 1863, and recorded in the office of the clerk of Suffolk County in Leger 120 of deeds  page 553 of the said Burnett and Wade conveyed to the said Samuel Dutcher by deed dated June 17th 1864.  with the appurtenances, and all the estate, right, title and interest dower and right of dower of the said parties of the first  part therein. This grant is intended as security for the payment of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, according to the conditions of a certain secured note or obligation  for that account, bearing _____ date herewith executed by the said Samuel Dutcher and payable to the said parties of the second part, on order of their Treasurer on demand with interest from the date hereof payable semi annually, at the bank, on the first Saturday of December and June of each year, which payments, if duly made, will render this conveyance void.  And if default be made in the payment of the principal or interest above mentioned, the said parties of the second part and their assigns, are hereby authorized, pursuant to statute, to sell the premises above granted or so much thereof, as will be neccessary to satisfy the amount then due, with the costs and expenses allowed by law.  In witness whereof, the said parties of the first part, have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. Sealed and delivered in the presence of Margaret A. Lester.  /s/ Samuel Dutcher; Esther Dutcher  [Recorded on June 24, 1864 in Suffolk Co., NY in Mortgage Ledger 78; pg. 597]

$250 -- On demand for value received, I promise to pay "The Southhold Savings Bank" on order, or order of their Treasurer, two hundred and fifty dollars with interest from the date hereof, payable  semi annually at the Bank on the first Saturday of December and June in each year.  Witness my hand and seal this Eighteenth  day of June 1864.  In presence of Margaret A Lester.  /s/ Samuel Dutcher; Esther M. Dutcher

   1870 Shelter Island, Suffolk Co., NY - William Dutcher, 52, Ship Carpenter (perhaps his middle name was William and was enumerated as such in this census); Esther, 46, keeping house; John, 18, apprentice brickmason.

   Sept. 10, 1873, Currituck Co., NC - Whereas Samuel Dutcher, of Currituck County in the state of North Carolina did by his deed dated the 10th day of September 1873, convey unto William F. Martin of Pasquotank County in said State, as trustee, a certain schooner called the William A. DeLany, with all her tackle, apparel & appurtenances, to secure the payment of his debt for one hundred and fifty dollars, dated and causing  interest as expressed in said deed; which debt has been fully paid to Mftrs. Johnston Bros. of Norfolk Virginia, the holders of said note, to whom it was secured in said deed. And  now  this deed made this 22nd day of August 1874, between Mr. W. F. Martin as trustee, of the one part, and said Samuel Dutcher, of the other part witnesseth that  the said Wm. F. Martin, as such trustee, by the consent of George W. Johnston, a member of said firm expressed by his signature hereto doth hereby release and part with received warranty only unto the said Samuel Dutcher these expenses the said schooner William A. DeLany with all her tackle, apparel & apurntenances which said deed of trust is hereby pronounced  null & void.  Witnesseth the following witnesses  seals.  /s/ Geo.W.Johnston 

Corporation of the city of Norfolk, to wit: I, T. R. Bulard, a Notary Public for the corporation  aforesaid in the state of Virginia do certify that George W. Johnston whose name is signed to the writing above being that 22nd day of August 1874 has acknowledged the same before  me in my corporation aforesaid. Given  under my hand this 22 day of August 1874.  /s/ W.B. Bulard, Notary Public

   1880 Poplar Branch Twp., Currituck Co., NC - Samuel Dutcher, 60, farmer; Esther, wife, 57, keeping house; John A., son, 28, farmer; Olive, daughter-in-law, 17. (John married Olive Gallop in Poplar Branch Twp. on Dec. 31, 1879.)
   Tombstones in the Gallop-Snow Cemetery, Powells Point, NC - Rev. S. Dutcher was born Dec. 28, 1820 and died Sept. 3, 1888.  His wife, Esther, is buried beside him.  According to the Bible, Esther's maiden name was Field.  A posting on a message board in 2000 states her maiden name as "Fields".  She was born March 2, 1824 and died July 20, 1895.  John A. Dutcher and his wife, Olive, are also buried here, as well as 2 young Dutcher children that did not live to adulthood.  Heritage of Currituck County North Carolina , published by the Albemarle Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Currituck County Historical Society, Inc.; 1985; pg. 330 states the following: "....Mrs. Mae's grandfather was the Rev. Samuel  Dutcher, born December 28, 1820 and died September 3, 1888.  He was the first minister of the Hebron Church in Jarvisburg, said to have come from New England.  His wife was Esther M. Field born March 2, 1824 and died July 20, 1895....".

Margaret Ann Dutcher records:
Margaret Ann Dutcher married Walter H. Lester.  Her tombstone is found in the Long Ridge Union Cemetery in Stamford, CT.

George Anson Dutcher records:
   1850 & 1860 Census
- see above in the Samuel Dutcher records
   1870 Shelter Island, Suffolk Co., NY - George Dutcher, 22, farm laborer; Ida, 21, keeping house; Samuel, 2; Sarah, 1
   1880 Gardiners Island, Suffolk Co., NY - George A. Dutcher, 33, laborer; Ida W., 31, wife, keeping house; Sammie, 12, son, at school; Henry, 8, son; Frank, 6, son; Walter, 3, son [Walter is buried in the Long Ridge Union Cemetery in Stamford, CT]

John Alvin Dutcher records:
   1860-1880 Census
- see above in the Samuel Dutcher records
   1900 Poplar Branch Twp. Currituck Co., NC - John Dutcher, June 1852, 47, married 20 yrs, US Life Saving Station; Olive G., Jan 1863, 37, 5 children/3 living; Seth H., son, Jan 1883, 17; Effie, daughter, Apr 1893, 7
   1910 Poplar Branch Twp. Currituck Co., NC - John Dutcher, 59, married 31 yrs, farmer & mason, erroneously listed as born in NC; Olive G., wife, 47, 5 children/3 living, housework; Effie L., daughter, 15, at school; Sidney Gallop, mother-in-law, 71, widow
   1920 Poplar Branch Twp. Currituck Co., NC - John Dutcher, 68, ship carpenter; Olive, wife, 57
   1930 Poplar Branch Twp. Currituck Co., NC - Nicholas Newbern, 42, age at 1st marriage 22, no occupation; May, 49, wife, age at 1st marriage 18; Olive, 19, daughter; Nicholas, 17, son; Thomas, 15, son; Fred, 10, son; Hester, 8, daughter; John Dutcher, 78, father-in-law, widower
   Tombstones in the Gallop-Snow Cemetery, Powells Point, NC - John A. Dutcher was born June 7, 1852 and died April 10, 1931.  His wife, Olive (Gallop) Dutcher was born Dec. 31, 1862 and died March 3, 1926.  Two Dutcher children are also buried here: Eva S. Dutcher (Apr. 5, 1888-May 24, 1892) and Sidney C. Dutcher (Feb. 24, 1892-Aug. 19, 1892) which I assume are the two deceased children that Olive says have died before 1900.

This Bible record was transcribed from the original Bible record and contributed by Glenda L. Walker. No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.



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