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Family Bible
Gilbert & Ann E. (Brickhouse) Bateman
(Jan. 2003 in possession of Mrs. W.C. Corbell; Elizabeth City, NC)



Holy Matrimony
Gilbert Bateman of Tyrrell Co.
and  Ann E. Brickhouse of Tyrrell Co.
on  Dec. 22, 1870 at Nancy Brickhouse
by  John E. Brickhouse Minister of M. E. Church
Witness  Nathan Brick     Witness  R. M. Holloway

Presented By  E. Hopkins Jr. of Columbia, NC
           this July the 24th 1887
                   M_______ Bateman and RHL Belangia was married August 28th 1892

Gilbert Brickhouse

This marriage license can been seen at:

Note: E. Hopkins, Jr. is Edmond Hopkins, Jr. who married Ida Bateman, sister of Gilbert Bateman.


Gilbert Bateman of Tyrrell County
Magey batman an H L belangia was maryed augst the 28 1892
Lloyed L. Bateman & Meddie E. Corbell was married December. 22. 1909


Note: The births & deaths were on facing pages--the births on the left and deaths on the right.  The entries at the BOTTOM of the death page are extensions from the births page.

Gilbart Bateman Was Borned January 18th 1852 and died May 21st 1921.
Ann E. Bateman was Borned November the 11th 1849
Bejamine B. Bateman the Sone of Gilbart Bateman Was Borned December 5th 1871
Margret Bateman the Daughter [of] G Bateman Was Borned March the 16th 1873
Victoria Bateman the daugh of G Bateman was Borned August the 18th 1875 &
James Bateman Was Borned August the 18th 1877 &
Oliver Bateman Was Borned Oct 1st 1878 &
Loid L. Bateman Was Borned April the 9 1881
M. E. Bateman Was Borned Sep the 22nd 1884 &
Martha L Bateman was Borned Oct. 24th 1885


James Bateman died Sep 13th 1886 1877
Victoria Bateman died Oct. 2nd 1880
Mary Eliza Bateman died Oct. 3rd 1884
Martha Louisa Bateman died Sept. 1st 1886
Oliver Bateman died Oct. 19th 1896
Gilbert Bateman died May 21st 1921

and died. October the 2nd 1880               [from birth page refers to Victoria Bateman]
and Died September the 13th 1877          [from birth page refers to James Bateman]
Oliver Bateman died Oct. 19th 1896
and died October the 19. 1896
and Died Oct the 3rd 1884                       [from birth page refers to Mary Eliza Bateman]
and Died Sept the 1, 1886                        [from birth page refers to Martha Louisa Bateman]


John L. Bateman the son of Loid L. Bateman was Borned Dec 12, 1910
and died Jan 20 1911

Note: John L. Bateman, listed here is this Bible, is the same person listed in the Lloyd Linwood Bateman Bible as John William Bateman.

This Bible had numerous loose pages in it.  Some had genealogical information; some only had a single name or numbers written on it and yet others had handwritten poetic verses.  Two that I thought were interesting are shown below.

Levi Rousom                   No. 1          $4.75          Scuppernong
Mrs. M.A. Cahoon          No. 0            3.50                    "
W.M. Prudin                    No. 1          $4.75          Washington Co. NC
J.H. Sawyer                        "   1          $4.75                     "
Frank Alexander                "   1          $4.75
Edmond Hill                        "   1          $4.75
S.C. Patrick                                         $4.75          Creswell, Washington Co. NC
Jordan Sexton                                     $7.50          Summerset

When this you see remember me
And bear me in your mind
Let this whole world say what it may
Speak of me as you find

We have been friends togather
In sunshine and in shade
Since first beneath the chesnut tree
In infancy we plaid

Columbia NC

This you when this you See remember me
and bear me in mind let this world Say
what it may Speak of me as you find
when months and years has glided by
and on this page you cast your eye re?
remember that a friend Sinsere has left
there remember here

H.L. Belangia            An Z.? (or a backwards "E") Bale? [could this be Ann Elizabeth Bateman?]
James Wilson Belangia

James W. Belangia Was bornd June the 18 1893
An Matildia Belangia Was bornd January 13 1895
and died octobery 28 1895

[NOTE: Tyrrell Cemeteries 1732-1984 by Camille B. Everton shows an entry for Henry Louis Belanga, son of Warren Belanga and Sara E. Swain.  He was born in 1871 and died July 31, 1926.  The 1900 Tyrrell Co., NC census shows Louis Belangia born June 1871, his wife Marguerite born April 1874; his son James W. born June 1892; his daughter Sara E. born Nov 1896; his twin daughters Ella & Della born Oct. 1898.

This Bible was scanned and transcribed by Benjamine O. Bateman.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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