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Ball Family Notes

Ball Family gathered information – August 2000
by Diane R. Hugo with help of Marty Holland

In the book, Currituck Co., NC 18th Century Tax and Militia Records by William Doub Bennett, p. 31-32 there is a c. 1717 list of “An account (torn) slavant pepel Such as (torn) upon virgany pattend land and Such as are disurtars of this govarment and Such as are none poor and Such as are gone into other presincs…” The spelling is bad as was typical at that time. The list was put together by the treasurer/tax collector for Currituck Co., and I think what he meant was that the people on this list didn't pay taxes that year for one of these reasons: they were insolvent, they lived on land patented in Virginia (there was a boundary dispute between NC/VA at the time), they were deserters of the government, they were known (“none”) poor, or they had moved to another precinct. The list is torn, and almost all of the first names of the people on the list are missing, but there is an entry for “________ Ball & two sons”. Given that the next Ball to show up in the tax lists of Currituck is Joshua in 1756” (from Marty Holland 31 Aug 2000) it is possible that they moved away and someone came back to Currituck Co.

Joshua Ball – 1756 Tax List. No Ball on the 1751 or 1752 tax lists.
Joshua Ball – 1756 2 tithables – there are 2 people in his household who were taxable. One of these would have been himself. The other could have been a son over the age of 17 or a slave over the age of 12. (what about a wife? or his father?) no wife according to Marty.

Rabin Ball – (Reuben) – 1758 is a corporal in the militia. Reuben would have to have been at least 16 to have served in the militia. So he was born at least by 1742, but probably earlier because he was a corporal rather than a “common soldier.”
Joshua Ball – 1758. In company under command of Capt John Woodhouse, 1758. Joshua Ball is #7 on the list.
Mr. Rubin Ball – 1758. “by age exempt and don't serve Mr. Rubin Ball. The above is a true copy from the present muster list test: Joshua Campbell, clk.” (This is probably Reuben and maybe he is a corporal and to old to serve? What would be the age to be too old? 60 according to Marty Holland) sooo 1758 – 60 is 1698.

Reuben Ball – Tax list of 1779. Listed with an estate worth of 855 pounds. (Note: Gordon Jones includes this list in his book, but he was mistaken about what the numbers next to the names meant). Reuben's inclusion on the general tax list indicates that he was probably married and established in the community. The book has 8/5/5 after the name of Reuben Ball. Found in book – names of taxable inhabitants of Currituck Co., several sums each person is rated in the assessment books.

Hosea Ball – Single Men Poll Tax 1779

Bible of Angie Hugo has Reuben Ball born 1780

State Census of NC 1784-1787; page 86 of book pg 6 of census?)
Nathan Ball – 1 White Male 21 – 60
    1 White Female all ages
    1 Blacks under 12 and above 50
(don't know what county- I just copied book)

June 2, 1780 - Payroll of Capt. Alexander Whitehall's Company of the 1st NC Regiment of Militia, Commanded by Col. Sam'l Jarvis
5. Joshua Ball Private

Abstract of the army accounts of the NC line settled by the commissioners at Halifax from 1 Sep1784 to 1 Fb 1785 and at Warrenton 1786 designating by whom the claims were receipted for respectively: No. 724 Name and rank – Osborn Ball by whom received – William Sanders

1790 Currituck Co. Census – heads of families
Joshua Ball – 1 Male 16 +

8 lines away is:
Reuben Ball – 1 Male 16 +
4 Free males under 16
4 Free white females
0 all other free
0 slaves

Ruben Ball – 9 May 1789 - 24 Jun 1793 - Will Book 2 Currituck Co., page 98
    Wife and Exr: Elizabeth
    Son: William
    Dau: Nancy
    Wit: Thos. Ball; Sam. Edy; Joshua Ball

Sec. of State Land Office Warrants, Currituck Co., Book 89, p. 275. MARS ID#
  Nathan Ball, heir of Reuben Ball--A warrant for 300 acres of land. Grant # 162, entered April 3, 1780. Issued Nov 10, 1795.

1800 Census:
Hosea Ball – 1 Male 26 – 45
1 Male 16 – 25
1 Male 10 – 15
1 Male under 10
1 Female over 45
1 Female 16 – 25
1 Female under 10

Elizabeth Ball – 1 Male 26 – 45
2 Males 16 – 25
1 Female over 45
2 Females 16 – 25
1 Female 10 – 15
1 slave
(she is probably widow of Reuben Ball who died in 1793, but where did other male aged 16 – 25 come from? Maybe it is Nathan???????)
This Elizabeth Ball could be Elizabeth O'Neel (O'Neal) daughter of Michel/Michael O'Neel.

Caleb Ball – 3 Males 45 and older
1 Male 10 – 16
1 Female 26 – 45
1 Female 10 – 16
1 Female under 10
1 slave

Levin Ball – 1 Male 26 to 45 (could be Lemuel, Lem or William)
1 Male under 10
1 Female 16 – 25
1 Female under 10

Wed, Aug 29, 1806 ordered that Hosea Ball be appointed guardian to Thos. Poyner orphan of Dinah Poyner, dec agreeable to her own choice who gave bond with John Jarvis and William Taylor securities in the sum of one hundred pounds agreeable to law.

NC Pension roll of 1835 – 1812 Pension

Hosea Ball, Currituck Co., Private – ensign; NC Militia $146.66 annual allowance $293.32. Amount received May 14, 1833. Pension started
age 77. (this means he was born in 1756)

Joshua Ball, Currituck Co., Private, NC Militia $44.22. Annual allowance $132.65. Amount received Jun 12, 1833. Pension started aged 75.
(this means he was born in 1758)

Hosea Ball - 14 Jun 1833 - Nov 1833 - Will Book 3 Currituck Co., page 66
    Wife: Bridget
    Sons: Enoch, Lemuel
    Dau: Bridget Forbes
    Exec: son – Enoch

Joshua Ball - 30 April 1834 - May 1834  - Will Book 4 Currituck Co., page 66
    Wife: Mary
    Wit: Benj T. Simmons; Dempsey Barton

1850 Census Currituck Co., Poplar Branch District; p. 196; 536/537
    William Ball, 67, male, farmer, born NC
    Charlotte Ball, 42, female, born NC
    William Ball, 12, male, born NC
    Margaret Ball, 9, female, born NC
    Martha Ball, 5, female, born NC
    Spense Gray, 22, male, born NC
    Mary Gray, 13, female, born NC

Family Bible handed down to Angie J. Hugo has writing inside of Bible and on a slip of paper left inside of Bible.
Bible belonged to Reuben Ball born in 1780. Family lore: This Bible was possibly brought over the ocean on a ship by a sea captain. The captain of the ship may have been a family member. The family Bible is from the mothers side of Angie J. Hugo's grandfather. The family Bible is written in English, but according to Angie J. Hugo this family is thought to be Scotch-Irish and possibly lived in Ireland. Ball family were Seaman. The Old Testament page is partially torn. On the introduction of the New Testament page it has written: The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior. According to be read in Churches. Most High and Mighty Prince James by the Grace of God King of Great Britian, France and Ireland. Roman numeral found are: MDCCXCIV. Which is the year 1794.

Names found written in Bible: William Ball, Nancy Ball, Reuben Ball, Jersey Sanderson, John Taylor, John Poyner, Lydia Ann Bray
( note: The name of Sanderson has d's which are crossed like a t. and S looks like a L and J and P look the same).
Date of September 2, 1799 is written and can't read what is before it. Also the date of September 1797 is written in book.
1) Lydia Ann Bray his (can't read) 13 Jun 1817 (also numbers) 1807-9-10-11.
2) Thomas Sanderson – son of Lemuel Sanderson and Nancy his wife was born on March 1, 1805.
3) Betsy Sanderson – dau of Lem Sanderson and Nancy his wife born Dec 2, 1806.
4) Lemuel Sanderson – son of Lem Sanderson and Nancy his wife was born 16 May 1808
5) Jersey Sanderson and Polley Sanderson son and daughter of Lem and Nancy Sanderson/ dates cut off (I think could be year 1810 because these names are after the others)

Found on piece of lined paper inside of Bible
1) Adelia Crane – Dau of James and Betsy Crane born 4 Jan 1826 (in pencil age 77) (this is Betsy Sanderson)
2) Wm Jones – son of Griffin and Adelia Jones born 15 Nov 1852 (death of Wm Jones Mar 22 1884)
3) Thomas Jones – son of Griffin and Adelia Jones born 13 Nov 1854
4) Dorcas Elizabeth Jones – dau of Griffin and Adelia Jones born 4 Feb 1859
5) Samuel Jones – son of Griffin and Adelia Jones born 29 Jul 1864
6) Sarah Ann Jones – dau of Griffin and Adelia Jones 1 Mar 1866 (married a Gallup and had a son named Joe)

Found a printed piece of paper in book which reads:
Received from Gallup 1.36 dollars being a deposit on account of Application for insurance in Peoples Life Insurance Co., made this date, which said deposit is to be paid by me to the company if the Application be accepted, and returned to the applicant if the application be rejected. No obligation is incurred by said company be reason of this deposit unless and until a policy is issued upon said application, and unless at the date and delivery of said policy the life proposed is alive and in sound health. dated 9-4-25. Troytheer, agent. (name hard to read) (On back side) If the holder of this receipt does not receive a Policy of Insurance or the return of the money herein receipted for, within 3 weeks, write, stating name of agent and particulars to – People Life Insurance Co., Peoples Life Building, Washington DC.

Other information:
Hosea Ball was a witness or juryman for many deeds and wills in Currituck Co., The land of Lemuel Sanderson, Reuben Ball and Joshua Ball are mentioned in some wills. Another name is Sam. Edy.

The Ball, Sanderson, Taylor, Poyner, Jones and Gallup families all seemed to live near each other in Currituck Co., NC. I am trying to piece the Ball family together and find the parents of Lemuel Sanderson married to Nancy Ball. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

These notes were contributed by Diane Hugo. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.




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