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Wardens of the Poor

This list was copied from an original document at the NC State Archives
CR 029.912.3
Folder: Wardens of the Poor

First named person is who the bond was for, other names were listed on the bond as bondsmen.

Sampson Boon - 23 Dec 1835
Samuel Mims
Dolphin Alston Davis

Sampson Boon - 20 Nov 1838
Frederick D. Breece
Samuel Mims

Joseph Avey - 9 Sept 1841
Daniel Baker
Malcom W. Colman
Thomas H. Massey
Louis A. Nixon

Martin McPherson - 4 June 1850
William McIntyre

Sampson Boon - 7 Dec 1852
J. Carmon
F.D. Breece

Sampson Boon - 5 Sept 1853
F.D. Breece
Joshua Carmon

Sampson Boon - 31 Mar 1857
Joshua Carmon
Archd McLean

March Term 1850
State of NC Cumberland Co
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions

"A majority of the Justices being present - the following persons are duly elected the Board of Wardens of the Poor for Cumberland Co:

William Smith
John L. Bethea
Alexander Murchison
John McRae
Archibald Graham
Martin McPherson
William McMillan
Jonathan Eraus
John Elliot"