From Vital Records of Cumberland County, Fayetteville, N.C.

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Jacob L. Thornton to Laura Ann Jones   18 Jan 1860

James Henry Jones to Creasy Watkins   17 Feb. 1864

Thomas T. Wright to Henrietta Jones   28 Dec. 1867

Datus Jones to Nancy J. Watkins   15 Mar. 1873

Walter D. Jones to Susan Tisdale   2 Dec. 1885

W. G. Thornton to Carrie H. Graham   26 June 1889

Samuel Thornton to Jennie M. Russell   20 June 1894

George McD. Thornton to E. Irene Johnson   29 Dec. 1897

Neill Vann to Sally(Sadie) Jones   17 May 1898

James D. Jones to Sarah Jones   25 July 1914

Alonzo H. Jones to Mary E. Powell   0 June 1905

E. Frank Jones to Mary Ellen Johnson   24 Nov. 1887

John Robert Cole to Mittie Lee Jones   22 May 1888

John G. Pearce to Katie S. Wright   27 Oct. 1884

George H. Melvin to Katie S. Wright   9 Dec. 1896

William I. Burkett to Sallie E. Wright   17 Apr. 1895

C. W. Wright to Shelia Parker   19 Sept. 1893

L. C. Wright to Vickie Jernigan   22 Nov. 1904

W. D. Brown to Laura Wright   30 June 1909

Charles T. Hill to Janie Wright   5 Apr. 1905

Walter E. Jones to Rena Jane Arnett   1 Apr. 1895

Robert Lee Jones to Alice Gertrude Overton   14 Feb. 1922

Ashley Jernigan to Alice Jones   5 Dec. 1914

Norvin Jones to Vera Mae Cooper   11 July 1926

Walter Ervin Jones to China Lee   23 Sept. 1922

Datus D. Jones to Mary Howell   4 June 1882

Samuel S. Clark to Emeline Jones   21 Dec. 1923

Howell E. Byrd to Mary E. Jones   10 Jan. 1937

Thomas M. Piner to Violet Jones   24 May 1952

William (Belo) Jones to Daisy Buie   3 Sept. 1904

Robert (Holly) Jones to Martha Lucas   11 Dec. 1948

Walter G. Jones to Fannie M. Anderson   11 Apr. 1912

Jasper Ashworth to Eva Jones   11 July 1912

Datus D. Jones to Salomia Howell   3 Dec. 1898

Samuel Phillips to Thelma Wright   30 Dec. 1919

James T. Wright to Rosa V. Johnston   6 Dec. 1896

D. B. Cole to Riviannah Jones   12 Dec. 1886

James B. Willis to Marie Thornton   11 Aug. 1911

Lacy Godwin to Zeuluike (Sue) Jones   25 Nov. 1923

Charles S. Jones to Mary E. Swink   22 June 1920



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