Cumberland County, NC

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(Miscellanous Records)

Petition for adoption:

Lewis McLaurin, Margaret McLaurin


Carnelia Partridge

The petition of of [sic] Lewis and Margaret McLaurin, of said county respectfully showeth:

I. That Mary Ella Partridge is a bastard child, of the age of seven months, and is at present residing with her mother and petitioners in said county.

II. That the mother of said child is Carnelia Partridge, who is poor, and unable to support the said child, and your petitioners are man and wife without children and are able and [sic] to support said child and are anxious to adopt the child.

III. That said child has no property of any kind, either real or personal, and is entirely dependent your petitioners and her mother for support.

IV. That your peitioners desire to adopt the said child for life and desire that the name of said child be changed from Mary Ella Partridge to Mary Ella McLaurin, to all of which the said Carnelia Partridge the mother of said child consents.

Wherefore, the petitioners pray that they may be allowed to adopt the said child for life, and that letters of adoption may be granted to them by the court.

sworn and subscribed
before me this 18th day of
March 1893
Chas. G. Cain

I, Carnelia Partridge, the mother of the child, Mary Ella Partridge, mentioned in the foregoing petition do hereby voluntarily come into court and admit the allegations therein and ask the court to grant the letter of adoption to Margaret McLaurin as therein prayed for and change of name as prayed for this March 1893.

[Petition was granted]

Petition for adoption:

Daniel P. McDougald

Catherine J. Smith

To the Superior Court of Cumberland County, the undersigned Daniel P. McDougald respectfully showeth

I. That Bertha Esta Smith is a minor child seven months old

II. That Catherine J. Smith is the mother of Bertha Esta Smith and is now living, that she was never, that the father of Bertha Esta Smith as petitioner is informed and believes is Robbert Herring now living

III. That petitioner desires to adopt Bertha Esta Smith during her minority and asks that letters of adoption may be issued to him.

IV. That Bertha Esta Smith has no property real or personal.

Sworn to and Subscribed
before me this 22 day of Sept. 1892
Daniel P. McDougald

F. B. Newton, Notary Public

I Catherine J. Smith, mother of Bertha Esta Smtih consent to the granting of letters of adoption to Daniel P. McDougald for Bertha Esta Smith during the term of her minority.

Sept. 22, 1892
Catherine J. Smith

Petition for adoption:

R. C. Hawkins

Florida Bryant

The petitioners in this cause respectfully show to the Court that Florida Bryant, one of the petitioners in this cause, is the mother of Annie Bryant, which is an orphan and a minor age 5 years. Her father Jas. H. Bryant is dead.

That the other petitioner R. C. Hawkins desires to adopt the said Annie Bryant for life and requests her name to be changed to Annie Hawkins.

That the said Annie Bryant is not possessed of any property real or personal.

R. C. Hawkins, Petitioner to adopt child

Florida Bryant, mother of child

[Petition granted 11th day of August 1896]
Cyrus Murphy, Clerk, Superior Court

Source: NC State Archives, Misc. Records, Box 029.928.12

NC Archives
Misc. Records, No Date, 1758-1965
C.R. 029.928.12

Jury Tickets, Petitions
Cumberland County, October Court, 1779.
Ordered that James McKethan, Henry Avera, William Matthews, Samuel Northington be summoned to next Court to shew case (if any) why Execution Should not be issued against them for their not attending at this Court as jurors.

(on back) Executed
Samuel Northington
William Matthews

Names & Birth Dates of Children of Thomas Grimes (List made in 1850)
Date of list - Dec 24, 1850
Thomas Sheridan Grimes - Born July 12, 1824
Julia Ann Grimes - Born Feb 16, 1829
Charles Wellington Grimes - Born Oct 1, 1830
John Wesley Grimes - Born Nov 11, 1832
Joseph Watters Grimes - Born Sept 11, 1835
Sarah Ann Grimes - Born May 16, 1838
Brittania Grimes - Born May 22, 1842

Thanks to Keith Raynor for contributing this information:
From the Cumberland Co. Courthouse:

Allotment of Year's allowance to

State of North Carolina, Cumberland County } Allotment of the years allowance of Nancy RAYNER We, H. G. ELLIS and W.G. WRIGHT, having been summoned to allot to Nancy RAINER, widow of J. S. RAINER dec'd the years allowance to which she was entitled by law (nrit) at the late residence of the said J. S. RAINER on the 1st day of September 1885, and by J. A. McPhEASON an acting Justice of the Peace in said county of Cumberland having been duly sworn to act impartially proceeded with said McPhEASON to a certain and allot to Nancy RAINER the years allowance to which she was entitled. We find that J. S. RAINER died on the 3rd day of August 1885 leaving Nancy RAINER his wife surviving and that he did not leave surviving any children under the age of fifteen years. We find that Nancy RAINER is entitled to Three Hundred Dollars and allot to her the folling property to wit:

Ten Bushels corn .75             $7.50                   
2 ( ) Frodder 75                  1.50
20 Bushels Potatoes                .50
One Note against K.R. Rainr     $25.00        Nine chicken                     1.25
Five Guineas                       .75        New Home Machine                20.00
One clock                         3.00        1 Side Board                     2.00
1 Round Table                      .50        2 Pine Tables 50                 1.00
one chest                          .25        1 book case                       .50
1 bed Stead                       1.50        1 work stand                      .25
4 chairs  25                      1.00        2 Feather Beds Pillows & Bolster20.00
1 pr blankets                     2.00        4 cr Sheets 25                   1.00
7 Bed quilts                      5.00        1 Fruit Stand                    1.00
six goblets                        .30        2 gob 25                          .50
1 pitcher                          .25        1 set plates                      .25
1 dish                             .50        1 set knives & forks              .25
1 set spoones                      .25        2 (shider) 25                     .50
1 pot                             1.00        1 oven                           1.00

one tea kettle                     .75        one frying pan                    .25
2 (culfboard)                     1.00        molasses pot                      .25
1 stone jar                        .25        1 (Ar Andiving)                   .50
1 (finother iron)                  .25        1 lot books                       .25
1 (copent larn)                    .50        2 adze                           1.00
1 pr (pleetynds)                   .50        1 pr scales                       .50
1 Cr (bdenels)                    1.50        3 (Bnes Blanking)                 .15
1 lbs (grinjer)                    .30        3/4 lb (spir)                     .30
5 cards buttons                    .50        1 lot (afer)                      .25
2 blank books                      .10        2 (avls)                          .50
1 k (linoper)                      .10        1 (gr traces)                     .25
(Arnrine Censumed)                2.00        2 axes                            .50
one Bucket                         .25        2 (Deorring Kinrneing)           1.00
1 (Crum Kinfe)                     .50        1(Hoop adze)                     1.00
                                                                           $ 125.00

State of North Carolina }
In the Superior Court
before the Clerk Cumberland County

Is appearing to the court that Nancy RAINOR, widow of J.S. RAINORis entitled to One Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars in addition to the amount alloted to her by the justice & Commissioners which is One Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars. On motion of G.B. NEWTON, Attorney of Nancy RAINER it is ordered and (adjurded) by the court that Nancy RAINER have judgment against the personal reperesentative of J.S. RAINER for One Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars with interest on the same for September 3, 1885.
(signed) B.S. (Sutteloh)
September 3, 1885 C.S.C.