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These are surnames being researched in Cumberland County. If you'd like to have your surnames added to this list, use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page. If you have a web page with more information on your surnames please include the URL so I can link your surnames back to your pages! Some of these surnames have been linked to the query page. By clicking on the name, you can go directly to the query.


June 09, 2004:
It has been necessary to remove many surnames due to non-working email addresses. If yours was one of them, please send again with correct address. I will be happy to post your surnames again. Thanks, Myrtle.

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McALESTER Sue Folawn  
McALISTER Ann James  
McALISTER Researcher Go to Query
McCLELLAN Bonnie Lacey  
McARTHUR Debra Florez Go to Home Page
McCRAIN / McCRANEY / McCRANIE Abbie Donald Evans  
McDANIEL Keith Raynor  
McDIARMID Wayne Crowder  
McDONALD Tara McDonald  
McDONALD Keith Raynor  
McDONALD Cornelia Holmes  
McDOUGALD Wayne Crowder  
McDOUGALD Peggy Hill  
McDOUGALL Elaine McNeill Carr  
MCDUFFIE Mary Edwards  
McDUFFIE Joyce Landrum  
McDUFFIE Wynell Simpson  
McDUFFIE Ann James  
McGEACHY Jean Casper  
McINNIS William A. McInnis  
McINTOSH Dorothy McIntosh Cain  
McINTOSH Elwood Mills  
McIVER Cornelia Holmes  
McIVER K.J. Borland-Mills  
McKAY Jean Casper  
McKELLAR William McKellar  
McKETHAN Yolanda Banner Hartsfield  
McKINNON Wayne Crowder  
McLAUCHLIN Denis McLachlan  
McLAURIN Jesse McLaurin  
McLEAN Ann James  
McLEAN Unikawi  
McGEE Charles W. Deal  
McGREGOR Nancy Anglin  
McLEOD Wayne Crowder  
McLEOD, McLOUD, MacLEOD Ellen Marks Go to Query
McLEOD Nora B Acton Go to Query
McMILLAN Dan Hagin Go to Query
Go to Home Page
McMILLAN Ann James  
McMILLEN John Wilson Go to Query
McMILLIAN, McMILLAN William McMillian  
McNEILL Elaine McNeill Carr  
McPHAIL Elaine McNeill Carr  
McPHAIL Kate Summey McPhail, Pueblo, Co  
McPHEETERS Cornelia Holmes Go to Query
McSWAIN Cathy Griffin Fairman  
McVICKER Joyce Landrum  
MAHONEY Paul B. Mahoney  
MALOY Nancy Miller  
MASON Thomas J. Hair  
MASSEY Pamela Lavery  
MASSEY Elaine McNeill Carr  
MATTHEWS F. C. Jones  
MATTHEWS Carla Stancil Go to Carla's Blog
MAULTSBY Dale Burris  
MEARES Nancy  
MEDLIN Claude V. Medlin  
MELTON Susan Raines Story  
MELVIN Joan Pennini  
MONROE, MUNROE Margaret Bardin Go to Monroe Web Site
MOORE Sylvia Stephens  
MOORE Carla Stancil  
MORGAN Kelvin Morgan  
MORRISON Bickie Raspilair  
MORRISON Cathy Griffin Fairman  
MORRISON James O'Dell Morrison  
MUNN Chy Mitchell  
MUNN Debra Munn  
MURCHISON Mary Love Berryman Go to Query
MURCHISON Cornelia Holmes  
MURPHY Amy Murphy Go to Query
MUSE Tim Hudson Go to Query
MUSE Ed Samuel Go to Query
NATHAN Willie Mayr  
NIXON Jennifer Bell  
NOAH Willie Mayr  
NOLLEY Bob Nolley  
NORDON Go to Query
NUNNERY Sharon Nunnery Phillips Go to Query
ODOM Sylvia O. Evans  
OLSON Sharon McBride  
OVERTON Robert Bullock  
O'QUINN Gloria O'Quinn Jackson Go to Query
PAGE Steven (Czar) Page  
PARKER Susie Kipp  
PARKER Yvonne Simonson  
PARKER Page Pearson Wester  
PATCHETT Ken Patchett Go to Query
PETERSON Jean Casper  
PETERSON Wayne Crowder  
PETTIFORD Robert Jackson Go to Query
PHILLIPS Sue Folawn  
PICKETT Monica Williams  
PLUMMER Jeanette  
POPE Newton Pope  
PORTER Ve Lane  Go to Query
PRIEST Joyce Landrum  
RANEY or RENY Med Hogg  
RAINEY Jeanette  
RAY Richard Larsen Go to Query
RAYBON Sylvia O. Evans  
RAYNOR Keith Raynor  
REGISTER Patty Coleman Go to Query
RIVERS Sylvia O. Evans  
ROLLINS Harriet Nihart Go to Query 
ROWAN Dan Garnitz  
ROYAL Jerome Tew  
RUSSELL Florence Moore  
RUSSELL Sharon McBride  
RUSSELL Ve Lane   
RUSSELL Peggy Hill  
RYALS Claude V. Medlin  
SEALE Tim Hudson Go to Query
SENTER, SENTOR Ve Lane  Go to Query
SESSOMS Sharon McBride  
SESSOMS Peggy Hill  
SEWELL Martha Ratliff  
SHAW Christy Jordan-Frank  
SIKES Angela Strickland-Wood  
SIMPSON Andrea Janet Simpson-Ross  
SINCLAIR Cornelia Holmes  
SINCLAIR Julia English-Spicer  
SINCLAIR Jean Grigsby  
SMALL Yankee  
SMITH Sylvia Stephens  
SMITH Jo Ann Badstibner  
SMITH Berlie Barnhill Go to Query
SMITH John E. Cain Go to Query  
Go to Home Page
SMITH Jim Thrower
SNIPES Claude V. Medlin  
SNOW Elaine McNeill Carr  
SPAIN Sylvia Stephens  
SPAIN Priscilla Cope  
SPENCE Sylvia Stephens  
SPENCE Martha Blount  
SPRINGER John & Vada  
STANCIL Carla Stancil  
STEGALL John & Vada  
STEPHENS Sylvia Stephens  
STEPHENS LeRoy Branton  
STEWART Webster Stewart Go to Query
STEWART Thomas J. Hair  
STONE Sylvia O. Evans  
STRICKLAND Angela Strickland  
STROTHER Ed Strother  
SURLES Hayes McNeill Go to Query
SYKES Angela Strickland  
TARTT Brenda Tartt Morris  
TART TARTE Brenda Tartt Morris  
TAYLOR Bobby King  Go to Query
TEDDER Edith M. Tedder  
TEW Jerome Tew  
THAMES Julie Thames Howell  
THROWER Jim Thrower  
TOLAR Bob Nolley  
TUDOR Evelyn Tudor Stallings Go to Query
TURLINGTON Sylvia Stephens  
TREADWAY Linda Revis  
URQUHART Robb Wheat  
USSERY Dale Burris  
VANN Shirley Colaw Howell  
WADDLE/WADDELL Claudette Waddell  
WALDEN Peggy Hill  
WALTERS K.J. Pinotti  
WATERS Researcher Go to Query
WEBB Derrick Keith  
WEBSTER Gary Whitlow Go to Query
WEBSTER John B. Yarborough, Jr  
WEST Ray Nell McCommon  
WEST C.M. West  
WESTER Page Pearson Wester  
WHEELER Gayle Sorcic  
WHITNEY Alicia Whitney  
WILKERSON Charles W. Deal  
WILKINSON Mike Wilkinson Go to Query
WILKINSON Florence Moore  
WILLETT LeRoy Branton  
WILSON Bobby King   
WOMACK / WOMMACK Dorinda Bain  
WOOTEN Wayne P. Wooten  
WOOTON Wayne P. Wooten  
WORRELL Ray Nell McCommon  
WORTH Ruth Arnold  
WRENCH Kent Wrench  
YARBOROUGH Page Pearson Wester  
YARBOROUGH Barbara Hicks Mendez  
YARBOROUGH John B. Yarborough, Jr  
YARBOROUGH Jo Ann Badstibner  
YARBOROUGH Cathy Griffin Fairman 
YARBROUGH Willie Mayr  
YOUNG John Pfuntner  

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