Cumberland County, NC
Oath of Allegiance

1777, July 25. [The following,] being cited, appeared before this court and refused to take Oath prescribed by Act of Assembly passed at Newbern, May 10th 1777, entitled an Act for the Security of the State. Ordered that the said persons be commanded and directed to depart the State of North Carolina, either to Europe or the West Indies, within 60 days from this date.

Duncan McNabb
Archibald Stewart
John Campbell
Daniel Campbel
Norman Campbell
John McIntire
William Williamson
William Eccles
Daniel McDougald
Duncan McDonald
Daniel McDonald
Duncan Henry
Alexander Cumming
William Henderson
William Thompson
Garret White

1778 - The following were listed as signing the Oath of Allegiance to the State:

George Eason
Robert Gilles
Gilbert Eccles
George Meek
Adam Stewart
Charles Leitch.

1778 - The following took the Oath in July Court:

James Burnside
Archibald Simson
Sion Horn
Duncan Buie
Alex. Spiers
John White
Phillip Raiford
Arch. Henry

1779 - The following took the Oath in January Court:

James Emmet
Cornelius Lofton
George McKay
Daniel Monroe

1779? - The following took the Oath in July Court:

Silvanus Wilson
Philemon Hodges
William Thomson
Thomas Kees
William Lee
Bartholomew Dunn
William Dunn
William Manus
John McIntire
Samuel Campbell
Duncan McNeill
James Cooper
Jacob Matthews
Arch. Curry.

At April Court [year?] Angus McDugal took the Oath.

1779 - July Court.

The following to be given notice to depart the state within sixty days of the delivery of said notice:
Malcom McNeill, late Sheriff
John McDonald
Donald McLean
Malcom Love
Daniel Campbell
[John McLean and John McNeill crossed out]
Daniel McNeill
John McKay
John McNeill, Sr.
Hector McNeill
Alexander McAlester
Archibald McNeill
Norman McQueen
John Martin
John Cameron

1779 - The commissioners appointed to take into their possession the confiscated property in this county return that the following has been claimed by the following persons and ordered to be sent to the Superior Court:

320 acres taken as property of Angus Campbell, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for John Campbell;
640 acres taken as property of Hector McAllester, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for Alexander McAllister.
640 acres lately occupied by Alexander Campbell of Ballowl, taken as property of James Campbell, his brother in Scotland, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for the orphans of said Alexander Campbell; said land considered to be the property of said orphans, ordered that the commissioners stop all proceedings thereon.
Also the following land and lot taken as confiscated property; One-third part of a tract of land lying in said county containing 350 acres conveyed by Colin Shaw to Robert Hogg and George Mylne by deed dated 2 June 1774. Deeds Book F/181

Transcribed by Myrtle Bridges from original source at NC Archives>