TO COL. ALEXANDER McALESTER - August 17th, 1770:

My Dear Sir:

I saw your letter to John McAlester Taylor, and till
then I thought you neglected me and my line to you; but now under-
standing that you was innocently taxed with indifferency, we beg
your pardon for that opinion, which was the reason of our not
writing to you the last year. Alexander McAlester, John and I
joins in this to you, and wishing you all manner of prosperity
with respect to your family I cannot wish Alexander McCall in
your Military capacity such success, as he was the only occassion
of the downfall of my family at Ballineall; but if I was at hand
near you I would expect some favors of you, though higher than a

Provincial Colonell -- enough of this-- We are told that your
Brother Son is going this year to that part and consequently we
have the least to say as he can Inform you of all that will be
Satisfactory to you much better than we can Do Alexr will go next
year if an Occasion offers and he has a very good family- Donald
Man Big Twenty years of age to a few months John eighteen learning
to be a Carpenter Neill a Schooll boy and Lacklin five years and
and Grizell eight I have none alive but Neill who is but a very
soft boy and Kathering a girl of about thirteen.

You will tell Mr. Farquhard Campbell that all his friends here
here are well Especially Mrs. Campbell Ardmenish- that I would write
him but that his Brother and many more of his friends can do that
at much Better than I can and that he never wrote anything to me
you will write to them next Opportunity least they will imagine that
I did not them the justice Expected by them of me if Alexr goes next
year as I believe he will poor John will be left alone, Your
Directions to Alexr he Intreats and Expects and it would be worth
your while to have his family near you being of the highest cast
ready to follow their leaders you will write to us all and Encourage
as you think proper and we all join in our love and best wishes to
you and all Your Concerns and I remain for them and myself

Yours Most Affesctionables
John MacKay Jr.

Jura Augt l7th

The address of the above letter was:

Coll Alexr McAlester,
in Cumberland County N.Carolina,

I have tried to imitate the spelling and punctuation as far as
I could, also the use of Capitals. It is on unlined paper, and
the writing is perfectly stright, the letters mainly well formed.
I regard this as a faithful copy, but in my own handwriting. Mrs.
Dr.McSwain, Wade, Cumberland County,N.C. owns the original. She is
a great grand daughter of Col. McAlester as I am a great grand son.

Jany ll,l898. D. S. McAlester,

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