(I). Col.Alexander McAllister married (3rd wife) Jane Colvin.
Their Sons.

(II). Col.Hector McAllister married (2nd wife) Isabella McNeill
daughter of Capt. Duncan McNeill and Loveday Campbell. (Loveday
Campbell was a daughter of Reverend James Campbell and wife, Miss
Kennedy, of Pa.)

(III).Loveday McAllister married Alfred A.McKethan. They moved
to Fayettesville in l83l-l832. Their children.

(IV). Col.Hector McKethan, 5lst N.C.Reg.C.S.A. died unmarried in
l888; always lived at the old home in Fayettesville, N.C.

(V). Edward Turner McKethan married Janie Wright Robeson, young-
est child of John A. Robeson and Eliza Street Gillespie Robeson, of
Bladen County. He was a Lieut.C.S.A. and lived at the old Cold
Springs place in Fayettesville, where he died in June, l888.

(VI). Alfred Augustus McKethan, Jr., 2nd Lieut. C.S.A. ran away
from school to the army at l6; after the war he went into business,
with his father in Fayettesville, and married,first, Kate McLaurin,
and second, Celia Utley.

(Edwin T.McKethan graduated at the University of N.C. at Chapel
Hill, in Class of l859-60; Alfred A McKethan, Jr., went to Washing-
ton and Lee university in Va; after the war he did not graduate. Col.
Hector McKethan received his education at the old Donaldson Academy in
Fayettesville. He did not attend college.


(l). Col.Alexander McAllister;(II) Col.Hector McAllister; (III)
Loveday McAllister McKethan: (LV):

IV. Edwin Turner McKethan married Janie Wright Robeson: Their
children were, Edward Robeson MacKethan; Alfred Augustus McKethan, Jr.,
John Alexander Robeson MacKethan; David Gillespie Robeson MacKethan;
and Eliza Street MacKethan; (Edwin Robeson MacKethan A.?. University
of N.C.l89l, Bachelor of Laws l892); Practicing Attorney at Savannah,
Ga., since May 4th, l893, where he hopes to live and die. He hopes
to marry and become fully established, and to place himself in a posi-
tion to help as many other boys in the family towards an education,
and to settle down in Savannah, as possible. So far, (l897), he has
had a pretty hard and lonely time of it; he hopes to be better fixed
in the future, but however it be, he stands ready to receive and to
help and assist in getting established, any worthy boy who calls upon
him. He Hopes in time to come to gather around him in Georgia enough
of the boys of the family (good Scotch Presbyterian Stock),(they cannot
be excelled in the world), to give and to make of us a mighty power
for good in Georgia, as I believe the connection has ever been in North

- 37 -

Carolina. One reason why I am here struggling alone, whereas I
might live in ease in Fayettesville is, to help the family branch
out, and to extenf our influence as I believe it is our duty to do.

(2). Alfred Augustus MacKethan, Jr., Ensign U.S.N. (Son of
Edwin T.McKethan) was appointed to the Naval Academy from the 3rd
N.C.Congressional District, graduated in l894 at the Academy,
cruised around Coast of South America, and from thence to Honolulu
Hawai, a period of two years cruise, returned and reported for final
graduation, being commissioned an assign in l896. He is now, (Sept.
28th,l897), on the Alliance, which sailed from Gibralta to the
Maderia Islands a few days ago.

(3): John Alexander Robeson MacKethan, (son of Edwin T.Mac-
Kethan), prepared for college at Horner's Military School at Oxford,
then to University. He did not graduate, but stood very high at
both places, and he will much regret that circumstances prevented
his completing his course. He learned the Drug Business in
Savannah, and is now a licensed Pharmacist in Fayettesville.

(4). David Gillespie Robesone MacKethan, (son of Edwin T.
McKethan), now a student of Medicine at Davidson College, in his
second year; it is hoped he will graduate and join the colony in

(5). Elizabeth Street Gillespie MacKethan, (daughter of Edwin
T.McKethan), a bright and very pretty child of much promise died
at the age of three years.


(September 28,l897): At present we are all struggling along
trying to gain a place for ourselves, and I trust, to make ourselves
more useful in life. I am in Savannah; Alfred at sea; John in
Fayettesville, living at the old home at the Cool Spring with Mother;
David is at Davidson College. We are all unmarried at present.
From now on, the members of our branch of the family, at least,will
spell out the name in full, "MacKethan", as all of our Scotch
names ought to be spelled and written.


l. Colonel Alexander McAllister.
II. Colonel Hector McAllister.
III. Loveday McAllister McKethan.

Alfred Augustus McKethan, Jr., (son of A.A.McKethan) married
first, Kate McLaurin. Their children were Katie D.McKethan; Caroline
McKethan, (married Thomas Purdie); Augusta McKethan; William Mc-
Laurin McKethan; James Robeson McKethan; Alfred Augustus McKethan; Jr.,
married as his second wife Celia Utley, Their children were Joseph
Utley, McKethan; and Hector McAllister McKethan.

- 38-

(NOTE E. R. McK.)

They all live in Fayettesville save Caroline, who married
Tom Purdie, and lives in Bladen County. All save the three oldest
are minors; they reside at the old home corner of Person and Cool
Spring Streets, where my Grandmother lives with them, though very
old and feeble and confimed to her room. Loveday McAllister Mc-
Kethan, my grandmother, is the oldest member of the family living;
ahe is in her 88th year, and is probably the oldest one of the old
Bluff congregation, as well as the oldest member of the Fayettes-
ville Presbyterian Church.


(l). Reverend James Campbell, first regular Presbyterian Minis-
ter among the Scotch in N.C. founded the Bluff in l758, and Fayettes-
ville Church in l800. He married a Miss Kennedy of Pennsylvania.

(II).Loveday Campbell, (daughter of Rev.James Campbell), married
Captain Duncan McNeill.

(III). Isabella McNeill, (daughter of Duncan McNeill and Love-
day Campbell), married Col.Hector McAllister, (second wife.)

(IV). Loveday McAllister, (daughter of Hector McAllister, and
Isabella McNeill), married A. A. McKethan as stated above; we will
hereafter spell out the "Mac" in full as it should be. In Savannah
it is necessary, as we have a Scotch society, and the "Mac" dis-
tinguishes us from the "Mc" of our Irish Cousins? For McAllister
or McAlester, see signature of Alexander McAlester, as a witness
to Deed Book A, Record of Cumberland 260 and 420 Page (October l2th,
l758, and numerous instances infra until February 7th, l805; Book
W.Page l84, were written "Alexander Mc Alester"; also of Hector
McAlester Shff Mary 22nd, l809, Book 2, Page 244.


(This refers to Andrew Robeson, Jr., Uncle of lst Andrew
Robeson mentioned here. He left one son Samuel, who left no

I. Andrew Robesone, Sr., married Mary Spencer, (cam from
Scotland; appears first in records of New Jersey as one of sixty
Englishment who were one Swedish Colony of Gustavus Adolphus in
l638). Member of Council of William Penn for Government of
Philadelphia. In Council under Governor Fletcher Chief Justice
of Pennsylvania l693-9; Graduate of Oxford; married Mary Spencer,
said to have been of Swedish descent.

II. Andrew Robeson, Jr., married Mary Rudeman.

III.Thomas Robeson,Sr., married Sarah Singletary. He was
4th son of above; moved to N.C. and settled at Walnut Cove, on
place now owned by James Robeson, a direct descendent. Sarah
Singletary was a daughter of Richard Singletary.

- 39 -

IV. Col.Thomas Robeson,Jr., married Mary Bertram, daughter
of Wm. Bertran and Elizabeth Smith (nee Lock); She was a widow.
He was quite prominent in the Revolutionary war. In Wheeler's
History, and Colonial Records, etc., he commanded at Elizabeth-
town, was member of Provisional Congress of N.C. from Bladen
Committee of Safety, etc.

V. William Robeson married Ann Coddington.

VI. John Alexander Robeson married Eliza Street Gillespie.

VII. Janie Wright Robeson married Edwin T.McKethan; Their
children, see Supra.


I. Captain James Gillespie fought in Revolutionary War.
Member of Legislature and Provisional Congress for N.C. and late
member of Congress for U.S. Died in Washington,D.C. l805. He
married Dorcas Messenfool.

II. Major David Gillespie (war l8l2) married Sarah Street.

III. Eliza Street Gillespie married John A. Robeson.

IV. Janie Wright Robeson married Edwin T.MacKethan.


Any lineal descendant from Col.Alexander McAllister, Col.
Thomas Robeson, or Captain James Gillespie, is eligible for member-
ship in the society of "The Sons of the Revolution". where all
records filed are carefully preserved. I am a member of the Georgia
Society, and my brother Alfred, in the Navy, is a member of the N.C.
Society by right of descent from all three; only is required for
membership, but the more ancestors we can trace back to,the better;
(E.R.McK.) For benefit of any one who anticipates joining, and
one ought to from every Branch, I append a copy of matter contained
in application of Alfred A. MacKethan, U.S.N. in N.C.Society.


Taken from application prepared with great care on sworn affi-
davit and special blanks furnished by the Society, of Alfred Augustus
MacKethan, for membership of the N.C.Society of "Sons of the Revolu-
tion" in l896. He was admissible by virtue of descent from three
Revolutionary Ancestors, any one of whom would have been sufficient,
as separate blanks and applications have to be made, with like
accuracy and care. He was admitted by virtue of descent from:
I. Col. Alexander MacAllister,
II. Col. Thomas Robeson.
III. Captain and Honorable James Gillespie.

- 40 -

IV. Reverend James Campbell. This was turned down.
The papers were alright, but both Georgia and North Carolina
Societies held that while no doubt he was an ardent Whig, no suffi-
cient service on his part, as required by the Rules of the Society
could be shown; all claims for service must be established his-
torical records.

Colonel Alexander McAllister, born in Scotland on or about
l7l5; came to N.C. from Islay, (off Argyleshire), in l736, and again
in l740; died in Cumberland County about l800; service-- Colonel
of the Cumberland.Militia, (Wheeler's History of N.C. Page No.8)-
Colonial Records of N.C. Vol.X-page 207-53l) Member from Cumberland
of the Provisional Congress held at Hillsborough August 2lst, l775.
Wheeler's History l25-Colonial Records Vol.X-l65), - Member from
Cumberland of Provincial Congress held at Halifax April 4th,l776.
(Wheeler's History 78,Colonial Records X-499). Member of Committee
of Safety for Wilmington District. (Wheeleer's History 73-Colonial
Records X-2l4). Member of Committee appointed by the Provincial
Congress August 23rd, l775, to interview and explain to the High-
landers the nature of the controversy with Great Brittain(Colonial
Records X-l73); Member of N.C.Senate l787-8-9 (Wheeler l3l).

The follows sworn line of descent, and then a blank page for
any items of family history the applicant may care to add and pre-
serve, as the applications are made out in duplicate, one being
filed in the archives of the general society, and the other in the
archives of the State Society.

II. Separate and Distinct Application.


Born in Bladen COunty on or about l740; died in Bladen County
May 2nd, l784.

Service: Colonel of the Bladen County troops and officer in
command at battle of Elizabethtown (Wheeler puts Col.Brown in
command,-- an error, Col.Brown being away sick or wounded at the
time), Wheeler's History page 36-37, Colonial Records X-206-207-530;
Member from Bladen on the Provisional Congress held at Hillsborough
August 2lst, l775, (Wheeler 36 Colonial Records X-l64); Member from
Bladen of Provincial Congress held at Halifax April 4th, l776, which
framed the Bill of Rights and Constitution of North Carolina,(Wheeler
36-Colonial Records X-500). Member from Bladen of Provincial Con-
gress held at Halifax November l2th, l776, (Colonial Records X-294);
Member of Committee appointed by the Provincial Congress November
25th, l776 to consider ways and means for apprehending and bringing
to justice the Tories of Bladen County, (Colonial Records X-936).
Then follows sworn line of descent, and then page of family history.

III. This also separate and distinct application.

Captain and Honorable James Gillespie, -- Born in Monongahela
County, Ireland,in l746; was a citizen of Duplin County, and died in
Washington City while a member of Congress, January llth, l805.
Captain First Battalion N.C.Volunteers raised by Act of November
25th, l776 (Colonial Records X-936). Member from Duplin of the
Provincial Congress held at Halifax November l2th, l776, (Wheeler's
History l38-Colonial Records X-9l4). Member from Duplin of the

General Assembly of N.C. from l779 to l786, (Wheeler's History
Vol. 2-l39); Member from N.C. of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th Congress
of the U.S. (Wheeler's History Vol.l-ll0); then follows sworn
line of descent and then page for items of family history,

IV. This also separate and distinct application.

Reverend James Campbell, born in Campbelltown Kintyre Argyle-
shire about l700, died in Cumberland County about l780. An ardent
Whig and fervent supporter of the American cause; forced on account
of his contrary views, preaching and prayers to give up his several
charges in Cumberland, and retire an exile to the up country; after-
wards, when the American cause grew in strength he returned, but his
health and strength were gone, and he soon died, honored and res-
pected by all. He was the Father of Captain Campbell of the
American Army, and was the first regular pastor of the Scotch Pres-
byterian churches in Cumberland (Colonial Records Vol.I Page ll94,
et seq- Foster's Sketches l25-Annals of Cumberland County Book A-
Page 349, Caruther's Life of Caldwell, Pages 94-5-l85-Pamphlet con-
taining Centennial Sermon and address by James Banks, Esq., deliver-
ed at Bluff Church October l8th, l858); then follows sworn line of
descent and the page for items of family history. (Note: this last
was not received, while all admitted he was a most worthy man they
said not sufficient services were shown.)

Note 2: Edwin R.MacKethan of Savannah, Ga., has in his possession,
compiled with great care, a complete abstract of the Colonial Records
of N.C., and the Records of Cumberland County as far as they refer
to the early history of the following:

The Campbells, the McAllisters, the McNeills, the Robesons, the
McKethans, the Bertrams, and the Gillespies. He has also copies of
such references as bear on the history of the Scotch in Upper Bladen
(Cumberland after l754), and Bladen and Roesin; also all references
to early history of Cross Creek, Campbelltown, and Fayettesville;
such information as he has, he will be pleased to furnish any any who
may write or call upon him. I have a full copy of all that appears
in the foregoing genealogy, which I have filed with my other papers.
Savannah Ga., September 29th l897.

                                                                              Edwin R. McKethan
- 4l -

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