Importations from Abroad to Orange County, Va.

Submitted by Jeanne Creel of Lecanto, Florida
Transcribed and posted September 19, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges

I pulled these two sheets from LDS Microfilm Number 0954248, Cumberland County, N.C. Court Records, 
Item 16.  The title was Importations from Abroad to Orange County, Va.  I don't know why these would 
appear under Cumberland County, N.C. Records, but I thought you might like to have them.  The labor 
force in Cumberland County, may have been supplied by people in Orange County, Va.  We had a Lazarus 
Creel, 1755, in Cumberland, at about the same time Charles Creel appears in Orange County, VA.  There 
may have been a business connection between the two counties.  What's nice about these two sheets is 
that the country of origin is shown in some cases, which may be helpful to some researchers. Jeanne Creel. 

Dates are time of the Oath.
Importations from Abroad to Orange Co. Va.
(From boarding papers in W. E. Brookman's book, Orange County, Volume II, pub. 1956)

Joseph Able  Nov. 1736 Gt. Brit. and Ire.
George Anderson, wife Elizabeth, Children, Margarit, Wm., John, Francis  May 1740  Ire.
Bennett Beasley July 1735  Gt. Brit.
Thomas Burk 1735  not shown
John Burke 1735  Gt. Brit. and Ire.
Martin Bourke (Burk) 1735 Gt. Brit. and Ire.
John Butler  1736  Gt. Brit. and Ire.
Wm. Brown with Family Mary, Robert, Hugh and Margaret  May 1740  Ire.
Thomas Black and wife Margaret  July 1740  Gt. Brit.
Thomas Brown July 1741  Gt. Brit.
Philemon Cavanaugh  (Kavanaugh) 1735  not shown
Alex Cummins  Nov. 1736  Gt. Brit. and Ire.
Patrick Campbell and Family  May 1740  Gt. Brit. 
John Campbel  (Campbell) & Family  1739  Ire.
James Caldwell & Family May 1740 (not shown)
George Caldwell & Family  July 1740  (not shown)
Patrick Crawford & Family  July 1740  Gt. Brit.
Wm. Crawford July 1740
James Cook  June 1746
James Collins Mar. 1749
Charles George Cook  June 1755
Arthur Dunn  Feb. 1735  Gt. Brit. and Ire.
Sam'l Drake Feb. 1755 Gt. Brit. and Ire.
John Daniels  July 1736 (not shown)
James Davis & Family  1750
John Durham  1749
Robert Green  1735
James & Charles Floyd 1735
Edward Green  1743
Wm. Gibbons  1746
John Grant  1736
Wm. Gray  1736
John Davis  1735
Edward Hall  1740
George Home (Holmes) 1735
Alex Henderson  1735
Thomas Jones  1736
Wm. Johnston  1740
Wm Johnson 1735
Anthony Irwin 1750
Richard Kemp 1737
Robert King and Family  1740
Catherine Kelly 1741
Michael Kelly  1752
Wm. Kelly 1735
Wm. Kelly 1746
John Lathan  Feb 1735  Gt. Brit. and Ire.
David Logan & Family  1740
Wm. Long & Family  1740
John Mann  1735
Wm. Moore  1735
James Mills  1741
Wm. Meares  1749
John McKensy  1745
John Pickens (no date)
Thomas Parks  1741
Joseph Phillips 1736
Thomas Piner (Potner or Poiner) 1745
Jacob Phillips 1735
Robert Peace (or Peage, Page?) and Family 1740
Edward Phillips  1741
John Parks 1736
George and Mary Parsons  1735
Charles Robinson  July 1735
James Roberson  Aug 1734
James Robinson  (with Jean and George) July 1740
Wm. Smith  1738
John Smith  1740
Valentine Sevier  1740 (his line m. Robertson)
Wm. Thompson  1740
Moses Thompson  1740
Robert Thomson  1745
Alexander Thompson  1754
John Thomson 1735
James Sleet 1750
James Sleet 1752
Peter Weaver 1736 (left w. in  1763 (Culpepper Co.)
John Walker  1740
Robert Young & Family  1740
John Zinnerman (Alias Carpenter) 1745
Thomas Walker  1736
James Wood  1734
Thomas Wood 1745
John White 1733
Alex Reese  1747

There were 3 Mitchell families and many others.
These named here seem to revolve around the Robertson Family
There may be errors in exact dates, due to the illegibility my copy. Myrtle

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