Source: Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, NC, Monday, July 26, 1858 (Vol. XLII; No. 2147)
Shared by Dean Gilchrist.

Homicide - We learn that on Monday last (July 19, 1858), at McNeill's muster ground, in Moore County, a difficulty occured between John A. Gilchrist (called "Big John") and Arch'd Smith (called "Red Archy") which resulted in Gilchrist's striking down Smith with a heavy stick; Smith breathed and gasped once or twice and died. Both had been drinking. Gilchrist stood by till it was announced that Smith was dead, when he mounted his horse and rode off. He was pursued, and one man came up with him, but he warned the pursuer that he would kill him if he approached. Gilchrist being a very powerful man, the other was compelled to let him escape.

(Note): Moore County, County Court Minutes - Saturday, October 30, 1858 (Page No. 518): On motion Malcom C. Johnson, coroner, is allowed the sum of $6.00 for entering the body of Arch'd Smith and $7.40 for holding an inquest over the body of the said Arch'd Smith......

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