Grand Jury Reports

From the NC State Archives
Folder: Misc. Records CR 029.928.5

Superior Court, Fall term, 1833
...This grand jury entertains the opinion that it is the duty of the Justices of the Peace for the county to provide a place for the meetings of the several Grand Juries of the County -
They therefore respectfully request the Court to take such action(?) as may be deemed most advisable to bring the subject to the notice of the Body of Justices for the County.

Duncan MacRae, Foreman
David Walker
Alsey Matthews
Davis (X) Horn
Jesse Gilley
John Bain
Hector McNeill
Daniel McLean
Hert? Stewart
Peter W. *ellar
Neal Beard
S. Barksdale
Archd. Colquhoun
Theophilus Guy
John A. Brown
Alfred Jackson
Gerard Johnson
P. Tillinghast

Spring Term, 1840
The jury in the discharge of their duty visited the jail and are pleased to report that they find it in a clean and comfortable situation and they believe the escapes which have taken place from (?) and owing more to the negligence of the officer having charge of it than to want of security in the jail itself.

J. H. Hooper, Foreman
S B. Conneil
R W Crumin
John McRae
J W McKay
Foster Mason, Jr.
Jesse Ellis
R Mason
Walter Draughon
P. D_ming
Malcom M. Gsigor
Jeremiah R.
Simon Matthews
Neill McLean
James Cameron
Robt Wilson
Daniel McDonald
John Smith