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1832         James Seawell (Magistrate of Police)
1855         T.S.Lutterloh (Magistrate of Police)
1868            William H. Porter
1891-1906    W.H. Flowers (died July 28,1920)
1906-1907    J.A. Chason  (killed in the line of duty) [no date given]
1907-1908    James Herbert Benton (killed in the line of duty)
1908-1910    John McD.Monaghan (named acting Police Chief after death of J.H.Benton)
             In 1916, Monaghan was Deputy sheriff and resigned to accept position in Winston Salem
1911         W.H.Smith
1912-1914    E.D.Britt
1914-1916    J.T.Kelly
1916-1919    [ there is a gap here,no one listed]
1919-1920    Robert J."Fighting Bob" McLamb
1920-1923    Julius A.McLeod (had a heart attack while on duty)
1923-1935    J.Ross Jones (named Police Chief following death of Julius A.McLeod)
                                        He was shot to death and his murder went unsolved
1935-1939    Barney/Barnie McBryde  In 1947 McBryde observed his 24th anniversary with the Fayetteville Police 
             Dept. During that time,he served as patrolman for 1 yr,Sargent for 2 yrs, Assistant Chief for
             11 yrs,Chief for 4 yrs,Lieutenant for 2 yrs and Capt for 4 yrs.
1939-1941    Alfred B. Crewe On Oct,1942,the former Chief was charged with obtaining money under false pretense 
			 and forgery
1941-1943    John Lee McArthur,Sr  Oct 7,1964--Former Police Chief McArthur committed suicide while awaiting trial 
			 on an assault charge. On Mar 4th,1964 he was arrested and jailed on charges of deadly weapon assault 
			 with intent to kill.He was accused of shooting Ben O.Robinson in the face and hand with a shotgun
             [This is my maternal grandfather and according to my Father and Uncle (his sons-in-law) there was 
             an agreement made with Mr Robinson (who was actually shot in the leg,not the face and hand) to pay
             for all his expenses and he had agreed to drop the charges.Unfortunately,it was too late to prevent 
			 my grandfather's suicide by shotgun] Sad to say all this heartache was the result of long term alcoholism.
1943-1945    Neal/Neil A. Wethington
1945-1973    Livius Fenton Worrell    Began serving as a patrolman in 1938,promoted to Chief in 1945. He retired 
             in 1973 and died in 1979.
Oct 9 1973-
Jan 15 1976  Hervey E.Keator
1976         Emerson Hall   served 6 months as interim Police Chief prior to the appointment of Danny Dixon. 
             He retired Sept 1,1976 after 36 yrs in the Police Department
1976-1984    Daniel "Danny" K.Dixon
May 2000     Ronald "Ron" E. Hanson
Jun 2001--?  Tom McCarthy

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