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A--south from Person, fourth east of Gillespie
Adams--east from Cool Spring, first north of Person
Anderson--north from Hay, first west of Green
Ann--north from Grove, second east of Ramsey
Arch--north from Mason, second west of Green
Ashley Heights--a settlement southwest of city limits
Athens Av--Haymount Hill, first north of Hay
B--north and south of Person, fifth east of Gillespie
Barges Lane--north from 115 Grove
Bass--west from 118 Winslow to Robeson
Blount--east from Winslow, fourth south of Hay
Bow--southeast from Green, first north of Person
Bradford Av--south from Hay, Haymount Hill, third west of Robeson
Brady--west from 357 Cool Spring Street, first south of Grove
Broad--north and south of Person, second west of river
Burgess--north from Hay, second west of Green
C--north and south of Person, sixth east of Gillespie
Canal--north from Rowan to Cumberland, fourth west of Ramsey
Cool Spring--north and south of Person, second east of Green and Gillespie
Culbreth--west from Hillsboro, first north of Hay
Cumberland--west from Ramsey, near city limits
Cypress la--south from Hogg, first west of R.R.
Davis--north and south from Person, fifth east of Gillespie
Davis--west from Hillsboro, third north of Hay
Dick--sout from Person, first east of Gillespie
Donaldson--south from Hay, first west of Gillespie
Evans--west from 317 Cool Spring
Franklin--west from Gillespie, first south of Hay
Gilespie--south from Market sq. opp Green
Green--north from market sq to Rowan
Grove--east from St. James sq. second north of Person
Harrington Hill--north of city limits
Hay--west from market sq. continuing over Haymount Hill-the principal thoroughfare
Haymount Hill-west of city limits, also called Haymount
Hillsboro--northwest from R.R. track nearly opp ACL depot
Hillside Av--north from Hay, second west of Robeson, Haymount Hill
Hogg--north from Maiden la., fourth west of Green
Holly--south from Grove, first east of Cross Creek
Kennedy--north and south from Person, second east of Gillespie
King--north and south from person, second east of Gillespie
King--south from 802 Person
Laman--east from Ramsey, first north of Grove
Lumberton--south from Mallet's Pond, continuation of Gillespie
Letlow's Alley--south from 207 Mumford
McIver--Ashley Heights
maiden la--southwest from Anderson to R.R. track, second north fo Hay
Market sq--intersection Hay, Green, Person, and Gillespie
Mason--west form 301 Cool Spring
Maxwell--west from Green, second north of Hay
Maxwell--south from Hay, second west of Gillespie
Meeting--west from 301 Cool Spring
Moore--west from Ramsey, fifth north of Hay
Morganton Road--southwest from end of Hay, Haymount Hill
Mumford--west from Gillespie, second south of Hay
New Canal--west from Ramsey, first north of R.R.
Newtown--settlement north of city and Haymount Hill
North--north from Moore, first east of Ramsey
Old--southwest from Green, first north of Hay
Person--east from market sq to river
Plummers la--east from Holly, first south of Grove
Public Square--Hay cor Winslow
Racepath--north and south from Person, third west of river
Raeford la--north from Mason, first west of Green
Ramsey--northwest from St. James sq
Rankin--east from 303 Winslow to Williams    
River--west from 112 Broad to Person
Robertson--north from creek, continuation of Rowan
Robeson--north and south from Hay, first west of Winslow
Rowan--west from St. James sq, third north of Hay
Russell--east form Gillespie, first south of Person
Russell--south from Holt, Williamson Mills, first east of C
St. James Square--indtersection Green, Rowan, Ramsey, and Grove
Tolar--south from Mallet's Pond, first west of Lumberton
Turner Avenue--north from Rowan, first west of Ramsey
Walter--north from 223 Hillsboro
Water--north and south Person, first west of river
Williams--south from 419 Mumford
Winslow--south from Hay at ACL depot
Woodside--north from Hay, Haymount Hill, fourth west of Roberson
Worth--north from Blount, first west of Dick
Yadkin Road--northwest from end of Hay, Haymount Hill


1st ward-all territory east of the creeks
2nd ward-east of Gillespie and south of Person to Blounts Creek
3rd ward-south of Hay, west of Gillespie
4th ward-north of Hay, west of Green and Cross Creek
5th ward-north of Person, east of Green to creeks
6th ward-north of Cross Creek, west of Green and Ramsey
7th ward-east of Green and Ramsey, north of Cross Creek

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