Cumberland County, N
Election Returns - 1841

This document was copied from the original at the NC State Archives
CR 029.912.3
Election Records: Election Returns, Constable 1841

February 27, 1841
The election for constable held this day at the head of Sandy Creek Locks Creek District.

Voters' Names:
Jas Chaston
John McLerand
Thos J. Maxwell
John Sturlin
Henry Carter Senr.
Isakiah Jones
John Carter Senr
Jas T. Blue
Malcom McMillan
John Raybern
David Culbreth
John L. McMillan
Labon Haney
Hector McNeill
Elija Auritte
Epragm Autry
Jas Grice
Daniel Canada
Jonathan Evans
Jacob Faircloth
David McMillan
Valentine Dourun?
Thos Haney
William Riley
Duncan McCall (McColl?)
Benjamin Sumberlaw
Jonathan Carter
John Carter Junr.
Henry Nunery
Richarson Stricklin
Henry Sesssoms
William Stricklin
Jas Sessoms
John Horu
Wiley Stricklin
Nathan Horn
Henry Sessoms
David Horn
Amos Nunery
William Hays
David Howel
Jas Bullock
David Coar
John Stricklin
Duncan Hair
Henry Culbreth
Isaac Haney
John T. Houdini
Amos Sepous
Alen Autry
Arthur Horn
M. Johnson
Nathaniel McLeran
Jas Avritte
Henry Pharis
Henry Avritte
Robert Matthews
H.D. Brice?
Torthe? McLoud
Sion Horn
Daniel McLeran
Thos Sessoms
Haywood Garey
Green Faircloth

Matthew Johnson 28
Arthur Horn 32
Arthur Malvin 5

We the undersigners do sertify this to be a true statement of the polls of the Eliction held here this day for constable.
Ths J. Maxwell
Malalcom McMillan