William Henderson and Mary Lou Darden Graham are the parents of Doris Graham Adams and grandparents of Sandra 
Wilson. William H. died when Doris  b. 10-26-1929 was five or six years of age. She had five siblings: Elizabeth 
Graham b. 1-7-1919; Charles Lacy Graham  b. 4-20-1920  d. 8-31-1920; Mildred Graham  b. 6-25-1921; William Jr. 
Graham b. 10-1-1922 and Wallace Graham  b. 7-12-1927

The family moved around a bit. In 1920 they lived in Edgecomb County, Rocky Mt. William worked for the railroad. 
In 1930 they lived in Robeson Co, Lumberton Township. Doris grew up in Fayetteville. She moved to SC around 
1953 and lived there ever since.

Through the Dardens Sandra is related to Henry King, thru Barbara Moore Buie's parents Malcom J. Buie 
and Barbary Buie. They are buried at the Buie cemetery on Ramsey St.

1-10-1884 in Cumberland county NC  Robt E Graham, 23, of Seventy First township, son of Robt and Pantha 
Grahman Married Arabella Bethea, 23, Daughter of Norman and Eatha Ann Bethea  by the Justice of the Peace

2-24-1890 in Cumberland county NC (W J) James Darden, 29, son of L H and Barbara M Darden Married Clora A Mckay, 
28, daughter of James and Susan Mckay, at St Andrew Church in carvers Creek

10-25-1917  W H(William) Graham,26,of Fayetteville, son of R E and Bella Graham married  Mary Lou Darden, 23, 
Daughter of W J and Clora Darden

Census info for these people:

1860 Census NC Fayetteville Cumberland County  taken 7-19-1860

Graham Robt 40    Head
Panthea     30     Wife
William   12      Son
Rebecca   8     Daughter
Mary      5      Daughter
Isabella  2     Daughter

1900 Census Cumberland county , Carvers Creek Twp  June 1900

Graham    R E   39 (Feb 1861)    Head
Arabella   40 (May 1860)    Wife
Panthie A. 14 (Feb 1886)    Daughter
Mary R       12 (Mar 1884)   Daughter
William H    9 (Jan 1891)     Son
Carrie R     6 (nov 1891)      Daughter
Robert E   2 (Apr 1898)       Son
Phantie     69 (Apr 1841)     Mother

1870 Census NC Cumberland Co  taken 8-29-1870

Darden  Lewis    30    Head
Barbary  30   Wife
James  9     Son
Alice     5    Daughter
Ida        3    daughter
John      1   Son

Buie Daniel    27  ??
Edward   19  ??

Next door is Barbary’s father:
Buie Malcom  J   69    Head
Mary   30     Daughter
David   11    ??

1860 Census Nc Cumberland co  Kingsbury
Buie  Malcom     58 Head
Barbary    49  Wife
Barbary   24  daughter
Mary        23  daughter
Marion      21 Daughter
Daniel     16 Son
Malcom     13 son
Henry K   11  son
Sarah E    8   daughter

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