Cross Creek Cemetery on Cool Spring (Oldest Section - Incomplete Listings)
Posted June 05, 2002

Adam Robert a native of Greenock in Scotland for many years a merchant of Fayetteville and Wilmington N. C. 
who departed this life 11th June 1801 aged 42. "kind husband and affectionate parent" (died at Wrightsville 
Beach NC)
Adam Sarah consort of John R. Adam and eldest dau. of Robert Donaldson late of this place. Died August 19th 1819 
aged 23 years. "She was most tenderly beloved by her sisters and brothers."
Anderson   Children of David & Ann. Mary Eliza     5 July 1802   9 mos.    Sarah Caroline  d.11  Oct. 1803   
4 yrs. 10 mos.    Sarah Emily  b. 3 June 1817   age 8 yrs. 7 mos.  Evan d. 22 Sept 1818  6 yrs. 7mos.    
David  d.  9 Sept. 1819 aged 13 yrs. 2 mos.
Anderson Ann   d. 7-20-1818    consort of  David Anderson,  dau. of Wm. and Sarah Jones of  New Hanover Co. 
Anderson David   d. 19th  April 1844   77 years.(b. Sterling) North Britain   
Baker James McCallum  d. 3-10-1809 (b. England)  Baker Mrs. Martha  (b. England)  d. 6-1813 (share stone)
Baker Laura   eldest daughter of James and Martha Baker   b.10-16-1794  d.11-18-1857.
Barge  Sacred to the memory of Rachel Barge who was born 15th Nov. 1786  d. 15th Nov. 1840 
Barge Edward W. d. August 17 1868 aged 89 years.
Barge In Memory of Lewis Barge, Esquire who departed this life after a lingering indisposition on the 2nd day 
of February A.D. 1809  Aged 68 years  (from Philadelphia, and one of earliest settlers in Cross Creek now 
Belden Martha   d. 8-20-1885   Sacred to memory of our Aunt Martha  dau. of Emily & Simeon Belden 
Belden Mrs. Emily E. d. 6-11-1836    wife of Rev. Simeon 
Belden Simeon Rev.   b. 4-27-1769    d. 6-1-1831   age 62. (b. in Wethersfield Conn.)     
Blake  Margaret Ann Crosby infant daughter of Isham and Margaret Blake, died Aug. 21, 1836, aged 1 year 3 mos, 
6 days.
Blake Isham Senr.  a Revolutionary soldier born in Southampton County Va. June 21st 1766. Died in this place 
Feb. 29 1836.  
Blake Lucy Jones   d. July 24 1826 infant dau. of Isham and Margaret Blake   age 11 mos. 17 days.
Blake Mary   wife of Isham Blake, Senr.   who died 7th Oct. 1844  aged 84 years 4 months and 15 days.
Blake Mrs. Margaret Ann     consort of Isham Blake  (b . 1 -1 -1807)/d . 1 -24-1 836   age 29  
Blake William Glover   infant son of  Miles and Mary Amanda Blake,  born 11th Sept. 1823 died 23rd Oct. 1824.
Bogle Robert  born 6-4-1786,  departed this life July 7th 1806. Aged 20 years 1 month and 3 days.  
Bradford George   d. Sept. 30 1846   age 57   native of Conn.
Bradford Horace   d. June 27 1827 age 36   native of Conn.
Branson Abner   d. July 5 1832   aged  24 years.  
Branson Jane   d. Nov. 9 1844   aged 74 years.   
Branson William Cox    d. Oct 21 1822   aged 18 years   1 month   6 days.   
Broadfoot Andrew  b. 4-9-1855  d. 4-6-1930  
Broadfoot Andrew d.  3-30-1810   aged  45   native of Galloway Scotland and late merchant in this town.
Broadfoot Elizabeth H.   d. 9-24-1866  age 11 wks.   dau. of Wm. G. & Frances Rebecca Wetmore Broadfoot  
Broadfoot Frances Rebecca   b. 3-4-1825  d. 8-5-1892   widow of Wm. G. Broadfoot 
Broadfoot Hetty Coit   b. 9-16-1776  d. 9-26-1820   wife of Andrew Broadfoot.
Broadfoot May Catharine   b.12-10-1861  d. l1-14-1875   dau. of F.W. & W.G.
Broadfoot Nana Cobb   b. Feb. 23 1861  d. Feb. 8 1960.( Wife of Andrew B.)  
Broadfoot William G. [Gillis] b. 3-5-1806/   d. 3-18-1 872   
Brumlow Sarah wife of John Brumlow merchant  in Cross Creek  died 5  Jan. 1770 age 25 years. years  
Cameron Mrs. Catharine who departed this life September 15 1839 in the 52nd year of her age.
Cain Infant son of J. and A. Cain. 
Campbell Alexr   d. 1-3-1824  
Campbell Angus b. 7-15-1803   a native of Scotland  age 24  years  3 mos.  - Erected by his brother Kenneth 
Chisholm Sarah (Shaw Campbell)   b. 2-11-1808  d. 8-1-1875  (dau. of  Sam'l Campbell and Janett Armand, wife 
of John Robert Chisholm 
Clark Sarah Jane   d. 9-13-1820 (1 year 1 month) dau. of Charles and Maria Clark. 
Cochran Ann Maria  d. 10-25-1849 age 70    Relict of Robert Cochran.  
Cochran Caroline Amelia  infant b. & d. 8-1851.
Cochran Caroline. No dates  
Cochran Robert  (b. Penn)  d.  May 8 1842   age 70 years.
Coit Malinda A. Barge   3-31-1813 d. 8-18-1866. W/o Rev. J. C. Coit See: The Malloys & The Coits, Richmond Co., NC 
Curtis Henry Clay   d. Nov. 3 1831 age 3 yrs. 9 mos. and 3 dys.  Son of  T. J. and S.E. Curtis
Curtis Martha Y.  d. June 7 1848.  Aged 16 yrs. 3 .mos.  Dau. of T. J. and S.E. Curtis
Curtis Oliver Stark    died July 6 1831. Aged 9 months 20 days.  Son of  T. J. and S.E. Curtis
Curtis Thomas Nathaniel   d. Oct. 25 1831  Aged 2 yrs. 7 months 21 days.  Son of  T. J. and S.E. Curtis
Dailey  Elizabeth   d. 7-2-1832   consort of  Patrick Dailey   aged  18  yrs.  9 mos. 
Dailey David S. infant son of Patrick Dailey  
Davis Gen. Thomas d. 9-27-1822   57th year of his life  and Maria Davis his wife.  The former died on the 27th 
of Sept. 1822. The latter 10 Oct. 1811   37 years of life
DeKeyser Lee and Margaret  (d.1840)   Sacred to memory of our parents 
Dobbin Annie  b. 10-29-1796   d. 1-21-1818   first wife of John M. Dobbin    21 yrs. 2 mos. and 22 das.
Dobbin John M. b. 1784 in Person County   d. 4-12-1837   53 years  (ship wrecked)
Dobbin Miss Margaret   b. 4-16-1824  d. 4-17-1842 dau. of John M. & Mary Dobbin 
Donaldson Sarah   Relict of Robert Donaldson late  merchant of this town. She was born on the 21st of May 1773 
and died on 3rd Oct. 1808 aged 35 years.
DuBrutz To Our Parents  Gabriel DuBreetz a native of France who died Mar. 14 1824.  Also his wife Deborah, who 
died May 18 1824,  also their children John Montgomery, John Louis, Juliana, Mary Ann   and their grandchild 
Betsey Hamilton Jones who reposes by their side  This marble is raised by their surviving children Maria, 
Caroline, Louisa and Joseph  J. L. DuBrutz   as a memorial of sorrow for the loss of their dear parents 
(Gabriel Dubrutz born Bordeaux, France,  came to America with Admiral the Comte DeGrassier and French Fleet to aid in War for Independence.  Returned to France after hostilities ceased. Later returned to America & N.C. and married Deborah Montgomery of  Chatham Co.)
Duene Thomas   died Nov. 9,  1786 in 26th year of his age. Erected by A. Staunton
Evans Catharine S. dau. of T.A.E and C. E. Evans   died June 16 1857 aged 3 mos.
Evans Jonnie  b. 2-6-1856  d. 4-30-1856 son of  T.A.E & C.E.
Ferguson James B.  b.11-14-1827   d. 5-31-1860.
Flack Isham  B. died Nov. 15, 1851  Aged 18 years 11 mo. 8 days.
Fletcher Rebecca Evans, Relict of George Fletcher  b. Sept. 23 1752  d. May 19 1824  age 72 years.
Fuller Agnes  b. 1854  d.   d. 12-26-1864 10 yrs 3 mos.
Fuller Thomas  b. Dec.1800  d. July 28,1832   Age 31 yrs.  7 mos.
Gibson Mrs. Jannett d.  8-31-1835   age 35   wife of   James Gibson   
Goodwin Caroline Frances, consort of Robert T. Goodwin who departed this life  Feb. 17th 1828 in the 23rd year 
of her age.
Goodwin Jane Henrietta  infant dau. of Robert and Caroline Goodwin  who departed this life August 14th 1827 aged 
1 year 1 month and 19 days.
Halliday David  native of Galloway Scotland several years merchant of Petersburg Virginia who departed this life 
September 1st A. D. 1828 aged 42 years.
Halliday James Robeson   b. 6-10-1817  d.11-19-1818   son of E. Halliday  
Halliday Margaret Robeson   b.1-23-1820  d. 7-2-1821.   dau. of  E. Halliday  
Halliday Robert Esq.  d. 19 October A.D. 1816 a native of Galloway in Scotland 24 years merchant of this place  
Age. 54 years. 
Halliday Robert J.  Died Oct. 11 1835 in Philadelphia only son of  Halliday Robert Esq.  aged 19 yrs.
Hart Emilie B.   d. 9-17-1917   Nearer My God to Thee.
Hart Sallie Belden   b. 9-3-1813  d. l-31-1876.  Sacred to the memory of my loved mother  
Hattridge William a native of Glasgow in Scotland  merchant in Wilmington in this state who departed this life 
September 9th 1809.  Aged 25 years.
Hawley Eleanor died July 1844. Aged 52 years.  Lauder stone.(stone broken) 
Hawley Isaac and Elizabeth Hawley  Our   Isaac died Jan 20, 1808 aged 48 years. Elizabeth died April 20, 1842  
aged  77 years  
Hawley Mrs. Catharine S.   born 19th May 1805    died 3rd April 1855. Lauder stone.
Hawley William L. born 28th Feby, 1800  died 26th June 1834
Hearne Mrs. E. B.  d. 12-27-1821   age 45. consort of F.H. Hearne.
Henderson Adam  a native of Savannah Ga.   died April 30 1813   age 32 years  
Henry Archibald and Catharine and their daughter Miss Mary Henry,  the latter of whom died on the 5th April 1852 
aged 72 years.
Hooper James H. b. 9-10-1797  d. 6-26-1841.   Born in Hillsboro N.C.
Hooper Margaret S.   b. 4-26-1801   d. 2-5-1880 dau. of Andrew and Hettie Broadfoot, widow of James H. Hooper  
Huske Johanna Jenckes wife of John Huske   d.10-23-1815  in the26 her life.  
Huston James Hiram, Esq.  d. 8-18-1826   38 years   native of Iredell Co. who left wife & 6 infant sons on 
business to this place and died. Husband and affectionate father.                                         
Jeffreys Simon  S.    b. Sept. 30 1818   d. May 6 1842.
Jenkins Ann   wife of James Jenkins,  dau. of Duncan McLeran,  b.3-24-1805  died April 24 1843.  Aged 38 years  
Jenkins Ann dau of James and Ann Jenkins.  Born November 12th 1823   died June 6th. 1846.
Johnson Charles son of Charles S. and Isabella Johnson. 1849 died Feb. 11, 1850
Johnson Elizabeth J.  age 14 das. D .6-4-1819 dau. of Wm & Mary E. Johnson   
Johnson Margaret  infant  dau. of Charles S. and Isabella Johnson   b.  May 9th   d. May 11 1845.
Johnston Kate E.   d. 7-8-1866 4 mo. & 9 days   dau of A.M. & Kate M. Johnston 
Jones James O. A.   son of Rev. C.P and M.A. Jones    b.9-1-1846   d. 9-15-1856
Kennedy James  d. 6-24-1839  age 46.  s/o John & Agnes Kennedy   
Kennedy Nancy wife of James Kennedy   died October 5th 1866   aged 70 years.  
Kincaid Elizabeth   Sept. 28 1801  age 16                  
King Isabella C. of  New York who departed this life May 15th 1821.
Kirkpatrick Rev. Josiah James  died July 25 1830 31st year of his age and first of his ordained ministry. 
I Theo 4:13.
Lair Fountain   d. 9-11-1841. age 44.  
Langdon Mary wife of Sam'l Langdon   b Feb.7 1827   d. 6-21-l854  
Larkin Johnny  s/o J. W. & Lee Larkin   b. Dec. 10 1856  d. July 2, 1857    
Lumsden Elizabeth wife of John Lumsden  (no dates)
Lumsden John  a soldier of the Revolution   born in the state of Virginia   November 10 1758  d. April 21 1843 
near Fayetteville N. C. Erected by his daughter S. E. Lumsden  
MacLennan Ann    A  native of Scotland  d. 9-28-1814  Relict of  John McLennan   age 65.            
MacLennan Wm.   d.  11-1-1815   age 28 years,  late of this town. Merchant. 
MacLeran Archibald  who departed this life May 17th,  1795  Aged 1 year 11 months and 4 days.
MacLeran John  who departed this life March the 21st, 1814  Aged 19 years and 2 months.
MacQueen Donald  Esq.  attorney at law  d. Sept. 24 1808  23 yrs. Loved for his social virtues respected for 
his liberal manly sentiments and admired for his resplendent talents. Renowned be thy grave and may the worthy 
thus with honor and great be mourned.
MacRae Duncan   born in Inverness Shire Scotland 17th March 1769.  Died 10th February 1837, and his relict 
Rhoda, who departed this life January 1854.
MacRae John   born February 23 1793   died January 15 1880.
MacRae Mary Ann   wife of John MacRae,  born August 21, 1805  died May 11, 1861   Dau. of Unknown Shackleford 
of Marion South Carolina.
Martine Caroline Ray   b. 5-18-1868/d.8-18-1870 dau. of Theodore & Abby B. Martine 
Martine Hester DeReimer   b. 3-20-1801  d. 8-8-1 867  wife of James Martine   
Martine James  b.  9-4-1801   d.10-9-1864.
Martine John D.  died in N.Y. City   11-12-1846    age 15 years    s/o James & Hester  Martine
Matthews John A.  d. 2-24-1829  aged 27 yrs. 6 mos. 15 das.
Maultsby Margaret   b. 3-25-1757   d. 3-8-1836  Relict of Wm.  -----by      Murchison Hannah   b.2-29-1783  
d. 8-17-1860  relict of Johnson.  (On same stone) 
McDonald Alex d.   24 Jan. 1830 age 64   native of Penn.
McDonald Eliza   d. 11-7-1860   age 60   wife of G.W. McDonald    Our Mother.
McDonald Lucretia   d. 27 April 1843  age 68 native of Bridgeport, Conn.
McGary    d.10-21 1826   age 25 years.
McGary Ann   Departed this life Aug. 14 1829   aged 15 years.
McGary Michael  d. 6-3-1849   aged 73 yrs. & 3 mos
McIntyre Catharine S.   d. .6-19-1858   age 48 years.
McIntyre Ellen   b. 2-9-1788  d. Jan. 17 1864   Relict of  John McIntyre. A   devoted wife & affectionate mother.
McIntyre Isabella   w/o James McIntyre  d. Jan. 19,   1850 age 73 years.
McIntyre Jacky   b. 6-10-1816  d.10-15-1816   
McIntyre James   native of Scotland   d. 9-10-1829   age 64. Lauder stone
McIntyre James age 24 .
McIntyre James Alexander   died 12-19-1814   age 11 mos.  son of John & Ellen
McIntyre Robert  1800 -1834 
McIver Rev. Colin   b. 3-9-1784 d.1-18-1850/ born in Stornaway Island of Lewis Hebrides Scotland  
McIver Sarah  wife of Rev. Colin McIver and dau. of Lewis  Barge b.  Feb. 8th 1783 d. Nov. 15th 1855.
McKay Ann   d.  5-8-1844  wife of Dr. Edward McKay   Age 63 years.
McKay Dr. Edward   b. 9-15-1 781    d. 5-26-1826   Graduate of Penna. Medical College 
McLeran  Duncan,  a native of Argylle Shire Scotland who departed this life on the 6th of December 1821  aged 61 
years.  He was for many years a respectable merchant of this place  (husband of Ann MacLeran)  
McMillan Charles A. died 6-6-1875   Aged 58. 
McMillan Joannah  d. 1-11-1865   80 years of age   wife of John McMillan.
McMillan John a native of   Dumfries North Britain.  Died Oct. 7 1820  aged 51 years.
McMillan Robert Donaldson   6-18-1807  d. 6-29-1808   1 yr.11 da.   Infant son of John & Joannah McMillan  
McMillan Sarah Ray     d. 4-23-1918   age 84   wife of C. A.
McNeill Elizabeth Danforth Drury   6-17-1836 12-20-1880 (second) wife of Rev. George McNeill 
McNeill George son of George and Minerva   9-27-1827 d. July 1861  age 34 years. (Rev. George McNeill)
McNeill George Sr.  b. 1791  d. 4-23-1865 age 74 
McNeill James H., Col. Born in Fayetteville 5-25-1825   d. 4-27-1865   killed in Battle at Chamberlyn's Run Va. 
63rd N. C. State Troops C. S. A.                                          
McNeill John Kirkland   d. March 13. 1820   five mos. infant son of George and Elizabeth McNeill
McNeill Kate Chamberlain   (b. Rhode Island)  1-16-1825   d. 12-10-1904 wife of Col. James H. McNeill
McNeill Maggie Gilbert   Dau. of Rev. Geo. and M C. McNeill   d. Feb. 8 1854   aged 2 years and 2 months.
McNeill Margaretta M.    d. 7-18-1854 age 27   dau. of Rev. Dr. E. W. Gilbert of  Philadelphia (1st) wife 
of Rev. George McNeill Lauder stone.
McNeill Thomas Ruffin   (1813) 11-15-1828   Age 15 years 6 mos. son of George and Elizabeth McNeill  
McPherson Elizabeth M. and her son James and her dau. Elizabeth (no dates).
McPherson Martin  who departed this life November 10 1852 in the 62nd year of his age.  Erected by his only son.
McRacken Edward James   died 7-25-1814   son of James Jr.  age 10 years 1 da.
McRacken James Jr.  b. in Scotland.   A native of Galloway in Scotland late merchant of this town.  d. Oct.
26, 1812  aged 58 years & 10 mos.
McRacken Mary Ann  b. 1763  d. July 10 1822   consort of Jas. Jr. aged 59 yrs. 7 mos. Erected by her dau. 
Ann N. Jordon.
McRae Christopher died Jan 12, 1857. Aged 20 years.   
McRae Margaret  S. born  Sept. 22 , 1797  died Dec.7, 1820. 
Meares Catharine Jane   b. 3-19-1815  d. 9-17-1819 dau. of  William and Susan Meares.  
Miller James   born at Dunmore Stirlingshire  Scotland in 1792   died June 4th 1840   aged 47 years and 8 mos.
Miller Mary   wife of James Miller born Dec 2nd, 1786   died Nov. 23rd 1847 aged 61 years.
Nash Abner  d.  4-13-1846   infant son of Margaret S. Potter & Rev. Frederick Nash 
Nash Margaret S. dau. of H. & S.W. Potter  d.  6-18-1848 wife of Rev. Frederick K.  aged 30 yrs.
Nelson H.G.  d. 7-25-1831. Aged 31.
Newberry John McIntyre    b.12-17-1821   d. 6-28- 1822.
Nott Elizabeth  d.  10-3-1827   Relict of Wm. Nott Sr.   aged 62   
Nott Elizabeth G.  d. 9-20-1872   dau. of W. & E. Nott age 62 
Nott Margaret A. dau of Elizabeth & William. Died August 19 1827.
Nott William  11-20-1810   9-20-1895   CO.F 8th N.C.   Reserve C.S.A. 
Nott William b. in Middletown, Conn.  d.11-20-1840  age 52 years. 
O'Hanlon Benjamin Robinson   d. 8-7-1842 6th son of Doyle and Margaret O'Hanlon 
O'Hanlon Doyle a native of Charleston S. C.  d. 7-10-1845 age 45.
O'Hanlon Edward W.   b. 5-8-1835 d. 11-10-1837  son of Doyle and Margaret O'Hanlon
O'Hanlon Elizabeth Myers  dau. of  Doyle and Margaret O'Hanlon   d. June 2 1843.
Ochiltree  David  b. ?   d. ?  and Relict Lucy Ann  Ochiltree   b.?
d.?  (If anyone can supply the correct dates for David and Lucy please email Myrtle)
dau. of John and Eliza Winslow.  She came to the end in the peace of God which indeed passeth 
all understanding. 
Ochiltree Ann Eliza  dau. of Lucy Ann and David Ochiltree.  b. 3-24-1818   d. 5-26-1885
Ochiltree Catharine (Kate)  b. 3-18-1835  d.  2-24-1910 dau. of Lucy Ann and David Ochiltree.   
Ochiltree Coziah Ann  Wife of David Ochiltree   b. June 25 1788  d. Nov. 6 1812.
Pearce Laura C.  d .4-12-1855  dau. of James & Hester DeReimer Martine, wife of John W. Pearce, Aged 25 
Pearce Mary S.   d. 9-17-1822   53 years of age.   Relict of Late O. PEARCE Esq.
Pearce Oliver   Merchant b.8-7-1765 in Providence Rhode Island   d. 11-20-1815   He was born Aug. 7, 1765 in 
the town of Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island  
Phillips Eliza W.  d. 2-18-1869  age 52 yrs. and John J. Phillips  d.6-28-1863  near Richmond on field of battle 
Sgt. Co. G 33 N.C. Inf.   age 55 years. On same marker
Pittman B. N.   d. July 24 1821  (infant) 
Potter Eliza W.    dau. of H. & S.W. Potter  d.  2-7-1832   age 26 yrs.
Potter Henry  died Dec. 20, 1857  age 74.   U.S. Circuit Judge   1801-1802   U.S.  District Judge 1802-1857. 
Potter Mary Ann   b. April 9 1809  d. Dec. 11 1879.
Potter Sylvia W. d.  10-25-1853   age 74 yrs.   wife of Hon. Henry Potter 
Purviance Mary Brunlow   our mother wife Samuel D. Purviance   d. Jany. 23, 1802   aged 26 years.
Ratcliff John of Wilcox  County, Alabama   born March 28, 1809   d. May 27, 1855.
Ray Caroline E. (Barge)   6-13-1810 8-4-1892  wife of David A. 
Ray David A.  born Jan. 13 1805  died Feb. 16 1887. 
Ray David H.(Hamilton)  born May 9 1840   died June 12 1921  
 Ray Della Cromartie   wife of David H. Ray   born April 26 1852  died Oct. 5 1918 - (born in Bladen County 
 dau. of Duncan and Mary Ann McKay Cromartie and sister of Mrs. Thomas H. Sutton)
Ray Jane   died Nov. 3 1874  Aged 78.
Ray Malinda Barge   b. Jan. 16 1847   d. March 14 1925. dau. of  David A. and Caroline Barge Ray 
Ray Mary Agnes   dau. of  David A. and Caroline Barge Ray  died Nov 25th 1837  aged 2 years and 5 months.
Ray Mrs. Catharine   died Nov. 3 1B31  Aged 70 years.
Ritchie William  a native of Port Glasgow in Scotland late merchant in Washington in this State who departed 
this life November 26 1796 Aged 37 years.
Robertson Andrew   d.11-1-1810    Erected by his young friend Sarah Donaldson.  Formerly of Glasgow and late 
of this town.
Robinson Catherine E.   8-26-1836   7-27-1874   Dau of Daniel & Eliza McDiarmid, wife of H. C. Robinson 
Robinson Eliza Wright   b. 5-30-1856 d. 7-21-1874  age 18 years dau. of Henry Clay Robinson & Catherine E. 
Robinson Mrs. Ruth   b.5-8-1779  in Bennington Vermont  d.10-30-1806   wife of Dr. Benjamin Robinson 
Rose James Chamberlain   Mar. 29-1865   d. Feb. 15 1866 son of Jno. M. and Janes S. Rose 
Rose Jane Strange   b. 2-23-1821 d. 4-23-1865 wife of John McAden Rose.  
Rose John McAden   b. 9-17-1815 in Person Co., NC   d. 6-13-1895  
Rose Lizzie Kirkland   2-7-1845   4-20-1863   dau. of  Jno. and Jane S. 
Sedberry George Fletcher b.  8-22-1825   d. 7-18-1836 son of  Henry & Martha T. Sedberry   (stone broken)
Sedberry Henry James   4-15-1833  d.  6-29-1835 son of  Henry B. & M. F. Sedberry 
Sedberry Martha   b. 4-24-1837  d.8-26-1837   dau. of  Martha Fletcher & Henry Sedberry   b. & d. same day as 
twin Sarah Ann.  
Shaw Colin native of Scotland came to Cross Creek 1744 twice commissioned in King's Army  Loyal in word and deed.  
Shemwell Elizabeth L. (McDonald)   wife of Poindexter   b. Dec.3,  1830  d. July 31, 1850   age 19 yrs. 8 mos  
dau. of George W. McDonald
Smith Archibald  d. Jan. 26 1833   age 33  
Smith Sarah Ann  d. 7-17-1825 dau. of David and Elizabeth Smith    age 7 yrs. 
Stark Rachel d.  10-25-1819   age 26 yrs.  wife of Oliver P. Stark  
Stedman Elisha and Mary   Elisha b. in Conn. d. Sept. 29 1832 age 67.  Mary d. Feb. 21. 1829 age 51. 
Stedman James Cooper   b. 12-23-1823 d. at Fayetteville 11-23-1910. b. in Gates County N.C.  
Stevens Abraham Col. A native of N.Y. State and for several years inhabitant of this town. d.10-12-1822  
aged 39 yrs.
Stewart Oliver b. 1814  d. 7-26-1851 Hernando Miss.  Aged 37 years.
Stinementz  Caroline  d. 8-24-1825  age 6 yrs. dau. of John S. & Mary Stinementz
Stinementz Ann Eliza d. 9-14-1820  age 3 yrs. dau. of John S. & Mary Stinementz 
Street Elizabeth    b.1-28-1826   d. 5-5-1858   wife of Richard, dau. of John M. & Mary Dobbin
Strong Bela William  d. 5-27-1815  age 29
Stuart Catherine   d. 2-16-1823. 
Stuart Jas. d.  7-10-1826.
Swann Walter Jones son of John and Frances  born March 16 1833   died Oct. 23d. 1834.
Thompson John  (no dates)  
Tillinghast Mamie Coit   wife of N. W. Tillinahast  b. Sept. 25 1899 in Enterprise. Miss.   d. May 5 1939  
dau. of Helen Avery and Rev. Albert Coit
Tillinghast Norwood W.  Feb. 21 1891.  Sept. 28. 1964.   
Tillinghast Paris Jenckes 1757-1822 and Elizabeth Pearce Tillinghast  1757-1813 
Townes William H.   infant son of James and Julia Townes   died 28 January 1819.
Turner William L. (Leftwich)   died  Oct. 1813  aged 30 years. Pastor of Presbyterian Church. (b. in Virginia)  
Utley Kate McNeill wife of Joseph Utley   b. 6-19-1854  d. 12-21-1939 (dau. of Kate Chamberlain and Col. 
James Hipkins McNeill )
Vandusen John   died Nov.1 1820   age 17 mos 15 days.
Waddell Ann  d. 2-13-1832   aged 35.
Watts Joanna F.  d. 7-11-1863 in her 18th year,  dau of Sarah D. & Rev. A. L. Watts 
Whitlock Rev. Henry late rector of Trinity Church in the City of New Haven and State of Connecticut  fell a 
victim to the ravages of a consumption on the 25th December 1814 in the 38th year of his age.  Husband father 
and friend.
Widdiefield   Nettie   b. 1-3-1830  d.5-12-1832   infant dau. of  Mary & Wm. 
Widdifield Mary C.   b. Auq. 7 1805  d. Nov 27 1864.   Our Mother   wife of the late Wm. 
Widdifield William   b. 12-13-1796  in Philadelphia  d. in Fayetteville   4-20-1841   Our Father.
Wilkings  Jane Isabella  b. 3-7-1802 d. 7-3-1879 wife of Edward W. Wilkings. 
Wilkings Edward W.   b. 9-18-1788  d. 6-17-1878.
Wilkings Katharine Isabella  b. 1762 d. 10-26-1825  dau. of Rev. Edward Winslow  wife of  Marshall R. Aged 63
Wilkings Marshall R.   b. 11-15 -1762   d. 11-1-1846 84 years 
Wingate Cornelius  his wife Susannah Mumford and their sons William, Joseph, Thomas and Samuel Wingate 
Winslow  DeKeyser Warren aged 16 months.
Winslow Caroline Martha wife of John Winslow  died July 29 1860 aged 76 years She was the best of Mothers.
Winslow Edward Lee born March 13 1802 died March 22 1863.  Erected by his children
Winslow Edward Lee son of E. L. Winslow  died August 26 1877 aged 36 years.
Winslow Elizabeth Jones. b. 8-9-1837 dau. of Edward L. Winslow Sr. died in Savannah Ga. Jan. 2 1910. 
Winslow Jane Isabella  Relict of the Rev. Edward Winslow aged 67 years.
Winslow John  b. 4-9-1765 in Quincy Mass. d. 11-15-1820  Aged 56
Winslow John Little son of E. L. And S. B. Winslow died Mar. 3 1860 aged 19 yrs. 7 mos.  Erected by his twin 
brother E. L. Winslow Jr.
Winslow Marion Jones wife of Edward Lee Winslow and dau. of Wm. Sandford d. Oct. 11 1829.  Aged 22.
Winslow Sarah Blount wife of Edward Lee Winslow and dau. of the late John Little of Edenton N. C. b 1816 d. 
5-24-1848  Aged 28
Winslow Sarah Eliza wife of John Winslow who  departed this life on the 15th of January 1800.  Aged 29 years 
shortly after the birth of her second child. Aged 36 yrs 3 mos.
Wright John W(inslow) d. 2-4-1854   Our Dear Father  Aged 62 
Wright Margaret d. 1823.  Aged 23  Wife of John W. Wright, dau. of David Anderson 
Wright Ravenscroft  d. 12-18-1846   son of Mary H. & Thomas (Rev)   Aged 18.

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