Miscellaneous Cumberland County, NC Court Records
Records were abstracted from Cumberland County Court Records at NC Archives by Myrtle Bridges 1999.
Additions contributed by Steve Edgerton Feb. 08, 2004, Feb. 11, 2004

1759 - 19 September. Matthew Campbell is administrator on estate of John Campbell, deceased. Estate Records 1758/1930

c.1760 - Norman Campbell appointed road overseer from the forks of the road northwest to his ferry and work Mrs Blanchfield's and the hands on Brownlow's place. Oct. 1755 - Jan 1779 Term of Cumberland County Court

1761 - November. Then was written the inventory given into court on oath by Elenor Campbell, administrator of Charles Campbell, deceased, and admitted to record. Recorded in the Minutes of Court by Richard Grove.

1761 - November 19. Duncan McNeill qualified as a Justice of the Peace.

1761 - November 19. Hector McNeill, Alexander McAlister, John Stewart and Ferquhard Campbell, Esquires, were directed to run the dividing line of this County and Bladen; allowed the sum of f2: 12: 6 proc. each.

1770 - Nov. 10. Charles Campbell declared that he lost out of his pocket, crossing the river, with his pocket-book and sundry other papers, viz: an indenture of Rannald McDougald to said Charles Campbell, also two notes of hand from Malcom Campbell, one for f4, the other for f3, both dated Nov.10,1770.

1771 - October 26. Ann Campbell and George Mylne are Administrators of Archibald Campbell deceased. Witnessed by Patrick Campbell. Bondsmen are Anny Campbell, George Mylne, Ferquhard Campbell and Thomas Rutherford.

1771 - November 19. Power of Attorney: Elizabeth Campbell, wife of Rev. Mr. James Campbell, to John Armstrong, acknowledging her consent concerning the sale of two plantations in the Province of Pennsylvania.

16 Dec. 1772.    An Inventory of the Estate of John Campbell, dec'd taken by John Wright, his son-in-law in presence of Arch. Simson, Merchant in Cross Creek, and Alex. McLeod, Planter upon Upper Little River and Duncan McNabb, Merch.

One gray horse, one cow and calf, 10 hogs, all shoats but one, shears, a chest and churn,1 small hammer, a razor, and 2 axes, three baskets, two washing tubs, 3 chisels, a gouge small wheel, and a hand saw, a saddle and bridle, carpenters edge, 1 pair blankets & 2 half pairs, 1 let-out coat, 2 long coats, 1 short and 1 waistcoat, 2 pair breeches, 2 bells, 2 smoothing irons, 2 pots, and a crook & tongues. John Rea [Ray] is indebted for 1 hide, a pair cotton cords and a pair woolings, 3 hoes,1 large bonnet and a ... knife and one bedstead.

Wm. Shepherd values the land at nineteen pounds ten shillings. Eignt shillings, the charge to hunt a horse and sixteen shillings charged for nails and rum for the funeral.

On 18 February 1773, John Wright, receives fifteen shillings and six pence for his commission on goods sold to the value of twenty one pounds and ten pence. [signed] Duncan Ochiltree

Dr. Archibald McDonald treated John Campbell on August 15, 1772, on September 22, on October 10, 1772 and the last time November 20, 1772. This account was duly proved on 30 July 1774 by the oath of Doctor McDonald before Robert Boman J.P. Cumberland Co. Estate Records 1758/1930 - NCA

1773 - Jan. 29. Jeany Campbell, a girl of 5 yrs. is apprenticed to John Wright. Cumberland Co. Apprentice Bonds - NCA

1773 - January 29. Malc. [male?] 3 1/2 years is bound to John McNeill. Cumberland County Apprentice Bonds - NCA

1775 - April 20. Patrick Campbell is present at the personal estate sale of Angus Campbell, deceased, held by John Campbell, his administrator. Others present are George Killen, Archibald McNair, Malcom Thompson, Dr. Robeson, William Colvin, Daniel McSween, Malcom McLeland, Robert Drauhon, James Colbreth, Malcom McNeill, Robert Smith, Daniel Blue, Alexander McDougald and James McKethan.

1776 - The King against Cole McDougald. Ordered that Thomas White, Daniel McNeill and John McNeill be summoned as evidence in this case.

1776 - Alexander McDougald and wife vs. Donald Shaw. It appeared to this court that Effie McLean, wife of John McLean, was a witness....

1776 - Alex., Angus and Arch. McDougald to work under John McLean, road overseer.

1776 - July 26. A deed from Duncan McDougald to his son, Archibald McDougald is proved by Alexander McArthur.

1779 - The commissioners appointed to take into their possession the confiscated property in this county return that the following has been claimed by the following persons and ordered to be sent to the Superior Court: 320 acres taken as property of Angus Campbell, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for John Campbell; 640 acres taken as property of Hector McAllester, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for Alexander McAllister. 640 acres lately occupied by Alexander Campbell of Ballowl, taken as property of James Campbell, his brother in Scotland, claimed by Ferquhard Campbell for the orphans of said Alexander Campbell; said land considered to be the property of said orphans, ordered that the commissioners stop all proceedings thereon. Also the following land and lot taken as confiscated property; One-third part of a tract of land lying in said county containing 350 acres conveyed by Colin Shaw to Robert Hogg and George Mylne by deed dated 2 June 1774 Cumberland County Deeds Book F/181

1779 - A list of Cumberland County Jurors:

Norman Campbell
Thomas Gilmore
Drury Smith
David Evans
Jacob Matthews
Hugh Ochiltree
Archibald Smith
Neil McCranie
Fredrick Smith
Henry Morris
Joseph Matthews, Jr.
Lewis Atkins
John Watts
Henry Gaster
John Dobbins
James Gilmore
Lewis Bowel
William Cole
John McNatt
Peter Mercer
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Edgerton
John Gilmore
Theopolis Petty
Samuel Booker
Adam Killing
Daniel McGill Jesse Jones
Nicholas Newton
John Key

1783 - Jane Campbell is Administrator on the Credits of Dugal Campbell deceased.

1784 - July An inventory of the estate of Samuel Campbell, deceased, is given to court at Fayetteville by Norman Campbell, Administrator.

1785 - May 21. An account of sales of Dr. Samuel Campbell's estate agreeable to order of court obtained by Norman Campbell, Administrator at the April Term 1785. Dr. McKay bought"Wiseman's Surgery" and "Fullers Dispensitory." Norman Campbell purchased 17 books on Physic, a Dictionary of Diseases along with various medicines, while Duncan Ray purchased "Bates Dispensitory." Others who attended this sale were Daniel McIntire, Duncan McDonald and Elizabeth Campbell. James Emmet, Sheriff.

1786 - Jan. 23. An Inventory of the estate of Lieut. Patrick Campbell, deceased, includes 346 Officer's Certificates. Cash paid by ... Montfort ... 64 pounds. Also a Warrant for 640 acres of land in Cumberland River (?). [Signed] William Gillaspie, Adm.

1787 - Following jury being summonded to lay off a road from Bladen line to James Patterson's mill, have laid off said road: Peter Buchan, overseer, Archibald McDuffie, Alexander Graham, Archibald Black, Samson Carver, Duncan Black, Angus Malloy, Neill Leitch, John Colbreath, Alex. McMillan, Neill Black and Kenneth McKinnon.

1789 - May 2. James Campbell and Malcom McNeill, administrators to estate of John Campbell, deceased.

1791 - October 13. William Vann, Thomas Armstrong and John Wilson are held and firmly bound ... obligation is such that the above bound Wm. Vann, Adm. of all and singular goods and chattels, rights and credits of Duncan Campbell, deceased ... [Signed] Thomas Armstrong and John Wilson in the presence of John Ingram.

1800 - Feb. 4. Neil Galbreath, as executor of the estate of Daniel Campbell, reports that he paid to Hector Stewart ten shillings for the coffin. Also paid for liquor and time spent hunting for the deceased from December 11th, 1799 to Feb. 11th, 1800, thirty pounds. etc. Also paid John Campbell, Polly Smith, Joel Williams, Gilbert McMillan, Thomas Carraway, Florence Campbell in Scotland and Margaret Campbell, sisters of the deceased, fifty pounds. Those who owed the estate of Daniel Campbell were Norman McQueen, Daniel McCorquidal, Alex. McQueen, Ann McNeill, Joel Williams and Daniel McQueen.

A list of people attending the estate sale of Daniel Campbell, deceased. John McKethan, Absalom Stricklin, Stephen Anderson, Henry King, Malcom Colquhoun, Molly Smith, John Campbell, John McQueen, John Colquhoun, James McNeill, Gilbert McIntyre, Robert Norris, James Murphy, Colin Campbell, John Leathers and Hector Stewart. Cumberland County Estate Records 1758/1930

1800 - April. Daniel Campbell obtains letter of administration on the estate of Archibald Campbell, dec'd. Alex. McDougald and Nicol Wright, his securities. Angus, Murdock and John Campbell attend estate sale.
Cumberland County Estate Records 1758/1930

1802 - Alexander Campbell is administrator on estate of Arch. Campbell, deceased.

1802 - May 13. Duncan Campbell, Alexander Campbell and William Cook bondsmen in the sum of six hundred dollars as Alexander is apointed administrator of the estate of Archibald Campbell, deceased.

1803 - May 11. John Simpson is administrator for John L. Campbell, deceased.
Cumberland County Estate Records 1758/1930

1803 - Nov. 15. John Campbell obtains Letter of Administration on the estate of his brother, Daniel Campbell, deceased. Daniel McIntyre and Israel Folsome, bondsmen. Signed in the presence of Robinson Mumford.

1804 - Feb. The following people attend the sale of the property of Daniel Campbell. John Campbell, Murdock Campbell, Christian Campbell, Anguish Campbell, Allan Campbell, William Campbell, Robert Nevin and Neill McKay.

An inventory of property to be sold includes 300 acres of land, 1 horse saddle and bridle, 3 head of cattle, 10 head of hogs, 3 pots, 1 axe, 1 gun, 1 cutter plough, 1 hilling hoe, 1 grubbing hoe, 1 bell, 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of shears, 1 padlock, 1 tobacco box, 3 brushes, 1 pocket book, 1 great coat, 2 body coats, 4 jackets, 2 pairs trousers, 1 handkerchief, 1 pair stockings, 1 flask, 1 set of hatter's tools, 1 doz. plates and 2 chairs.
Cumberland County Estate Records 1758/1930

1804 - The settlement of the estate of Mary Campbell, deceased wife of John Campbell, Esq., deceased, by their son, Angus Campbell. William Matthews will rent plantation the third year for thirty pounds. John McKeithan will hire Negroe Kade for one year for five pounds. John Watson bought one linen wheel. Alexander McKay bought one hoe. Peter Bailey purchased a cow, while Hector Stewart and Angus Phillips purchased fifty bushels each of corn. Thomas Hogg needed the bed and furniture and Philemon Hodges could make good use of three rawhides and three other pieces of leather.

Various other items to be sold were 43 pounds cotton, 2 water pales, a parcel of flax, 2 chests, 2 tables, 5 chairs, a lot of crockery ware, a woman's saddle, 1 loom & furniture, 1 big &1 linen wheel, 6 head of sheep, 2 sows, 10 shoats, 200 bushels corn, 2 axes, 3 cutters, 3 weeding hoes, 2 beds & furniture, 6 barrels, 1 60-gal.cask, 2 pots, 1 dutch oven and 19 geese 3 shillings ea.

The conditions of leasing of the land of John Campbell, deceased, from 10 Jan.1801, require (1) Splitting and putting up 4000 riders in the best manner. (2) Taxes to be paid. (3) Negro, Michael to be hired and clothed with 2 shirts, 1 pair of trousers, 1 coat and jacket and breeches and leggins of woolen, 1 pair of double soled shoes and 1 blanket ... supply victuals. [signed] Joseph Wingate. Cumberland County Estate Records 1758/1930 - NCA

(Section between bars submitted by Steve Edgerton, posted Feb. 08, 2004)
July Term 1804:
Deed: Power of Attorney from Neill McArthur Maysie McArthur Archd McArthur and Jefse McArthur all 
of that part of Great Britain called Scotland to Alexander McArthur at Big Rockfish in this county 
– the Execution of which Power of Attorney was attested under the hand of James Campbell Lord Provost 
of the Burgh of Inverary with the seal of said Burgh annexed and under the hand of Neill McVicar 
Lord Provost of the city of Edinburgh with the seal of said city annexed. Ordered that the same be 
recorded and registered.

Jan Term 1805:
Betsy Weeks daughter of Nancy Weeks born on the 26th day of December 1794 – bound to Mrs Margaret Emmett 
until she attain the age of nineteen years. [18 Jan 1805]

Mark Russel produced to this Court an old deed from John Gray to John Rufsel for 600 acres of land dated 
the 3rd day of January 1741 and it appearing to the satisfaction of this court that the said Registers 
Office of Bladen County Books and Records were consumed by fire about 40 years ago – and the said deed 
being much worn ordered that the said deed by rerecorded and registered in this county.

The Justice and freeholders appointed to allot and layoff to Mrs Margaret Ferguson widow of John Ferguson 
dec'd one years provisions for herself and family out of said estate filed their report
[same page below:]
Account Sales of the Estate of John Ferguson dec'd returned by James Ferguson his administrator.

July Term 1805:
Marriage contract between Jno McLennon – Ann McKay Neil McKay Alex McKay proved by John Dickson

Sarah Black administratrix of the estate of Donald Black represents that the children of her late 
husband are all of age, she prays a division of the Estate and William B. Groom with Duncan McAuslen 
are appointed to divide the same.

Jesse Potts offered a petition to the Court praying that his Negro Slave Harry be Emancipated in 
consideration of his many faithful services and of his former diligence in the detection of fraud, 
dishonesty and which was accordingly admitted; the same ordered to give bond to keep said Harry from 
being a charge of the county.

Sarah Armstrong an orphan born on the 11th day of December one thousand seven hundred ninety-two, 
bound to John Parrot Mills until she attain the age of eighteen years – he to teach her or cause her 
to be taught to read write and cypher to the rule of three –

Jan Term 1806:
Joseph Hays coroner allowed five pounds for summoning a Jury and holding an Inquest on the body of 
John Brady who was found dead near Malletts Mill on the morning of the 22nd Oct 1805 –

Susannah Phillips appointed guardian to her daughter Catharine Phillips she entered into bond in the 
sum of one hundred pounds with Morris Smith and John Bell securities – daughter of John Phillips 
dec'd ... Joel Williams Junr Hector Steward John Smith Philemon Hodges and Joel Williams Senr are 
appointed to Catharine Phillips a minor, daughter of John Phillips dec'd It being represented that 
Stephen Phillips and Alexander Phillips co heirs of Catharine Phillips being resident without the state 
– Ordered that publication be made in the Fayetteville Intelligencer for three weeks – that the said 
Stephen and Alexander appear at the next Term and show cause if any they have wherefore the land 
appertaining to said Catharine should not be laid off.

Dec Term 1806:
Ordered that Angus Kelly esqr have leave to erect a Saw and Grist mill on Buffaloe Creek on his own 
Land near the Shingle ford, without being interupted by the backwaters of any other mill.

March Term 1807:
Archibald Smith esqr returned verdict of inquest held on the body of Patrick Shaw who was drowned 
in Lower little river.

June Term 1807:
Deed: Stephen Senter and Ann his wife [sic; this deed no grantee] proved by Owen Dowd.

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