Cumberland County Civil Action Papers 1759-1844
Abstracts from Cumberland County Court Records at NC Archives by Steve Edgerton Feb. 14, 2004

North Carolina
Cumb County
Whereas Gilbert McCarter late of the county aforesaid did on the evening of the third Instant most 
inhumanely Murder his Wife and has made his Escape privately from Justice –
These [sic] are in his Majesty's Name to authorize and Impower You to Imprefs Man and Horses to Aid 
and Afsist in taking the said McCarty and this shall be your Warrant Given under Our hand this 5th 
day of August 1765.
Robert Mackie
Thomas Burnside

To the Sheriff of Cumberland

State of North Carolina Cumberland County Pursuant to a commifsion to [torn] J[torn] Hay and John Beck Esquires two of the Justices of the Peace of said county aforesaid, Directed [torn] from the Superior Court of Equity for the District of Fayetteville, in a Suit in Said Court now depending wherein John Eccles & others are complainants and Robert Park & others are defendants – Sarah Dyer appeared at the Court House in Fayetteville on Monday the fourteenth day of September 1801 – agreeably to notice hereunto annexed and the service thereof acknowledged by the defendants – Said Sarah Dyer being duly sworn made the following answers to Interoggatories put to her by the Complainant in the above mentioned Cause –– Question– Are you or are you not acquainted with the Lots described in Complainants Bo[torn] Answer– I am well acquainted with them all Question– Were those Lots formerly the Property of James Dyer & Richard Carrol Answer– They were Question– Do you know of there being a [torn] of Lands held jointly between [torn] said James Dyer & Richard Carrol Answer– I know there was a division long b[torn] any Title claimed by William Park the Father of the present Defendant Questn– When that Division was made do you know what part of the said Lots were taken by James Dyer & what part by Richard Carrol Ansr– The part on both sides & adjoining the Creek on the North Side of the Road were held by said James Dyer including the Tanyard & other improvements under that Division & pursuant to said agreement Richard Carrol pofsefsed himself of that part of the Lots on the South side of the Road formerly called old Street and now Bow [or Bone?] Street & lived thereon Questn– Did James Dyer after this Division make any improvements on his part of said Lots Ansr– He did build a House and Kitchen Questn– Was this property pofsefsed by said James Dyer sold by him to any person & to whom Ansr– It was sold to Col. Edmund Fanning by James Dyer Questn– Did you join in the deed of conveyance then made & executed by your Husband the said James to the said Fanning Ansr– I did Questn– Did your Husband to your knowledge ever execute any deed to any other person than to said Fanning for the aforesaid premises Ansr– Not to my knowledge – & [torn] [torn] sure I never joined in executing [torn] other conveyance for said property Questn– Did William Park father of the Defendant Robert, ever claim or any other person under him, any part of the premises so pofsefsed by James Dyer & sold by him [torn] Edmund Fanning Ansr– He never Did – untill later I understood that a suit was brought by the present Defendant as heir of William Park against the Heirs of Robert Cochran Deceased Questn– At the time of this Division of t[torn] Lands or Lots was Carrol satis[torn] [torn] [torn] the portion the [torn] to him allotted – or did he [torn] claim any other part of the property allotted to James Dyer under [torn] said Division Ansr– Carrol was satisfied & I never [torn] of his claiming any part of what was allotted to James Dyer after the Division took place Questn– Do you know from whom James [torn] purchased the property mentioned in the complainants Bill Ansr– From John Newberry Questn– From the time of the Division of James Dyer and Richard Carrol, who [torn] been in pofsefsion of the part o[torn] the premises allotted to said D[torn] until the present day Ansr– James Dyer, Edmund Fanning Robert Cochran, Robert Cochrans Heirs and the present Complainant John Eccles Questn– Do you know at what time the copartnership between James Dyer & Richard Carrol was Difsolved Ansr– As to the exact time I cannot say, but am certain it was at or before the time of the Division of the Lots which took place before I was married & to the best of my remembrance I was married in the year One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Two
Sarah Dyer

Sworn to and signed
[torn] day and at the place
[torn]said in our presence

John Hay J.P.
M[?] Burk J.P.

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