A. Petitioners of 1767 and 1772 About Charter of Campbellton

1767 Petitioners to Gov. Tryon to move the county courthouse and jail from Campbellton to Cross Creek.

* Signed 1776 petition to tighten charter
** Signed later 1772 petition surrendering charter
*** Signed the Association in 1776

BARGE, Lewis * ** ***
BORDEN, Nicholas
BROWNLOW, John * **
COCHRAN, Robert * **
DOBBIN(S), Jno Sr. and Jr.
CLARK, William
COUNCIL, Arthur * ***
FULTON, Robert
FULTON, Thomas (Witnessed a CC deed March-June 1768)
GREER, Robt. ***
HENERY, Duncan
KENNEDY, Jno (Kinney and Kenney, Witness in May-April 1768)
LYON, Richard * ***
MAIRS, or MEARS, James
McKAY, Alex
McKEE (McKAY), Duncan
MILLS, William (Witness a will 1767. Witness deed in CC April 1768)
PRICE, William (Firm of Price, Hest & Head, June 1768)
RANKIN, William
REID, Thomas McDaniel
ROWAN, Robert * ** ***
SHARP, Joseph
WELSH or WALSH, John Sr.
WHITE, Garret (Gerrard)
WILLIAMS, David S. (Witness Feb. 1755)
WRIGHT, Arthur (Witness Oct 1768, 2/298; Witness April 1770)

B. Biographical Information on Signers of 1767 Petition to Move Cumberland Court Business from Campbellton to Cross Creek

(abc=1767 tax list)

1. BARGE, Lewis (D 1809) A "Hatter" in Cross Creek in 1769. abc. Many references. Will 1809. Signed of the Association in 1775.

2. BLANCHFORD, Alice (D 1786) Deed to in 1762 (Fields 1-92) abc as "Else" and four slaves. In 1770 was a "trader" in Cross Creek. In 1778 hands worked on roads to Normal Campbell's ferry. Deed in 1782. In Jan 1786, Matu Walsh and Wm. England were administrators. John Wilcox and Joshua Hadley were sureties. In 1787, still selling estate property including negroes. In 1790 estate still had two town lots. William BLANCHFORD got a license for a tavern on Yadkin Road in 1762 and was renewed 1762,3,4,5. He was also a road overseer. See alpha file.

3. BORDEN, Nicholas. Bill Fields has decided, upon looking at original, that this is an incorrect name, undecipherable. Could it be BURDEN?

4.BOYD, Samuel (d 1772) Tavern license in 1765. abc Candidate for Sheriff in 1765. (Fields 1-175) Will 1772.

5. BROWNLOW, John (d 1774) "Gent" in 1761 in Cross Creek. Associated with PORTERFIELDS as "merchant and tav-keeper." "Merchant" in CC IN 1763-75, abc and one slave. Juryman in 1773. Many references in Fields 1 and in alpha file.

6. COCHRAN, Robert (d 1786) Many entries. ?Quaker cooper who bought out estate of Jno. NESSFIELD and married his widow. NESSFIELD had bought out John NEWBERRY and the original site of Cross Creek. abc with 11 slaves and 5 males.

7. DOBBIN(S), John Jr. (1789) and Sr. (1786). Elder lived in Harnett County part of Cumberland (Fields 1-109). Kept ordinary in home. Renewed in 1758 and 1759. Sr. was a Cross Creek brewer-merchant. Acquired lot in 1763 from John NEWBERRY (Deeds II-201). Was a merchant in Cross Creek 1763-1778 (deed VI-505). ?Was a brewer in 1762 deed. In 1761, a deed from Sr. to Jr. in Cross Creek. Jr. a patroler in May 25, 1765. Jr. a constable in CC in 1772. Swore 1777 Patriot oath. In 1778 was captain of a tax district. Executor of will of Sr. in 1787.

8. CLARK, William. Not in Fields. Not in Wills, or deed index.

9. COUNCIL, Arthur (d 1777). Many entries. HARDY is in abc with 4 slaves and 3 males. Signed Association. In Continental Army. Died in service.

10. FULTON, Robert. Not in Fields, Wills. Witnessed a deed in Cross Creek March 1768 and June 1768.

11. FULTON, Thomas. ditto, abc with 1 slave and 3 males. qw.

12. GREER, Robert. Signed Association. See Thomas.

13. GREET, Thomas (d 1783). Irish immigrant. Came to Cape Fear Valley in 1740s. Sons were Thomas, Robert, and Joseph. Daughter Susannah married first Richard GROVE and then Robert ROWAN. abc 3 slaves and 2 males. Man references in Fields I and will in Sherman Wills.

14. HAILS or HAILES, John. First mentioned in Fields I; grand jury in 1763. Deed from J. NEWBERRY in May 1762. Half-acre lot in Cross Creek. Was a "cordweiner" or cobbler. Constable in 1763. Wife was Flora in 1764. Tavern license for ordinary in house in Cross Creek. Last mentioned in Fields I; suit in 1765. Deed of 1765 mentions house where HAILES lived, and chimney. abc in 1767.

15. HENERY, Duncan (d 1784) Fields I-155. Lease from children of Russell to DC in August 1764. On committee to lay off road from lower end to Campbellton. Signed a bond in 1772. Ordered to leave state in July 1777. In April 1780 was described as "as poor, aged, inform Person, recommend that Assembly exempt from taxes." Executor in 1784 in Fields II.

16. KENNEDY, John. Not in Fields or Sherman Wills. Deed in 1790 in Deed Boo, XI-207. Fields believes this could be KENNY or KINNY. KINNEY was a witness in May 1766 and April 1768. John KINNEY was a juryman in 1774 and KENNEY in a notorious 1773 case in Fields I. A John KENNY was an assessor and a juryman in 1779. These are first and last references in Fields I and II.

17. LYON, Richard (d 1774). Many references. See fiels. abc with 9 slaves & 3 males.

18. MAIRS, or MEARS, James. Deed of 1761 from John Welshe. In Fields I-114. Several others. Tavern license in 1763 in Fields I-132. Marks and Brands recorded in 1764. abc. Andrew Moor licensed to keep tavern where MEARS formerly lived. Many references in both Fields I and II, including many jury duties. Obviously was a taverner.

19. McKAY, Alexander (d 1769). "Planter" in 1762 deed. abc with 1 slave. Tavern license renewed in 1773. Will of 1769.

20. McKEE (McKAY), Duncan (d 1771). Proved a deed in 1761 in Fields I-80. Files administrator account for sales of McKay estate in 1772, in Fields I-203.

21. McNULTY, John. A cooper in 1765. Deed of Joseph Thames to JM in Feb 1764. JM to Thomas Burnside in Feb 1765. Garnishee in a court case in 1765.

22. MILLS, William. Not in Fields. Witnessed a will in 1767 in Sherman Wills, page 13. Witnessed a deed in Cross Creek in April 1768.

23. NEWBURY, (NEWBERRY), John (d 1771). First mention of the "founder" of Cross Creek. Built Newberry Mill in 1754. Many references.

24. PORTERFIELD, Matthew. In 1762 was a "marcant and tavern-keeper" in Cross Creek. In 1763 was a "victualer.{" Still had house in Cross Creek in 1765, in Fields I-184, abc with 2 males. His wife Martha proved a will in April 1774. James begins in 1780 in Fields II.

25. PRICE, William. Not in Fields or Sherman or Deed book. Powell in Tryon Papers cites a footnote from the Colonial Records of a man named Pirce, but not in Cumberland.

26.RANKIN, William. Ditto above

27. REID, Thomas McDaniel.

28. RICHARDSON, Richard (d 1779). A "joiner" in 1764 deed. In Aug 1765, Hardy Williams, a boy of 16 yrs and 8 months is apprenticed as a "joiner." Proved a deed in 1774. James Burgess was granted administration of estate in July 1779.

29. ROWAN, Robert (d 1798). Will of 1799. Many references. Sponsor and signer of the Association.

30. SHARP, Joseph. Not in Fields. Witnessed will in Sherman Wills, of McDowell in 1767. SW-101.

31. STEVENSON, John. A "tailor" in 1762 deed. abc.

32. WATSON, John. "Merchant" in 1762. Many references in Fields I.

33. WELSH, or WALSH, John Sr. (d 1779?). Ran a sawmill with John NEWBERRY by 1760. On grand jury in 1756. Many references thereafter in Fields I. Administrator John, presumably a son or brother; gives up administration of estate in 1779, in Fields II-3. Senior in abc with 3 slaves. Junior with 1 slave.

34. WHITE, Garret, (Gerrard). Tavern license in 1774-1775. Ordered to leave the county in July 1777 for refusing to sign oath of allegiance to Patriot. Fields I-277.

35. WILLIAMS, David S. Not in fields or Sherman or Deeds. Powell cites footnote.

36. WRIGHT, Arthur. Ditto and no Powell. Witnessed a deed with a McKAY (see above) Oct 1768, "on Great Yadkin Road.": Witness Feb 1755 in Deed II-67, Witness April 1777.

C. Early Lot Owners in Campbellton

Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, William
Buchanan, Alexander (or Hector)
Campbell, Farquard
Campbell, John, of Bertie
Colbreath, Angus
Cunningham, Thomas, of New Hanover
Greer, Robert
Greer, Thomas
Hailes, John
McAllister, Alexander
McCulloch, Anexander, of Halifax
NcNeill, Neill
Messer, or Mercer, Peter
Nessfield, Mary
Parvisol, Isaiah
Porterfield, James and Matthew
Powell, Thomas
Russell, Mark
Russell, William
Shaw, Colin
Shepherd, Andrew
Simpson, Penelope
Thompson, Duncan
Waddell, Hugh

This information was originally published in the March 1996 issue of Cumberland County Genealogical Society's Newsletter, Cumberland Chronicles.