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Territory of Florida} Gadsden County}

This Indenture made and Entered into this 26th day June AD 1840 Between:

ARCHIBALD BLACK (b. abt. 1812, Cumberland Co., NC)
JOHN BLACK (b. abt. 1818, Cumberland Co., NC)
MARY BLACK (b. Cumberland Co., NC)
MARGARET BLACK (b. abt. 1820, Cumberland CO., NC, m. BENJAMIN F. BURDEN)
CATHERINE BLACK (Widow of Alexander Black)
HUGH BLACK(b. abt. 1814, Cumberland Co., NC)(Guardian of Catherine and Alexander, minors) CATHERINE BLACK, b. abt. 1823 Cumberland Co. NC, m. HIRAM BARTON and ALEXANDER BLACK minors b. abt. 1826, Cumberland Co., NC) all of the County of Walker and State of Alabama by and through John McDougald there to Secially appointed and Empowered by virtue of a power of Attorney Executed by the said Archibald Black, John Black, Mary Black, Margaret Black, Catherine Black (widow of Alexander Black), Hugh Black(Guardian of Catherine Black, and Alexander Black Minors) written 4th day of Oct. AD 1839 which Instrument is duly Recorded in the office the County Court of Gadsden in Book C Pages 590 and 591 of the first part and Elijah S. Shepard of the County & Territory aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth --- that we the said Archibald Black, John Black, Mary Black, Margaret Black, Catherine Black (Widow of Alexander Black), Hugh Black (Guardian of Catherine Black, and Alexander Black Minors) by or through our agent as afoeresaid for and in consideration of the Sum of Two hundred & ten Dollars .~ to them in hand paid or Secured to be paid at and before ? Sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and Ourselves therewith (Indented) Satisfied and paid have given granted bargained_ & Sold and by these presents do give grant Bargin and Sell unto the Said Elijah S. Sheppard his heirs and afsigns All Our legal Share Interest or Claim Which our Father & Husband had in or Ought to have in the Estate of Archibald Black decd. Formerly of the County Gadsden Territory aforesaid ---- And we the Said party of the first part by and through our agent as aforesaid do hereby Covenant & agree to & with the Said Elijah S. Shepard forever to ?searent and defend the aforesaid Interest Share or Claim unto the Said Elijah S Shepard To him his heirs afsigns not only against those claiming by throughly or under us but against all manner Of persons Whatsoever

In Testimony of all Which we the party of the first part by and through our said attorney John McDougld Have hereunto set our hand and affexed Our Seals The day and year first above written The word Sd Interlined before Signing

A H Alley }
John McDougald (X his mark) (seal)
R.C. Lester Clk GCCt} Agent & Attorney as aforsaid
Recorded June 28th 1841
R C. Lester Clk G. C. C.

State of Florida} Gadsden County } I Isaac R. Harris Clerk of the County Court in for the County & State aforesaid do hereby Certify that the forgoing is a true Copy of Bill of sale as Records in Book C Page 635 Records of Deeds Conveyancaes in aforsaid County In witness whereof I have herein set my hand & affixed the Seal of said Court this 17th day of May AD 1847

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