Mary Smith, (daughter of John Smith and Isabella Campbell,
Paragraph CX)
, married John Elliott. Their children were George,
Mary, Henry, John, Alexander, William, James Smith, Isabella,
and Ann Eliza. George married Mary Smith. They had two children,
John and Mary, only John living to l898. Mary, Henry and John died
unmarried; Alexander, (Lieut.C.S.A.) died of a wound received in
battle. William died unmarried, (buried at Fayettesville by the
Masons). James Smith died of typhoid fever at Davidson College;
Isabella was burned to death accidentally; Ann Eliza is still single.


John C.Smith, (Son of John Smith and Isabella Campbell, Para-
graph CX)
married Elizabeth Campbell first; their children were
James Campbell, Isabella Sarah, Farquhard Rice, Kate and Robert.
James C.married Mary A.Costin; Isabella married Edwin Saunders;
Sarah married ----- Durham; Farquhard Rice married Miss Scales of
Texas. Robert died of a wound received in battle in l864. John C.
Smith afterwards married Eliza Blake, (his second wife). Their
children were Thomas, Claudius Bernard, Carolina, Clifford, Eliza,
and William. Thomas (Methodist Preacher) married Mary Hubbard.
Caroline married Dr.Moore (and died). Eliza (Lida) married Dr.
Moore after the death of Caroline.


Jane Smith, (daughter of John Smith and Isabella Campbell,
Paragraph CX)
married Lalistiad Mallett; Their children were
William and Sophia. William married ------------.


William Smith,(Son of John Smith and Isabella Campbell, Para-
graph CX)
, married Mary Campbell. Their children were Julia, Jane,
Mary Louisa, Walter Jones, James Laurence, Sarah Campbell, Caroline
and Alice. Julia married Isaac Williams of Johnston County, N.C.
Mary Louisa married Dr.Junius Williams. Walter Jones was unmarried
in l897, (Elder Bluff Church); James Laurence married Winifred
Williams; Sarah Campbell married Dr.R.R.Robeson and died in l897;
Caroline married Thomas A.McNeill, Esq. Alice died a child.


Dr.James Smith, (son of John Smith and Isabella campbell,
Paragraph CX)
married Della Matthews. Their only child, James,
Captain on River Steamer. He married Rachel Roberts. Their
children, Lagnel, Della, Nannie B, H.R.T.W.--E.T. Ellen
D, and W.H. Della married A. H. Williams.

- 22 -


John McAllister, (Son of Alexander McAllister and Janet McN.
McLean, Paragraph LXXIV)
, married Florence Pope. Their children
were Alexander Pope, Willis Pope, Hugh McLean, John David, and
Charles Payne. Alexander Pope McAllister graduated at Davidson
College l895.


Annie A. McAllister, (daughter of Alexander McAllister and
Janet McNeill McLean, Paragraph LXXIV
), married Dr.H.A.McSwain.
Their children were John McAllister and David McAllister. John
McAllister McSwain at Davidson College Class of l897, David Mc-
Allister McSwain died in his fifth year.


Davis S. McAllister,(son of Alexander McAllister and Janet
McNeill McLean, Paragraph LXXIV)
, married Virginia Boykin. Their
children were David Smith, Jr., Annie Bell, Mary Janet, Bessie
Napier, John Boykin, and James Alexander. James Alexander died in
infancy. His remains lie in the Drake grave yard near Blenheim
Marlborough County, S.C. He was born October 20th, l889, and died
June 9th, l89l.


Catharine I.McNeill, (daughter of David McNeill and Flora I.
Atkins, Paragraph XVIII)
, married Louis A.Page. Their children
were David Anderson, born l857; Sallie Helen born l86ll Mary Isabel
born l866; Jesse Warden born l868. Alexander McNeill born l87l;
James Sexton born l875 and Lewis Wilson born l880. David Anderson
Page married Edith Eulalia Durham in l883. Their children are Ruby
Lucille, born in l884; Harry Durham born in l888; and Marjorie
Hemans born in ----; Sallie Helen Page married Dr.James H.McDuffie
in l882; Their children are Annie Laurie born l883; Love Alexander
born l885; James Henry born l888; Lewis Robert born l89l; David
Page born l893, and William Archibald born l896, Mary Isabel Page
married Henry Rollin Clark in l888. There children are Helen Page
born l889, died in l890; Robert Page, born l890, Mary Everett,
Catharine born l893, Paul Carr born l895, and Jesse Page born l897;
Jesse Warden Page, son of Louis A and Catharine I Page married
Margaret Vivian Patterson in l892. Their only child Louis Anderson
born l893.


Alexander Duncan McNeill, (Son of David McNeill and Flora
Atkins, Paragraph XVIII)
, married Susan Ann Bell in l865. Their
children were David; Richard, John Alexander, James Bell, Margaret
Isabel, Robert, Catharine, Susan and Alexander. David Richard
married Carrie Parrish in Florida; Margaret Isabel married John

- 23 -

Collier. They have on child, Blanche Isabel Collier.


James Thomas McNeill,(son of J. H. McNeill and Effie McKay,
Paragraph LXXXVII)
married Jennie Rhodes. They have no children
except an adopted one.


Kate McNeill, (daughter of J.H.McNeill and Effie McKay
Paragraph LXXXVII)
, married ------ Rhodes. No children mentioned.


Michael W.King,(son of Henry R.King and Flora E.McNeill,
Paragraph LXXXVIII)
married Margaret Bell; their children and
Flora, James and others.


Edwin Turner McKethan, (son of A.A.McKethan and Loveday Mc-
Allister, Paragraph LVII)
, married Jane Robeson. Their children
were Edwin Robeson, Alfred Augustus, Jr.,John Alexander Robeson,
and Eliza Street.


Alfred Augustus McKethan, Jr. (son of A.A.McKethan and Loveday
McAllister, Paragraph LVII)
, married Kate McLaurin, first. Their
children were Caroline, (who married Thomas Purdie). Augusta, William
McLaurin, and James Robert. Alfred Augustus McKethan, Jr., after-
wards married Celia Utley, (his second wife). Their children were
Joseph Utley and Hector McAllister.


Susan Council, (daughter of John T.Council and Mary J.Mc-
Allister, Paragraph XC)
, married Reverend Robert H.Brown. Their
children were Edith Gertrude,Sue Council, and Isabella McAllister.


Ella Thames Council, (daughter of John T.Council and Mary J.
McAllister, Paragraph XC)
, married James W.Cogdell; Their chil-
dren were Eugenia Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth, James Alexander and
Ella Council.


Addie Worth Council, (daughter of John T. Council and Mary
J. McAllister Paragraph XC)
married John L. Hall, who died, leav-
ing one daughter, Addie Stanley Hall.

- 24 -



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