Isabella McAllister, (daughter of Alexander McAllister and
Jane Colvin, Paragraph LXIII)
married William Smith; their
children were Flora A, William and Jane; Flora A married Haynes
Richardson of S.C. William and Jane died unmarried. William Smith's
wife Isabella died, and he afterwards married Sarah Robeson. Their
only child Margaret Bartram married Alexander B.Smith. There were
three other children who died in childhood.


Mary Jane McAllister, (daughter of Alexander McAllister and
Rachel Smith, Paragraph LXIV)
married James Williams; their children
were Rachel, Eliza, Phereba, Alexander Elliott, James, Martha, Mar-
garet, John C, David, and Mary Jane. Rachel married Dr. John A.
Young. Eliza Phereba married Benjamin F.Taylor, of Miss. Alexander
Elliott died of a wound received at Malvern Hill in l862; James died
of exposure in Camp C.S.A. Marth M. married W.H.Henly, of Miss.
John C. Killed at Franklin, Tenn. Mary J. lives (l870) unmarried.


Alexander McAllister, (son of Alexander McAllister and Rachel
Smith, Paragraph LXIV)
married Janet McN.Mclean first. Their
children were John Alexander, Ann Atkins, and David Smith. John
A. married Florence Pope; Annie A. married Dr. H. A. McSwain; David
Smith married Virginia Boykin. Alexander McAllister afterwards
married Emily McDougald, who was his second wife. The fruit of this
marriage was two children; one was born dead, and the other Emily
Benjamin died at the age of l6 months.


Reverend Hector McAllister,(son of Alexander McAllister and
Rachel Smith,Paragraph LXIV)
, married Rachel A. Womack. Their
children were John Watson, Sarah Margaret, Mary Rachel, and David.
James Watson died in childhood; Sarah Margaret also died in child-
hood; Mary Rachel married Alexander McNeill; David is unmarried.


David McAllister, (son of Alexander McAllister and Rachel
Smith, see Paragraph LXIV)
, died in Philadelphia just after he had
finished his medical course. He was a man of great promise. He
was buried in Philadelphia, where it is said his fellow students
erected a monument to his memory.


Rachel McAllister, (daughter of Alexander McAllister and Rachel
Smith, Paragraph LXIV)
, married Samuel Whitaker. Their children
were Rachel I. and Alexander. Rachel I. married D.M. McCormick;

- l4 -

Alex died in infancy.


Margaret McAllister,(daughter of Alexander McAllister and
Rachel Smith, Paragraph LXIV)
, married James McAllister. Their
children were James Lea and Alexander. James Lea died a child;
Alexander married Julia Boykin. Their children Annie Boykin,
and James Alexander deceased.


Jane Rogers, (daughter of Colonel Benjamin Rogers and Marga-
ret McAllister, Paragraph LXV)
, married Col.Bright Williamson.
their children were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Lowndes, Eugenia,
and Eugene. Benjamin Franklin married Margaret A. McIver; Thomas
married Leonora Wilson first, and afterwards Lavinia J. James;
Eugenia died in childhood; Lowndes and Eugene unmarried.


Elizabeth Rogers, (daughter of Benjamin Rogers and Margaret
McAllister, Paragraph LXV)
, married Julius Poellnitz; their children
were Charles, Julius Edwin, Margaret Elizabeth, and Benjamin Bruno.
Charles born Sept.lst, l807, in Marlboro District,S.C., died Jan.
25th, l89l, in Marengo County, Alabama; Elder in Montpelier Church,
Ala., fifty years. Julius Edwin married Mary Rembert; born l8l0,
died l875; Benjamin Bruno married Elizabeth Sanders first, and
afterwards Mary Mandilla Rogers.


Charles Poellnitz, (son of Julius Poellnitz,paragraph LXXX)
graduated at S.C.College; studied law with Honorable W.C.Preston,
married Miss Mary Peary, of Fairfield County S.C. moved to Marengo
County, Ala., in l835, and was for more than 50 years a ruling
elder in Montpelier Church; Five children, four daughters and one
son surviving him.


Flora Rogers,(daughter of Ben Rogers and Margaret McAllister
Paragraph LXV)
, married Robert Campbell; their children were William,
Margaret, Benjamin, Farquhard, James, Robert, Elizabeth and John.
Margaret Campbell married General ---- Adams. The other children
mostly went to Alabama. Mr.Robert Campbell,Sr., is buried at the
old Bluff Church in Cumberland County, N.C., in the same grave with
Farquhard Campbell, his Father.

- l5 -


Sarah Rogers, (Daughter of Benjamin Rogers and Margaret
McAlloster, Paragraph LXV)
married Needham Smith. Their children
were Charity Jane, Mary Edith, and Needham. Charity Jane died in
infancy. Benjamin, (another child of Needham and Sarah Smith)
married ------ Graham; Margaret died in infancy; Sarah C and Mary
E both married Grahams; Needham moved to Alabama and visited us
in l863, I think. D.S.McA.


Alexander McAllister, (son of Hector McAllister and Margaret
Armstrong, Paragraph LXVII)
married Sarah Geddie. Their children
were John, Margaret Ann, James, Catharine, Hector, Charles, Alex-
ander, and William Benjamin, John married Elizabeth Baker;
Margaret A. died unmarried; James married Margaret McAllister;
Catharine married Daniel McKethan; Hector died unmarried; Co.F.
24 N.C.T.C. S.A. Hector,Charles, and William Benjamin all died
unmarried, all in C.S.A. Alexander died in infancy.


John McAllister, (son of Alexander McAllister and Sarah
Geddie, Paragraph LVII)
, married Phereba Jane Williams. Their
only child Mary Elizabeth, married Henry Pemberton. They had no
children, and Henry Pemberton died.


Ronald McNeill, (son of James McNeill and Catharine McAllister,
Paragraph LXVIII)
, married Grizella Gilmore first; they had no
children. Ronald McNeill afterwards married Sarah Dancer of
Columbus, Georgia. They had one son, James Madison McNeill, who
stands at the head of the bar as a lawyer at Columbus, Ga. He,with
his Mother,moved from North Carolina to the State of Georgia.
Ronald McNeill has been dead many years.


John McNeill, (son of James McNeill and Catharine McAllister,
Paragraph LXVIII)
, married Effie McKay. Their children were Kate
and James. John McNeill died, and his widow, Effie, afterwards
married Malcolm McIntyre. They had no children.


Flora E.McNeill, (daughter of James McNeill and Catharine
McAllister, Paragraph LXVIII)
married Henry R.King. Their children
were James A, Michael William, Henry Rufus, Flora Catharine, and
Isabella. James A. was a Lieutenant C.S.A. promoted on the field
for bravery and killed in battle; Michael W King married Margaret

- l6 -

Bell; Henry Rufus and Flora C. died unmarried; Isabella lives


A. C. McAllister, (Son of Charles McAllister and Elizabeth
Thames, Paragraph LXIX)
, married Adelaide Worth, and settled in
Charlotte, N.C. Their children were Alexander,Worth, James
Shubal, Sarah Thames, Charles Colvin, Mary Della, John Worth, Thomas
Gilmer, and Addie Elise. Alexander Worth married Sarah R.Little;
Sarah Thames married James Edward Carson of Charlotte, N.C.


Mary J. McAllister, (daughter of Charles McAllister and
Elizabeth Thames, Paragraph LXIX)
, married John T.Council. Their
children were Charles Colvin, Alexander McAllister, Susan, Ella,
Thames, Mary, Addie Worth, John Taylor, Ista Lee, Willie Edwin,
Arthur, Calvin,and Ragden Irving; Charles Colvin, Mary and Calvin
died young; Alexander McAllister Council married Annie May Cromartie
December 29th, l897; Susan married Robert H.Brown, (Reverend). Ella
Thames married married James W. Cogdell; Addie Worth married Joshua
L.Hall; John Taylor, Ista Lee, Willie Edwin, Arthur, and Ragden
Irving are unmarried.


Alexander Colvin, (son of John Colvin and Flora McAllister,
Paragraph LXX)
married, --------------------.


William Colvin, (son of John Colvin and Flora McAllister,
Paragraph LXX)
, married Flora Shaw.


Flora A.Smith, (daughter of William Smith and Isabella Mc-
Allister, Paragraph LXXI)
, married Magnus Richardson of S.C. Their
only child William married Annie Foxwood of S.C.


Margaret B.Smith, (daughter of William Smith and Sarah Robeson,
Paragraph LXXI)
married Alexander B.Smith, (her cousin); Their
children were Alexander, Betram, Frank, William Chambers, Farquhard,
Herbert and Josephine. This family moved from the State of N.C. to
the State of Texas, and it is said have since removed to the State
of California.

- l7 -



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