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McLEAN     November 15, 2016
I am looking for information on the family of "Weaver" Neill McLean.  He arrived approximately 1802 and lived 
in Robeson County.  However, he did have family living in Cumberland.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ferra Kelley

McRAE / MacRAE     June 25, 2016
Hello, I saw a very old posting on the internet with your name in regards to the MacRae Cemetery. Do you have any 
information RE relatives or who maintains the cemetery? I have a head stone from there that I would like 
to return to family members if they can be found.  

Many years ago I was 4 wheeling and found the remains of the cemetery. The kids were partying back there 
and the whole place was covered in trash, stones turned over, broken and covered with graffiti. It was such 
a shame, and I figured before long they would all be smashed. There was one stone broken off, but intact; 
it had a small chip and was covered with green spray paint. It seemed likely that it would soon be broken too 
so I decided to take it home for safekeeping. I couldn't take the stones that were still intact because that 
seemed wrong, and the smashed ones were beyond saving, but I just couldn't let that one be destroyed. So I took 
it home and carefully cleaned off the spray paint.
So for over 30 years Catharine Munro's marker has lived in peace in my garden. Last year on the way to Fla, I 
decided to try and find the original cemetery and found it between houses in a development, and all cleaned
up and restored.
Here rest the mortal remains of 
Catharine Munro
Wife of Robert Munro 
and daughter of 
Colin McRae
Born July 6 1808
Died April 29 1841
and by her side her 
Infant child.
Dust returns unto dust and the
Spirit to God who gave it
It would be wonderful to find descedents and finally have the marker returned to it's home. Thank You for any help 
you can give. Regards, Jerrell Sharp

RAY / AUTRY     April 9, 2016
Hello Myrtle, my name is Nancy Ray Smith, I am trying to find any info on Ashford Ray or John Ashford RAY. Not sure what 
name he actually used some say John RAY. He was married to Sarah AUTRY on January 12, 1820 in Cumberland county/NC. We know 
that John Ashford RAY was born before 1820 in NC, and died before 1840. He was my Great Great Great  Grandfather. I have been 
trying to find out who his parents were, and where he lived and his siblings, hope to find some family that might have old 
photos. I have written you before but no response was received or info. Thanks for any info you might have. Look forward to 
your response. Nancy Ray Smith, 910-865-5967

PORTER     March 9, 2016
I am searching for information on my 2nd great grandfather WILLIAM D PORTER who was born in Cumberland County in 1832.
Sincerely, Jacque Albright

Hi Myrtle,
I have recently found out when my dad died that my granny Eason was Gertrude Lenora MCCORQUODALE before she married 
Charles Lewis EASON of Wade, NC. I am new to this and I live in Georgia, and since I found out her real name after 
my Dad's passing, it is my passion to follow my lineage on both McCorquodale and Eason of Cumberland County, NC. 
This is what I have, and any info you can find will be greatly appreciated.

1. Gertrude Lenora McCorquodale, b. April 18, 1895, m. Charles Lewis Eason, June 6, 1915, d. March 3, 1964, buried in 
the Old Bluff cemetery.

2. Her parents: John D. Mccorquodale, b. Jan 22, 1872, married Zilphia Marilla Ann CORE on May 13, 1894 at her parents 
home in Sampson County, NC. I have that document, Zilphia d. Dec. 14, 1922 and is buried at Antioch cemetery. John 
married 2nd Celta Frances Coats GODWIN. I have a document showing that they had 2 sons. John D. McCorquodale, d. March 8, 
1931 or 1939 he too is buried in Antioch Baptist cemetery in Cumberland county.

3. His Parents: Listed on their son's death certificate, Daniel Mccorquodale, b abt. 1815, d., abt. 1880, married (Selia 
Ann BLAYLOCK) or Celia Ann BLALOCK, b. abt 1845, d. abt. 1879. Don't have documents on their births or marriage or deaths. 
I have the parents name for Celia, but Willie says that there are two sets with same names one in Sampson county and one 
in Cumberland county. I need the ones from Cumberland county. 

I hope you can help me figure this out. Any or all information or copies of documents would be greatly appreciated. If I 
owe for any of this let me know. Thanks and God Bless You, Deborah Kay Eason-Stowe

WEST - LAWSON     October 29, 2015
Is anyone currently researching the surname "WEST" in Cumberland County?
My goals are to learn more about:
1. Where Onesiphorus WEST lived immediately before he moved to Cumberland County about 1763 (I believe Shrewsbury, NJ)? Deeds?
2. Where Zilpha West died about 1778 and her burial place (I believe Cumberland County)?
3. Is there a bond and marriage certificate for Onesiphorus WEST's remarriage to Margaret LAWSON about 1779? 
4. Where Onesiphorus WEST died about 1800 (I believe Cumberland County) and his place of burial? Is there a will? Tim West

ODOM / LANIER     August 7, 2015
I am seeking information on my grandmother, Frances Lee ODOM.  She was born on July 20, 1877 in Fayettville, North Carolina.  She 
died on December 9, 1953 in Ocala, Florida, and was buried in Pine Level Cementery, Oxford, Florida. Frances once lived in Georgia; Hernando, 
Florida, and Pedro, Florida. She married James H. LANIER, and they had 8 children... John, Homer, Milton, Alton, Eunice, Hazel, Thelma, and 
Louise.  There is a possibility that she had a sister, her name would have been Lula Odom. I would appreciate any information that you can 
supply. Have a blessed day... Jim Weaver, Dottie and Otis

FITZELL     April 23, 2015
My maternal grandmother was born in Fayetteville NC in 1900, and we have a photograph of the family on their front porch when my 
grandmother looks to be about 1 year old.  I was wondering if I emailed a copy of the photo, if someone would be able to tell where 
the house was, if it's still there, or anything else about it.  My grandmother's name was Estella May FITZELL, born July 31, 1900 
and I think her father's name was William, but I'm not sure.  She had a bunch of siblings who are also in the photo.  I can get more 
information that might be helpful in looking up records, but I'm writing this from work on lunchtime.
Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with someone who may have access to records that might help pinpoint the location of 
my grandmother's first home?

Please email me back at Dolly Lopresti. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

RAY / AUTRY     February 28, 2015
I know John RAY was born before 1820 in North Carolina and died before 1840. John RAY and Sarah AUTRY were married January 12, 1820. 
I am thinking he possibly went by Ashford RAY not sure. I am thinking he was affiliated with the Longstreet Presbyterian Church. 
This is all I have on him. I do know the kids: Catharine RAY born Abt. 1825 NC, Nancy RAY born Abt. 1830 NC, Giles Ashford RAY born 
bet. 1834-1836 Cumberland Cty, NC, James Mitchell RAY, born nov 15, 1838 NC, Mary RAY born Abt. 1839 NC, Sarah RAY born. Abt. 1841, 
NC. Thank you so much for any help that you can offer. Nancy Ray Smith 910-865-5967 or 910-258-3434

PRICKETT - PICKETT     February 3, 2015
I haven't written many of you lately, primarily because I haven't uncovered much in the last few months.  I believe I 
did sent a note a week ago or so to some of you to let you know of the discovery of the grave of Anny Jane Prickett, oldest 
child of Jonathan and Catherine Prickett). I assumed they died during the flu epidemic.  It appears they survived and moved 
to Florida where they died many years later.  Also one of their sons, long assumed dead, also survived and lived many years.

Now for the mystery that been puzzling me for a long time.  On the Fayetteville census of 1880, Jonathan J. Pickett (now spelled 
without the "r") is now 70 years old and is described as a "Farmer".  He is living with his wife, Catherine, now 64 and "keeping 
house".  Also in the house is youngest daughter Susan, now 27 and described as "at home".  AND a granddaughter, Sarah M. aged 5, 
also "at home".    We know that Susan never married.  Whose child is Sarah?? Is she an illegitimate daughter of Susan??  Sarah's 
name only appears this one time.  By the time the 1900 census comes around, both Jonathan and Catherine have died and Susan is 
living single at home.  What happened to Sarah, the granddaughter???  Any sleuths out there??  Sid Pickett

BRANCH     December 28, 2014
Researching Edward King BRANCH, born in Cumberland County in 1812. John Gould

REID / MACIVER / MURCHISON     October 22, 2014
We are searching for  Thomas McDonald REID, a medical doctor (of physic) in Cross Creek, beginning in 1763.  He 
and his wife, Isabella McKay (d. of Archibald and Ann Gilchrist), had two sons, Archibald and David Reid.  Our 
descendents come from David Reid who m. Mary Ramsey. Others involved in our family are MacIVER, MURCHISON, etal.

We last find Thomas McDonald Reid in New York, having purchased Deer Island in New Brunswick, after Reid's being a 
Tory and leading a militia during the Rev. War.  I have a lot of information, but cannot seem to locate anything 
about his coming from Scotland. Could you please contact me, if you can help me in locating any of these folks.  
Thank you. Sarah Reid Scanlon

GALBREATH / CARMICHAEL / GILLIS     October 22, 2014
Hello Myrtle, I have about decided to hire a professional genealogist to research our Neill GALBREATH. I need 
information from point of departure, either Glasgow or Greenock, to point of entry..probably Wilmington, and any 
land/burial information in NC.  He married Catherine CARMICHAEL in Scotland 1760, then sailed to America. I have 
sent you her will but I have nothing on Neill. His death was around 1800/05, her death was 2-15-1814 in Cumberland 
Co., NC. Neill, Jr., b. 1770, married Margaret GILLIS and moved to Mississippi. Any recommendations as to whom I 
should hire would be appreciated. Robert Abney

SMITH     October 22, 2014
In 2011 Dixie Smith posted to this page that she had information regarding Malcolm SMITH b. 1718. I am researching 
this family am a direct descendent.  I have tried to email her but my emails have been undeliverable.  If Dixie Smith 
sees this post or if anyone else has information on the descendants of Malcolm or Malcolm Cameron SMITH please respond 
to Gary Smith

DUFORE     October 22, 2014
I would like to have the names of the parents of Laura Mae DUFORE who died 23 Aug 2007 in Fayetteville. I would order 
a copy of the death record from the county, but it is for genealogical records and I don't see a provision for that on 
their request form.  Thank you. Diane Hosler 1193 Alger Grand Rapids MI 49507

COOK / STEWART / INNIS     February 3, 2014
I'm trying to nail down my great-grand grandfather Robert COOK's father. Robert was born 1 March 1829, married Catherine Jane INNIS 
in 1859 in New Hanover County, was conscripted into Confederate service in 1863, and died 28 June, 1910 in Cumberland County. Even 
though the death certificates were supposed to be kept starting 1910, I can't find one for him. 

Robert COOK's mother, Mary COOK, was born ca. 1799 and died 1882 and is buried in Old Bluff Presbyterian Church cemetery. She was 
widowed by 1840 for she appears as the head of the household in the 1840 census in Sampson County. The family is still there in 1850 
and 1860, but in the early 1860s, Robert and Catherine COOK apparently moved to Cumberland County (Flea Hill) where Catherine is 
recorded as joining Salem Methodist Church, as did his mother and sister. Mary raised her Holland grandchildren as we see from the 
1870 and 1880 census.

One hand-written note my father had was that Mary COOK's maiden name was STEWART, but it had a question mark beside it. I hate 
relying on online trees because they tend to be undocumented. One online tree has a Mary Stewart marrying a Robert COOK at Old 
Bluff Presbyterian in 1828, the year before my gggrandfather Robert Cook was born. The problem is Mary and her husband had a child 
born in 1827 or 1828, daughter Mary, according to the 1850 census. The person also lists Mary Stewart being born in 1797 from a 
baptismal record at Old Bluff Church, which is a little earlier than my Mary Cook's tombstone inscription and what she told census

Another online tree says that Mary Last Name Unknown married Archibald Cook of Sampson County, no date given. Both this tree and 
the Mary Stewart Cook tree list the children whose names are known from the 1850 Sampson County census. 

So I was looking for marriage and/or death records from Old Bluff to either rule in or rule out any Cook marriages circa 1825 and/or 
a male death record for a Cook sometime between 1837 (their youngest child was born that year) -1840. As I said, by 1840, Mary was 
head of the household. The fact that she chose to be buried at Old Bluff suggests that's where her husband was buried, but there's 
no record on Find-a-Grave to confirm this. 

Any hints you have on knocking down this long-standing brick wall will be very happily received! Mary Reilly Reagan 

STEVENS     January 20, 2014
I am trying to get a copy of the will abstract of Abraham STEVENS whose will was filed and probated 
in Cumberland County, NC in 1822. Can you help? Thank you, Buzz Stevens

Hi Myrtle – I bought some surplus Anson and Richmond County wills from you a few years back … As you may suspect by my 
name I have family history in both.  I've been alerted to references of this "Scottish Society of America" from 1915 or 
so that was based in Fayetteville.  Have you ever heard of any reference to this group present or past?  Is there a better 
person for me to approach?... Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards, Walter Leake Parsons Little   415-515-2129 cel

THAGARD     July 31, 2013
I read the article on Cumberland Co Genealogy Society about Loyalist. My George THAGARD was from Denmark 
and "legend has it", he fought For the British.  NC descendants often say he was hired to fight, while Some other 
descendants in other states legend, says he was in arriving In Wilmington NC and taken by the British to fight.

The legend continues, that he fell ill and was left in NC. His family was In Cumberland and Bladen Countys early on.
I have located two THAGARD cousins out of state who are planning a vist to NC in October. If you have suggestions 
on sites they might Enjoy, please let me know. Do you have any suggestions on trying to find info on this man?  I 
seem To strike out with the many things I've tried. I wonder if you know of anyone getting info from the England? 
Thank you, Mary McLaughlin

DAVIS     May 31, 2013
I have been doing research on my family and was told that my great grandparents John Bunyan DAVIS
and Ellen DAVIS were both buried at Adcock Cemetery in unmarked graves.  I was wondering if there were church
records from the early 1900's available. My father showed me where the graves were located but the wooden 
markers have disintegrated so they are no longer readable. Thank you Sincerely, Carole Davis

BONDS / HART / DAVIS     May 19, 2013
I am trying to assist my wife, Susan Hart BONDS, in locating her ancestors.  She was raised in Fayetteville.  
Her father retired from the Police Department.  His name was James Harrison HART.  His father was Archie James Hart 
who lived his days on HWY 87.  I am trying to find if Archie's father John Monroe HART, born 1860 in South Carolina.  
His wife was Mary Jane DAVIS born in Robeson County about 1868.  John was listed on the 1900 census for Cumberland County.  
If you have time to search for his name, it would be a big help.  I have tried searching the cemeteries and Find a Grave 
on line with no results. Thanks, Cliff Bonds

HAILLS     May 12, 2013
Is anyone doing research on HAILLS, or some variation of that spelling? If so, please contact me. 
I'm seeking a John R. HAILLS whose son John Lyde Haills was born "in the Carolinas" in 1823. The family 
migrated to Warren County (Vicksburg, MS), probably in the 1830's, where John R. Haills died circa 1840. 
The "connection" to Cumberland County is tenuous at best: I ran across a marriage between Thomas HAILLS 
and Sarah Carter on 28th April 1811. Given the middle name of John R. Haills' son,  "LYDE," it's possible there 
is a tie-in with a family by that name. Does any of this dovetail with records in Cumberland County? 
Thanks Harvey McIntyre

GREER     January 23, 2013
Trying to find any information on the family of Thomas GREER, b. 1810, d. 1783 in Cumberland Co., NC.   
Would appreciate any information on the family or suggestions, especially immigration from Ireland.
Peggy Greer

McCRANIE    September 25, 2012
My name is John Pecoraro, I am a descendent of Archibald->Murdock->Daniel->Daniel->William->Martin Shaw->
Timothy Wright->Mavis Udine McCRANIE. Mavis Udine McCranie was my mother. Our line beginning with Daniel migrated 
from North Carolina to Georgia in early 1800's.

I know Murdock and Hugh came over on "The Thistle" in 1739 and settled near Lillington on the Cape Fear River, 
and their father Archibald, wife Ann, son Neill, daughter Mary may od migrated to the same area around 1754. I 
am interested in my early family (North Carolina) ancestors, and am seeking any information that you may know 
concerning them. I know Murdock had a son Daniel (my ggggrandfather) and a son John H. McCRANIE, but that's all 
I know. I know nothing of Murdock's siblings other than their names. I would appreciate any information or direction.
Regards, John Pecoraro

BELL    September 25, 2012
I am looking for information on my grandfather Thomas Devereaux BELL.  According to the 1900 census he was 
born in 1860-61 in North Carolina.  In the 1900 census he was in Bonita, Louisiana. Researching on Ancestry I find 
only one Thomas Devereaux BELL and that is in a family tree without citations. That said I can find citations for a 
Thomas D BELL the son of James and Elizabeth BELL born in 1860 in Cumberland County. I would appreciate any information 
available. Thanks. Susanne Bell Canale

Was there a school or institution in Cumberland County in the 1800s where deaf children were sent?  And where 
might there be records of such a place?  I am trying to track deaf members of the MCCORQUODALE and STRICKLAND 
families who were both deaf, inter-married, and had deaf children.  In the 1890 special census for the deaf 
they mention being 'institutionalized'. Dean Wolbach

LEWIS / CLARK / BURKETT    August 8, 2012
I live in California and have been researching my great grandparents on and off for about fifteen years now and just 
had a very nice breakthrough.  I have just found the death certificate for my great grandmother, Charlotte May (LEWIS) 
CLARK, and it confirms what I had suspected in that she died in Richmond, VA (on Aug. 14, 1922) but was buried (if I 
can read the certificate) on Aug. 15, 1922 in Fayetteville, NC (she was born on May 20, 1875 in Charlotte, NC and was 
married to my great grandfather, William Edward CLARK, in Cumberland Co. on Aug. 24, 1893) (William Edward CLARK was 
born in Wilson, NC on Jan. 25, 1866).

I am writing to ask if it is possible to get your help in finding which cemetery she was buried in.  I don't know if 
this is any help but her parents, Thomas Franklin LEWIS & Annie E. BURKETT, according to the 1900 NC Census, were living 
in Goldsboro Township, Wayne Co., NC.  Since Charlotte was brought from Virginia to be buried in North Carolina, I'm 
wondering if she wanted to be buried near her parents in a family plot.  I suppose it could be that the family moved to 
Fayetteville sometime after 1900 or that the death certificate is wrong and that they are all buried in Goldsboro.

In any case, any help that you or your group might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you so much. Jeffrey Clark

TEDDERS / TUDORS    July 27, 2012
Interested in early TEDDERS/TUDORS in Cumberland County.  I know Thomas and Jessee were there in 1780.  
Interested if they were there earlier. Woody Tedder

REV JOHN C. SINCLAIR    July 16, 2012
My name is Julia Ross from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am currently working on a research project on the 
Alberton Presbyterian Church, and in our records the first permanent reverend in Alberton was John C. SINCLAIR. 
We have his biography but not a photo of him. In our records we have that after leaving the Alberton Church, 
he began to preach at Galatia and Longstreet Presbyterian Churches in North Carolina. 

I was wondering if you have any photos from your research or know anyone who would have a photo.  
Thanks! Julia Ross Alberton Historical Foundation  Alberton, PEI Canada

JONES / TEW / SAVAGE    July 15, 2012
I have run into a dead end in my family research of the JONES and TEW families in the Sampson, Duplin, Cumberland 
and Harnett counties area. I hoping this will reach someone that has knowledge of these families or someone that 
is aware of someone familiar with these families.

The JONES Line starting with me.                   
Ron JONES 1943 – b in Roanoke Rapids           
Chester A JONES 1921–1994 b and d in Roanoke Rapids
William David JONES, Jr 1896–1960 b Roseneath, Halifax County and d Roanoke Rapids
William David JONES, Sn 1864–1916 b Speed Edgecombe County and d Roseneath, Halifax County
David D JONES 1841–1871 born believed to be Harnett County and died Speed, Halifax County. 
Daniel JONES abt 1812–abt 1863 b Duplin County d (MIA in battle in VA) Married Rebecca Tew 9/25/1838 in Cumberland County.
Elisha JONES may have been Daniels father

The TEW Line starting with Rebecca TEW: 
Rebecca TEW 1818–aft 1860 b Sampson County d ???
Marmaduke TEW, Jr abt 1775–1848 b and d Sampson Co.. Evidence indicates he was a junior and son of Marmaduke Tew Son of Sampson Co.
David D JONES was a Confederate soldier stationed in the Greenville-Tarboro area during the Civil War. He married a woman named 
Cindarilla SAVAGE from the Speed area in 1863 and returned to live near her family after the war. I am his 2nd great-grandson and 
have additional information from his family Bible and County records to tie him to the 2nd Co B Art and 51st Inf. He served in these 
units with his brothers Thomas and Irvin and his father Daniel. Irvin and Thomas returned to the Benson-Dunn area to live after the war. 

If anyone can provide assistance in this research please email Ron Jones or call 252-756-6834.

GRAHAM / BURGESS / SCULL    July 11, 2012
I am looking for the possible first wife of Arthur GRAHAM (1762-1805) who second married Mourning BURGESS (1764-aft 1860) 
about 1790-91. After Arthur's death, Mourning married Alexander (Sander) SCULL (1750-1818) but was receiving a pension from 
Arthur's Revolutionary war service.  I believe Arthur came to Rutherford (now Cleveland Co) and is now buried in the Archibald 
Graham Cemetery in Patterson Springs. Susan P. Graben

Who was Daniel Monroe TURNER that married Flora MCFADYEN on 29 March 1826?  She was daughter of Archibald MCFADYEN.  
In 1825 he was working in the Low Country making $20 per month for Mr. MCDUFFIE. He may have gone back there as in 1840 
she wrote scolding him for sending her a bunch of newspapers when she needed money, as creditors were knocking on the door.     
In 1843 in Cumberland County, they sold the land that Flora had inherited from her father, and by 1850 they were in Lowndes 
County, Alabama.  Their children were Mary Jane, John Edward, Effie Monroe, William M, Flora Ann and Catherine Elizabeth.  
Can any of these be family names?  There does not seem to be any connection with other TURNERS I've found in Cumberland County.
Charlotte Epps

LOCKAMY / COLE    May 2, 2012
I am also looking for info on Joseph LOCKAMY b.1810 in Cumberland Co.  He was married twice.  His first wife may 
have been Belle(?) and second wife Tempy COLE.  He and Tempy had two children, Dianna and Archibald LOCKAMY who 
was my great-grandfather.   Thanks. Linda Lockamy

MCLAUGHLIN / NORRIS    April 26, 2012
I am looking for any information on either the MCLAUGHLIN or NORRIS families. They would be related to James NORRIS born 1792 
and Keziah MCLAUGHLIN born about 1796 in Cumberland County, NC.  We are descendants of their son Hugh. Thank You, Carol Dyl

My name is Lillian Terry MacMillan and I have been researching data related to Fayetteville, NC, the birthplace 
of my father, Daniel Gaston MacMillan.  Thank you for the information you have compiled for the internet.  The photos 
you present are most interesting.  I believe #31 is an image of my great aunt Helen SLOCOMB PERLEY, daughter of Albert 
Haven SLOCOMB and Lillian Estelle TAYLOR of Fayetteville.  I should like to be certain, therefore I shall have her 
grandchildren take a look.  There are two other images that seem familiar and I shall study them a bit more and check 
with family members.
I am looking for history on my grandfather, Benjamin McMILLAN, whose first marriage was to my grandmother, Mary Hinsdale   
SLOCOMB. We MacMillans (sometimes spelled McMillan) know very little about him and his lineage, as we never knew him.
If I have any information that would interest you, I should be happy to share it with you. Lillian Terry MacMillan

BAIN / VAUGHN    February 9, 2012
I need information on BAIN/VAUGHN in Cumberland, Bladen, Northern District, Rockfish, Hopemills anything. Rosa Belle BAIN VAUGHN, 
Peter BAIN, Tysha or Martha E. Thanks,  Tina Vaughn Payne

BAIN / VAUGHN    January 19, 2012
My name is Tina Vaughn Payne and I have a lot of ancestors from Cumberland County. I have found several in the Gee Family Cemetery and 
my Great Great Great Grandmother at Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church. Her name is Rosa Belle BAIN wife of Stephen Walton VAUGHN. Rosa 
and her mother Martha E. and sister Tysha lived in the Seventy First District in 1880. I found information that her father Peter BAIN 
dob abt 1814 lived in Capt. Culbreaths District. That is all the information I can find on this family. Can you give me any information 
on any of this. What is Capt. Culbreaths District? I can't find anything after the census report from June of 1880 and Peter the father 
was not listed on this census at all. Thanks so much Tina V Payne or Tina, Fayetteville, NC 28303 

BRADFORD / KNOTT    December 27, 2011
Looking for POB for Thomas Eli BRADFORD, b: 1913,d: 15 Feb 1993, Fayetteville. Married Annie Lee KNOTT. He was a former 
Fayetteville business man and Cumberland County commissioner. His wife, Annie, was cousin of my Mother in Law. I have 
compiled much info on him but am unable to identify his place of birth. Mike Schneider, Fayetteville, NC 28303

GRIFFIN / McCORQUODALE    December 11, 2011
I need information on Bryant GRIFFIN, who married Mary McCORQUODALE 7 June 1821 in Cumberland County.  Need to know 
his parents, DOD, and when married. Also need information on Dempsey Charles GRIFFIN, who also married Mary McCORQUODALE 
before 1826.  I think Dempsey and Bryant may be brothers. Your help is appreciated. Patty Ramirez

MANNING / JOHNSON    November 26, 2011
I am trying, with no luck so far, to find information on these two families. My great-grandparents were William L. MANNING 
and Lillian JOHNSON. 
William L. MANNING was born 16 Sep 1859 in Cedar Creek, North Carolina. His parents were Emma POOLE of Sumter, SC and William MANNING 
of NC. She was from Wilmington, North Carolina. She was born 27 May  1865. Her father's name was Thos JOHNSON as recorded on her death 

They were married June 8, 1887 at 1st Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC. They had eight children born in NC:

Annie V. b. May 1888 m. a Jackson
Leeroy (LeRoy) G. b. Oct 4, 1889 m. Florence Mitchell Kelley
William L. b. July 4, 1892 (my grandfather) m. Phoebe Rebecca Roberts, Mollie Lictman 
Lillian B. b. Oct. 1893 m. Charles Fulweiler, John Weist
Hazel V. b. March 1895 never married
Hallie (Hallie) b. Sept. 1897 m. Peterson, Waldo Stone 
Ernestine b. Oct. 1902 m. Lalor
Cecil Kathleen b. Sep 1906 m. Alan Savage
Sometime between 1906 and 1910 they came to CA. I have the 1900 Census for NC and found them living in Guiford Co., Highpoint Township. 
In 1910, they are in San Francisco, CA.

Any suggestions would be so very welcomed and appreciated. Thank you, Jennifer(Manning)Lacey

BAKER    November 15, 2011
Is there anyway to determine the location of what appears to be 200 acres, owned by Archibald BAKER listed in the 
1804 Tax List of Cumberland County?  Also, we are trying to determine the location of his burial/grave. Thanks for any 
help you may be able to offer.Judy Baker

GRIFFIN / McCORQUODALE    November 11, 2011
Bryant GRIFFIN married Mary McCORQUODALE 7/21/1821 in Cumberland County.  After his death, Dempsey Charles GRIFFIN 
married Mary McCorquodale and they moved to Georgia.  I  believe Bryant and Dempsey GRIFFIN are brothers.  I would like 
as much information as possible on the parents and family as you might have.  I believe the father may be Hardy GRIFFIN, 
as Dempsey GRIFFIN posted bail using Hardy Griffin's property as collateral, then skipped out on the bail.
Thank you for your help. Patricia S. Ramirez

I research the McNEILLs of the Argyll Colony through original records. A Cumberland County deed dated 1803, wherein 
James McNEILL sold to John McKAY land about nine miles above Rockfish Creek on the east side of Cape Fear River, excluded 
a half-acre cemetery that was very likely a McNEILL cemetery. This land was one-half of a 1740 grant to one of the colonists, 
Hector McNEILL on Carver's Creek (not Bluff Hector) and was sold by his son-in-law, James McNEILL. This Hector may have been 
buried in the cemetery in the 1770's. If anyone knows of this cemetery, or knows a surveyor who has stumbled upon it, please 
contact me. Thank you! Steve Edgerton

BURKE    October 13, 2011
Mary BURKE - Bastardy bond of 1803.  Do you have any further information on this Mary in any of your sources.  
I can't seem to find any other BURKE records in Cumberland.  Could she possible be from Chatham? Thank you. Mickey

WEST / HATCHER    August 17, 2011
I am looking for information on John WEST b. about 1850, Cumberland County m. Lilllious V. HATCHER b abt 1868. They had a son named 
Walter WEST b. 1903 m. Moodie Beulah HATCHER b abt 1900.  Not sure if Moodie is a nickname or part of her real name. I did not find any 
children born to them either. Could you help me in finding the correct John West, there are quite a few of them in Cumberland Co, I am 
trying to find out if the West are related to my Silas and Benjamin West who were brothers and lived in Sampson County, NC.  I did find 
Howell Hatcher and Mary A Evans??, Lillious Hatcher's parents and family.  Thanks very much.  Alice West-Ferguson

SMITH    July 21, 2011
Based upon ages and places of residence in Scotland and North Carolina, I have inferred that Ezekiel SMITH (b. ca 1717 in Scotland) 
is the son of John SMITH (b. ca 1700 in Scotland), the immigrant who settled on the bank of the Cape Fear River.  Can anyone confirm the father/son 
relationship?  Dixie R. Smith

SMITH    July 20, 2011
I am trying to contact Ann Rossini re: her Aug. 23, 1997 query regarding Malcom SMITH, b. 1718 in Scotland, d. 1778 in 
Cumberland County, NC.  I have information to provide, but my e-mails are rejected. Dixie R. Smith
Looking for any information on the family of Malcolm SMITH. He was born in Scotland in 1718 and died in 1778 in Cumberland County,
North Carolina. He married Sarah (Peterson) McKISSIC in 1745 in Cumberland County. They had at least one son, Archibald SMITH,
who was born August 18, 1756 in Cumberland County. Archibald married Catherine BROWN who was born Feb. 20, 1753 in Cumberland
County. Malcolm SMITH was one of the earliest elders of the Long-Street Presbyterian Church. He also helped organize the Old
Bluff Presbyterian Church in 1758. Contact: Ann Rossini Posted: August 23, 1997

BUTLER    March 30, 2011
I am looking for information on WILLIAM HAYWOOD BUTLER born in Cumberland county Jan 03 1853 and died April 22 1939 in Rockfish, 
Cumberland county.  He married Mary Jane Solman (also spelled Salmon, Sammands, Solomon) in 1875.  He was a framer until about 1900 
and then opened a rural grocery near Hope Mills in Cumberland county.  He is my great  great grandfather and I can find no further 
information on him regarding parents, siblings or location of his store.  Please contact Mary Beth with ANY information. Thank you. 

ELLIS / MIMS / BOON / McARN    March 16, 2011
Does anyone have information about John ELLIS?  He owned ELLIS Mill and had substantial property holding south of Fayetteville 
dating back to the 1790's.  In the 1840's he was declared "lunatic" by the court and his property was ordered sold to pay for his 
expenses. Samuel MIMS became his guardian.  A large section of his land was sold to Sampson BOON, Justice of the Peace.  Other 
property was sold to John McARN. Thanks Sid Pickett

Does anyone have any information about a FRIENDSHIP PRSBYTERIAN CHURCH? It would have been located south of Fayetteville, 
near Winslow Street and the ACL railroad property. Thanks. Sid Pickett

I am looking for information on WILLIAM HAYWOOD BUTLER born in Cumberland county Jan 03 1853 and died April 22 1939 in Rockfish, 
Cumberland county.  He married Mary Jane Solman (also spelled Salmon, Sammands, Solomon) in 1875.  He was a framer until about 1900 
and then opened a rural grocery near Hope Mills in Cumberland county.  He is my great great grandfather and I can find no further 
information on him regarding parents, siblings or location of his store. Please contact with ANY information.  Thank you. Mary Beth

BOLTON / BUTLER    March 14, 2011
Catherine BOLTON was born ca 1887 and married William Carson BUTLER who was born and raised in Cumberland County. He died before 
their second child was born in 1909. She lived with her in laws for a while and then left the two kids with her father in law and 
sister-in-law in Cumberland. She moved to the "city" and supposedly lived until 100 yrs old.  I don't know her exact birth or death 
dates and am looking for her ancestors to fill in a huge gap in my family tree. Any information is greatly appreciated. Mary Beth

BAXTER / HAWKINS / ACREE    March 03, 2011
Who was the John BAXTER  who had a lot in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC in 1815 and earlier?  Who was his wife and children.  
When did he die?  

Looking in  Cumberland County based on this reference, William HAWKINS married Helen A BAXTER on 5 May 1831 in Cumberland Co.  Some 
say she and her brother, Plummer BAXTER were the children of John BAXTER and Martha ACREE.  Helen Baxter HAWKINS died in May 1840 
in Morgan Co, AL.  She and William HAWKINS had four sons, who were left orphans by/before 1850.  The sons were Benjamin William 
HAWKINS (1832),  Orlando HAWKIN (b 1834), Jeremiah (b 1836)  HAWKINS all born in North Carolina, youngest son, James McDaniel HAWKINS 
was born in 1840 in Morgan Co, AL. Virginia H. Regan

DAWSON / MCKETHAN    March 03, 2011
I am seeking information on my grandmother Eva R. DAWSON family.  She was born around 1912, her Mother's Name was Elise McKETHAN 
and Father W.M. DAWSON   I am also looking for any information on my Great, Great Great  Grandparents  Virgil McKETHAN who was born 
around 1840?.  His Wife was Susan (Beddie) McKETHAN. I believe they were living in Flea Hills Township, Cumberland County, N. C around 
1880.  Any information would be most helpful. Yolanda Banner Hartsfield

AVERA    February 21, 2011
Myrtle, I am working on the AVERA family of Johnston and Cumberland Counties.  Some researchers believe that Thomas AVERA listed on 
this 1804 Tax List in Capt. McAlesters District is the son of Thomas AVERA, Jr., of Johnston County (I call this one Thomas III).  My 
suspicion is this is not the case.  I believe he is probably an unidentified son of Alexander AVERA [died 1808], founder of Averasboro.  
Can you tell me the additional information for this Thomas AVERA?  Did he pay a white poll tax?  If so, then he is definitely not the same 
man as Thomas III.  Thank you for posting this information.  It has been a lot of help to me. Teresa Evans

KENNEDY / KING    February 06, 2011
Does anyone have information on  the parents of James KENNEDY and his wife Nancy KING? They were married in Cumberland 
County 23 Dec. 1818 and are both buried at Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville. Thanks, Melanie Kennedy

PATTERSON / McNEILL / ROGERS    September 20, 2010
Looking for information on James Britton PATTERSON born 1855 Harnett or Cumberland County area, died 1930 Vass, 
Moore County. He was married to Isabella C. McNEILL and then to  Louise Frances ROGERS. Louise/Lonie was born 1860 in 
Harnett or Cumberland County and died in Moore County 1939. James had 2 children by his first wife, John Mack PATTERSON 
and Martha/Maggie Jane Patterson, who married Ambrose Glover Brown. James  Britton and Lonie had seven children, Loula, 
Margaret, Minnie Frances, Eugene, Ernest, Dewey and Lillian Patterson. Any information would be appreciated. 
Contact Betty Barnes 

PATTERSON    June 27, 2010
Searching for any information on "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON who, according to Adm. Alex M. PATTERSON in 
his "Highland Scots Pattersons of North Carolina and Related Families", lived just inside Richmond County 
from Cumberland County. I want to know the names of "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON's wife and children and any 
other pertinent info on him. Thank you! Steve Edgerton 

PICKETT - MIMS CEMETERY    June 21, 2010
Do you have any information about the Mims Cemetery in Fayetteville. I visited the site last week 
and found the gravesite of my great-great uncle, Winfield Pickett, who died in 1864 while serving 
as a private in the home troops of the CSA.  From the listing on the website, there is only one older 
grave in the cemetery, a Lillie Cook Caulder, who died in 1821.  The next graves recorded are in the 
late 1910's.

I think that the land in 1864 may have belonged to my great great grandfather Jonathan J. Prickett, 
although he recorded the purchase of the land in the names of the children, including Winfield.  Next to 
Winfield's grave is a series of unmarked field stones.  I'm beginning to believe that these stones may be 
the rest of my family. Any information you may have is appreciated.  Sid Pickett Greensboro, North Carolina.

BALKCUM    April 18, 2010
My name is Teresa Blackmon from Lancaster, S. C.  I have been very interested in the family history of myself 
and of my husband for years.  I am constantly on and other sites for new finds.  Tonight, one of my 
finds was the location of the gravesite for my husband's greatgrandmother.  Her name is Mary J. BALKCUM.  I also 
have a copy of her death certificate which gives the cemetary as Holt Morgan. I looked up the cemetary listings 
and found Mary's name there.  Do you know of anyone who is willing to take a picture of Mary's tombstone and send 
it to me online? I would be very appreciative.  Please email me if you have the time.  Thanks, Teresa

GRAHAM / BENNETT    April 16, 2010
Dear Myrtle,
    My daughter and I just returned from the Scottish Heritage weekend at St. Andrews College in Laurinburg, NC. 
We were hoping to find out any information about our ancestor, Calvin GRAHAM's parents. We seem to have hit a 
"dead end". Could you help us in any way? Retrieved your name off of the Graham Plantation Cemetery site online.
    My grandmother was Mittie Gertrude GRAHAM BENNETT from Fayetteville, NC. Her father was James Hall GRAHAM, and 
her grandfather was Calvin GRAHAM, who was a son of George GRAHAM. Any help would greatly be appreciated.                                                 With warmest regards, Michele Stearns 
 With warmest regards, Michele Stearns

BEAN    April 16, 2010
The death certificate dated 27 Feb 1915 of my ancestor, John M. BEAN (J. M. BEAN), says he was buried in 
Butler Cemetery, Flea Hill Township, Cumberland County, N.C.  His wife, Narcissa Jane BEAN, had preceded him in 
death by just 5 days, having died 22 Feb 1915.

I see a couple of Butler Cemeteries on the cemeteries page but neither one is in Flea Hill Township from what I 
can tell and neither one has a John BEAN listed as having been buried there. Do you know where this cemetery may 
be? Thanks for your help, Patricia Gregg

WOODARD / JOHNSON    February 25, 2010
I am searching for information on Mary Arletha WOODARD whose father's last name was JOHNSON. Mary was born 1936; 
died 1995 in Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina. Leslie Dawkins

BOONE/BOON    February 04, 2010
My husband may be related to the BOONE family that you posted.  His name is James Edward BOONE b.1952), his father was 
Wilbur James BOONE (b. 1920), his father was Wilbur Chesnutt BOONE (b. 1877), his father (I think) was James Washington BOON(e?) 
b. 1844, his father was John(?) Achen (Angus?) BOONE b. 1812, his father was Stephen BOONE Jr. b. 1869, his father was Stephen 
BOON Sr b. 1730.  I am really not too sure about all of this (notice some of my dates don't make sense!), but was wondering if 
you had any information that could help me.  Thanks so much!Kathy Bower

WILLIAMS / LUCK    February 03, 2010
Seeking information, obituary if available on Woodrow Wilson WILLIAMS who married Inez LUCK in Dillon County, SC Sept 14, 1940.
Woodrow list his age as 22, being born abt 1918. Last address for him 6429 Dove St. Norfolk, Va. found on Inez's death certificate. 
No further information is on W.W. Williams. It is rumored his parents lived in Fayetteville, NC. whoever they are. Seeking kinfolks 
of Woodrow Wilson Williams in the Cumberland County area. Woodrow W. Williams lived in Dillon County, SC on the land owned by Luther 
Hunt during the 1940's. It has not been determined when he left during the 1940's.

This information was on his wife, Inez death certificate: She died May 26, 1966 in Cape Fear Valley Hospital and is buried at Cross 
Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC. The bottom of the death certificate is missing where the funeral home information would be listed.
Would like her obituary if one is available in the Fayetteville Observer. Thank you. Helen L. Wiggins  Dillon County, SC

DAVIS / McKETHAN    January 31, 2010
My grandfather was Jarvis Estelle DAVIS. He died January 31, 1919. His death certificate says he died in Hoke 
County, NC and was buried February 1, 1919 at "Galatia".  I believe this is the Galatia Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  
The Galatia Church Cemetery posting on the Cumberland County Web site shows a George Addison DAVIS buried here. His 
death certificate states that he was buried at the Glatia Presbyterian Church. I am almost certain this is Jarvis' brother.
Are there any records that you are aware of that the church has that would include people that may not have a legible, 
or maybe no headstone.
I am thinking of visiting the Rockfish area soon to look for some of my ancesters. Thanks for any help you can give me.
If you know of any Davis' that have done research on their family it might also be helpful. Jarvis' father was 
Andrew Jackson Davis and his mother was Flora Ann McKETHAN.  They would have died shortly after 1900. There were 
two Andrew Jackson Davis born in the 1824 - 1830 time frame in Cumberland County.
God Bless Jim Davis  1948 Cavendale Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29732,   803-366-7847 Home   803-417-0907 Cell

JACKSON / BLEDSOE    December 25, 2009
I am looking for any information about Menus JACKSON who married Jane Webb in 1840.  In the 1850 Cumberland County Census, 
Menus is shown living with his 2nd wife, Martha and their children.  I descend from Menus and Martha's daughter, Fanny Jackson. 
Fanny married James Calvin "Calton (Cotton)" BLEDSOE in Cumberland County in 1865.  Both Fanny and Calton Bledsoe settled 
in Johnston County, NC. Respectfully, Jason M. Holder  Early, Texas

CORBEX / CORBET    December 17, 2009
Hello, Please could you tell me if someone could make some research for me, abour AFBEON A AUTY death 
in CUMBERLAND ( North Carolina ) on 1925, his mother was Jony CORBEX, I would like to be sure it is CORBEX Jony 
and may be find some children of this mariage. Thanks for your help. Laurent Corbex.

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