Carver's Creek Township

This cemetery was originally surveyed in 1948 by the DAR. It was again surveyed 1967 by Evelyn Smith 
accompanied by Allan Rinne and his mother-in-law, Mrs. C. Douglas Hall, the owner of the land. Today 
the land is owned by the Allan Renne family. In January 2005, Allan Rinne and I, Robert Butler, went 
to the site and could find nothing remaining. No stones or bricks. Some years back, the then owner of 
the land hired a crew to clear the pasture land on the river and we suspect they just didn't see the 
stones and pushed them all into a pile. The gravestone data and information listed below are from the 
original 1948 DAR survey. Resurveyed Sep 2005 by Robert McLemore Butler.

The geodetic coordinate is: N  35.1765°  W -78.7386°

Surveyed by Robert McLemore Butler   Posted March 24, 2006 by Myrtle Bridges. 

SMITH, John		Who was born June 20, 1748 and died at the 
		____?___ of 36 years [this indicates that he died in 1784]
		[the marker is of native stone]

SMITH, Flora 		Consort of John Smith who was born April 23,1754 
		And died Jan 21,1796    [the marker is of native stone]

MUNROE, Daniel	Was born March 8, 1728 and deceased December 10,
		1786. His age 58 years 9 months and 2 days

A child's grave is between John and Flora Smith. It is marked with boulders.

There is a grave (sink) beside Daniel Munroe.

There is a grave marked with a carved stone letters "J.S."  [this is probably the 
 		Grave of John Smith, Sr.]

There are signs of other unmarked graves.

The cemetery contains parts of English brick .. probably used for a wall.

File: CEM-CCGS..5..John Smith Cemetery, Carver's Creek Twp.    RMB

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