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of the War of 1812

This list was abstracted from Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 Detached from The Militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 1814 from the Adjutant General's office. These are names of soldiers who are identified as being in regiments from Cumberland County. Just because your ancesor is not listed here and lived in Cumberland County does not necessarily mean that he did not participate. Be sure to check the index at the rear of the book.

Detatched from the 4th and 14th Brigades

Second Company, detached from First Cumberland Regiment

Arch'd McCraine, captain
Daniel Shaw, first lt.
John Shaw, second do.
John Hodges, ensign
Robert Shaw
John Steele
John Gordon
John McLelland
Ebenezer Folsome
Murdoc McRae
Hector McAuthur
Benjamin Morrison
Samuel Searsey
Rowland Fauckner
Aron Searcy
Peter Munro
Angus Ray
John McKellar
Neel Munro
Theophillus Denny
Cornelius Cofield
John Mcdougald
John Wilkinson
Hector McNeil
Richard Cade
Richard Wilkinson
Absolom Hammonds
James Norris
David Bone
Richard Bone
John Jackson
Thomas Gill
Joshua Jesop
Samuel Reeves
John Taylor
Robert Harwell
Francis Hobby
Jesse Betha
Owen Boon
James Sorrel
William Hodges
Neil McNeill
William McKinsie
Thomas Paine
Drury Massey
Frederick Yarbrough
Wilson Ray
Darius Cox
Murdock Campbell
Elisah Brown
Jesse Northington
Alexander McKellan
Sion Tedder
Allen Campbell
Neil Bowie
Malcom Pattison
William Lathom
Needham Moore
Horatio Griffin
Lewis Moore
Benjamin Moore
James Stephens
Allen Northington
Neil McNeil
Bogle Ferrand
Thomas H. Massey
Joshua Carman
Arthur Core
Shadrack Johnson
William Daniel
John Lewis
John Johnston
John Moore

Third Company, detached from Cumberland Regiment

David Evans, Captain
George Jones, first Lt.
John Leonard
John Evans
James Rush
Phillip Horton
John Carver
Sion Horne
Waddel Cade
Mathew Hayes
Gilvert Mccoll
William Taylor
William Nunnery
John Bryan
Samuel Butler
John Langdon
John Shaw
Douglass McLaughlan
James Denton
Hugh McGuire
Thomas Bowen
Jonathan Evans
John Ray
German Seawell
William Horn
Jacob Seawell
Jonathan Hare
John Johnston
Jacob Faircloth
Joshua Edwards
Richard Everitt
John Everitt
Allen Dudley
Isaac T. Cushing
John B. Troy
Thomas Wilkinson
Samuel Salmon
Etheldred Syke
Thomas McMurray
Phillip McRae
Council McCullin
Pitkin McCullin
Robert Olery
William Anderson
John Thagard
Samuel Reeves
James McDaniel
Zachairah Butler
Norman McNeil
John McKinzie
James Kirkpatrick
Murdock Orchillred
William Tillinghast
Jesse Anson
Thomas Evans
Murwin Carrington
James Stevens
John B. Smith
Murcock McLeod
George Holmes
Thomas Cole
John Burgess
Dugald McIntyre
Duncan Pharis
Daniel Everitt
Mathew Freeman
Thomas Richardson
Malcomb Patterson
John Law
Samuel Smith
William Adkinson

Detached Militia
Organized in August, 1814 by County

Second Regiment

John Burt, Captain
John Armstrong, 1st Lt.
Murdoch Ochiltree, 2nd do.
Neil McArthur
James Cameron
William Kennaday
Archibald Patterson
Malcom Clark
Duncan McLean
Archibald McGregor
Murdock McLeod
John Morrison
Hugh McLean
James Huckaby
James Ferguson
Ica Parker
Lewis Walker
John Dollihit
Young Blanchet
Jones Stephen
John Knight
James Stewart
Asey Pearson
Asa Matthews
Durham Aven
Elijah Spencer
Henry Urquhart
John Eley
James Christian
Tapley Johnston
William Watson
Duncan McDongald
Hardy Parker
Duncan Dorman
Wm. Smith
James Campbell
Neil McAllister
James Dean
Alex McAllister
John Evans
James Kellin
Allen Godwin
David Balentine
Daniel McLeod
George Learcey
John Avery
John Johnston
Jonathan Smith
Levie Ennes
Leml Searcy
Norman Urquhart
Norman Urquhart [sic?]
Saml. Card

This information comes from the Cumberland County Genealogical Society's September 1992 Newsletter - Cumberland Chronicles. (Volume IX, No. 6)

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