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"The following appeared in the Greenville Sun newspaper (Greenville, Wayne county, Missouri) on Thursday, Feb. 11th, 1904 on page 2, column 1. I have not done research on any of the persons mentioned in the letter, nor am I related to them. I was looking for something else but thought this was of value." Jamie Burnett
100 Year Old Letter

True Copy letter directed to Mr. Allen Wilkerson, School Master, Smith County, Payton's Creek, 
Tennessee State

Lock's Creek Cumberland County, 
November 15th, A.D. 1804

Dear Allen - when this comes to hand it comes to inform you that we are generally well at present, 
thanks be to God for His goodness, hoping the lines will find you and yours in like situation. 
The latest account from you that we received was dated Aug. 16th last, by John McMillan at his 
arrival in Sep. I received accounts from your brother in Georgia which was the latest. But the 
occasion of this letter is more particularly to direct you concerning your land, I must treat 
thereof at large. I was compelled to sue old John for the balance of your money which I collected 
from the Sheriff last October court and have yesterday delivered 110 dollars of it to John McMillan 
who is to start for Tennessee. But after the pleasing prospect that his may afford you I must also 
tell you that I am sued myself. You know how resentful the old fellow is, and how much inclined to 
be contrary. Having offered him a deed for the land in my own name, he consulted with others to 
know whether he might not demand an attorney deed and being instructed he refused to accept mine 
and I, being (you know) unfurnished with a power of attorney he immediately lodged my bond in the 
hands of an officer.  I was then at some loss how to proceed in the business, but having lately 
applied to lawyer Davis and stated the case to him. He directed me to adopt the following method, 
viz: To prepare a blank deed (which you find here enclosed) and send it as soon as possible to you 
and direct you to go to the judge of your district and acknowledge said deed to be returned to me 
signed and sealed and that the judge forthwith is to direct the clerk of the county to affix the 
seal of the county to the deed; and he says that when you have sent it back so authenticated it 
may here be admitted to record.  Now, Allen, these being the necessary steps for you, to be taken, 
and the time of the trial uncertain, I hope I need not urge you to make no delay, and in putting 
these directions into execution.

The next county court will be here in January 2nd Monday and if the trial then comes on, I am 
doubtful if I shall be unprepared to meet it. However the best way for is to make all possible 
expedition in your proceedings, and if I can have your deed before trial, I can perhaps stand 
the brunt unhurt, for the main object of Phoses is to try to recover the penalty money since he 
has made use of the tightwood. 

I have no more to say at present for directions and I know these may suffice but I would advise you 
to searching the office least there might be occasion to send more instructions at the discretion 
of the council on my part.

I have wrote [sic] by Mr. McMillan accompanying your money and I expect that these lines will reach 
you sooner than that, but I would have you to be very attentive to the business in hand for Phoses 
will omit no opportunities in taking advantages, I must conclude by wishing you good success and 
prosperity in all undertakings
				your loving affectionate father
				Neill Wilkinson
Allen Wilkinson,
N.B. If you can see any acquaintances that are coming hither soon, you may get them to witness the 
deed which will also strengthen the business. 
							N. W.

On the back it reads: "Came to hand the 24th Dec., 1804."

Copied by Henry C. Wilkinson, great-grandson of the writer - Neill Wilkinson, Lock's Creek, Cumberland 
county, NC. to his son Allen Wilkinson of Payton's Creek, Smith County, Tenn. who was the grandfather 
of the copyist, Henry Clay Wilkinson, a son of John McBride Wilkinson, who was born Jan. 7th 1813, and 
died near Coldwater, Wayne county, Mo. Jan. 1st 1901.

This Jan 13, A.D. 1904
			H. Clay Wilkinson
			        Damon, Mo.

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