Conover Swimming Pool

Built by Marion Hunsucker in 1929, the pool area consisted of the
upper and much deeper area, and the lower pool which was most
favored by the general public. The boy's dressing rooms were
located down the stairs and and to the left. Concession and admission
booth was at ground level. The girl's dressing room was in a separate
building, just east of the main building. The pool was closed in 1948-49
due to the sale of the lots to Jim and Horace Isenhower.
Jim later re-opened the pool until its final closing in 1960.

George Mennen was the first life guard. Recently, it was learned that
"skinny dipping" had taken place at the pool when it was closed
to the general public. A few local folks are aware of the participants.

The location was near where the Holiday
Inn Express now sits, off Hwy. 16, North.

[Photo courtesy of Joyce Curlee]

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