The Continuing Heritage


The Conover City Flag

The Conover City Seal

  • The blue "C" forming the border represents Conover.

  • The gazebo in the upper half of the center is the gazebo in Downtown Park
    and is a focal point in downtown.

  • The train facing backwards symbolizes the city's beginnings where the city's
    first buildings were constructed at the Y intersection of the railroad.

  • The truck facing forward symbolizes the diversified industrial base which
    strengthens our future.

  • The tree between the train and truck shows Conover's commitment to the
    environment and arbor canopy in our neighborhoods.

  • The date "1876-77" is the charter by the citizens (1876) and the
    incorporation by the North Carolina Assembly (1877).

  • The banner and phrase "Community and Industry" represents the two strongest
    elements that make our city admirable.

  • The diamonds circling the seal with the connecting diamond at the bottom
    communicates all the different aspects of the city coming together to form a
    high quality of life in Conover.

Both the Seal (1992) and Flag (1997) were designed
by Randolph S. Williams, AICP, Planning Director for Conover.

Long has raged the controversy regarding whether the Conover "Y" is a "WYE" or a"Y."
As the founding fathers had intended, the affectionate term was used to describe a railroad term (WYE) meaning a logical method of changing a train's destination, 180 degrees. In the newly-formed commercial center of Conover, a progressive Southern town well deserved a railroad presence bringing town.

All photos courtesy of Don Barker

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