Don Barker
Photographer, fisherman and local historian

Very few Conover citizens are not familiar with Don Barker.
A lifelong Conover resident and son of William J. and Lula Brady Barker,
Don is constantly researching and documenting the little known aspects
of our historic past. His latest projects have focused on our local
movie theaters
and the semi-pro baseball teams of Catawba County.
And now, he has published a fascinating book on the  City of Conover.


Don's US Air Force service and his love of flight have been forever intertwined.

Don's neighbors marvel over his love of cats, especially Tiny.


"There's room on my horse for two"

His photographic talent can be seen in his display of the beauty
of springtime in Conover
and his award winning photographs (below).

"Broadway" "Freedom's Doorway"


"Christian Radich-Salute to Liberty"

"Press Courtesy Flight-1986"

Don has followed in his father's footsteps.
His inspiration can be found at:
Algiers: The Right Bank

The NCGWP Conover web site is grateful to Don for the many photos he has supplied, not just to this web site but to the City of Conover. Visitors to the Conover city hall may view dozens of these beautiful pictoral treasures of the past when walking through the foyer.

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