City Pharmacy - Newton

The "CP," as it was known, was the hangout and gathering place of NCHS students in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Here, hearts were joined by romance and too, hearts were broken. If you were young and remember "the gang," you probably remember the booth-tables with names carved into the surface.

When you came by after school, you might have been lucky enough to catch a glance of Mabel Ann Pendleton, one of the most popular and beautiful elected "Queens" at Newton-Conover H.S. during the 1950's.



Jimmy Mauney, Bob Rockett, Ralph Setzer
and M.A.P and NCHS
Classes of the 50's


In Memory of Jim Webb
July 9, 1932 - August 27, 2008


All photos courtesy of Don Barker

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