Dear Conover friends,

An opportunity to enjoy free fireworks is being made available through the courtesy of USA Weekend, the Sunday publication of USA Today.

Win a Fourth of July fireworks spectacular for your hometown!

USA WEEKEND and destination America have launched our "RED, WHITE and YOU contest to give a fireworks celebration to two communities for the Fourth of July.

As of press time for this issue (Sunday, March 30) about 350 people had nominated their towns for the prize.

Go to DestinationAmerica.com to submit your short essay on what makes your community worthy of a special celebration.

"We can't wait to go beyond the TV screen and be in person to provide smiles and joy to communities across the nation," said Marc Etkind, General Manager of Destination America, a cable network.

Last year, residents of Union Beach, NJ and Fayetteville, NC penned the winning entries.
Their communities were treated to fireworks, music and special guest appearances by Destination America personalities.


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