Bowman Drug Company

Celebrating 65 years of continuous
service to the citizens of Conover.
Carl E. "Doc" Bowman - Pharmacist/Owner
August 29, 1941-August 29, 2006

Anchored with the Canova Theater, the Bowman Drug Co. was in its original location until the 1960's when it moved north, one block to its current location

Ken Clark being served by Patricia (Bowman) Lawing, ca 1951.
Another employee, Linda Bowman, at left.

The newest employee, Doug Lawing trys his hand at "jerking" sodas.

Behind the counter...the "boss man" ... "DOC" (Carl E.) Bowman

Bowman Drug, "The Drug Store on the Corner


Chris Kirby, present owner and Reg. Pharmacist, Ken Lawing, Reg. Pharmacist

Many thanks to Don Barker for the photos.
His recollections and those of Walt Grigg help
us to make those memories all the more dear.

Walt remembers:

"On west side of Canova, we see "The Men's Store", at this time operated by Ken Clark. Ken was the nephew of "Ab" Clark, who was a big dog at Broyhill Furniture in Conover.  Theater manager Don Hollar, constantly called  Ken, "Puny".    
 Yours truly spent as much time in Bowman Drug, as in the theater .  Great memories !!  Carl had a sign in the store mentioning how many times he had been held up. I recall eating many Ham and Cheese sandwiches there. Two slices of white bread, one slice of Ham, and one slice of Cheese. This was placed on the toaster, and watched closely...most of the time. They could get overdone, very quickly.  Fifteen cents for this repast..Back then they wuz good.. Plus a Coke at Five cents... Ummm...  Plus, you could look at magazines on the rack,  just to the right of entrance door.     Girl watching on the premises, was dandy fine, and peachy keen... 
At present site of Bowman's, there was a old brick building, then containing a sheet metal business operated by Neil Rowe.. "


"For some time, Conover  was blessed with a genuine town character, in the personage of Marshall "Huff" Huffman... Huff was, like myself, another hang-around at Carl Bowman's Rexall. Nearly always exhuberant, outgoing, and funny.  Me: "Huff, what the h__l are you doing" ?   Huff:, "Who the h__l wants to know"??  We carried on with anyone who wanted to join in.  This generally included  Doc. Bowman. During the week, Huff dressed the same, Bib overalls, gray work shirt and black shoes, and what we used to call the "Train Engineer's cap"...  As I recall, he masterfully rolled his own cigarettes...sometimes lighting them with kitchen matches.  On Sunday, Bowman's was open 9:00 'til 10:30. Closed until 1:00 (or 2:00) in the afternoon.  At this time, Huff would show up  in his Sunday afternoon outfit,  consisting of light Tan Stetson hat, white dress shirt, clean, pressed Bib overalls, and expensive shoes.  Time for more camaraderie and insults..."  

   --Walt Grigg


All photos courtesy of Don Barker

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