Williamson Cemetery
Columbus County, NC
Transcribed by David B High, March 1999, from the private publication "They're Buried in Our Past, Columbus County, NC, 1808-1984 (Vol 2)" dated June, 1984. This cemetery is #105 in the survey. Permission granted by the authors, Anita Barfield and Kay Duncan. Dates are shown in a uniform format.

Dollie Wade, wife of A M Williamson, 6/20/1875 - 2/17/1937
A M Williamson, 6/14/1870 - 1/14/1925
Wavie, daughter of Lizzie & Steve McColsky, 3/10/1927 - 7/13/1928
Lizzie M Williamson, wife of Steve McColsky, 9/11/1905 - 6/4/1928