Ward Cemetery, Honey Hill
Columbus County, NC
Transcribed by David B High, January, 1998, from the private publication "They're Buried in Our Past, Columbus County, NC, 1808-1883" dated December, 1983. Permission granted by the authors.

Robert E Stevens, 11/22/1873 - 2/27/1946 (second husband of Annie Bell Stevens)
Annie Bell Stevens, 6/14/1889 - 1/18/1974
Solon F Ward, 7/14/1879 - 6/6/1931 (first husband of Annie Bell Stevens)
Lena E Ward, 9/11/1915 - 8/22/1930
Richard A Ward, 5/25/1910 - 12/3/1974
C B Ward, 5/6/1882 - 2/16/1929
B T Clemons, 10/18/1854 - 2/19/1920
Ward Infants, 1905 - 1908
Infant daughter of G S & P J Clemons, 9/1915
Minnie H Ward, 6/20/1890 - 6/9/1966
Smith A Ward, 4/4/1885 - 12/11/1943
Zella Belle, daughter of W H & C C Hickman, 1901 - 1904
William H Hickman, 7/17/1865 - 12/5/1935
Clara R (Russ) Hickman, 2/22/1872 - 1/21/1965
Thomas Edison Hickman, 1/24/1909 - 12/17/1941
Etta L Hickman, 1892 - 1934
Seymore M Ward, 1887 - 1922
Retha M, daughter of G M & A J Clemons, 6/16/1904 - 5/28/1905
Unknown, cement marker
Lewis C Ward, 10/9/1872 - 12/16/1921

Also known to be buried here:
Sarah Elizabeth Long Sasser, wife of Calvin Sasser, born 1/27/1832, (wooden marker next to ditch)
Calvin Sasser, born 5/11/1823, large wooden marker
Jeff Ward, died early 1900's
Fanny Sasser Ward, wife of Jeff
Bogue Chancey
Mary Ward Chancey, wife of Bogue Chancey (daughter of Jeff and Fanny)
Duncan Baxley
Frony Russ Baxley, wife of Duncan
Owen Barefoot
Melvina Clewis Barefoot, wife of Owen
Melvin Barefoot, died as young boy
Melton Barefoot, died in infancy
Annie Baxley, daughter of Duncan Baxley & sister to Charlie Baxley
Charlie Baxley
Indiana Edmund Dew, wife of Tine Dew (In the 1850 Columbus County Census she was 2 years old, daughter of John H & Helen Edmund)
Mary Spivey Clemons, wife of B T Clemons
John Culpepper Russ, in Civil War
Clara M Russ, wife of John, called C M, died 1919

Additional information was provided by Mrs Lillie Mae Barefoot Pierce, Mrs Emma Clemons Ward Jones, and Mrs Ruth Sasser Barefoot.