Rouse Cemetery
Columbus County NC
This cemetery is located next to the woods in the field beside Royce Ray's house, 3858 Red Hill Road. The cemetery is delineated by a partial fence on the corners of the small plot. Some markers are broken and some may be missing. It was free of brush but in need of mowing. It was surveyed by David B High on May 20 1998.

Charles D Parker 6/14/1907 - 7/29/1982
Ira Baldwin 11/23/1885 - 5/20/1950
Mother Lucy B [Baldwin] 7/14/1886 - 9/15/1959
Smithy Jane Rouse Baldwin 9/30/1852 - 10/15/1923
William H Baldwin NC Heavy Artillery CSA (no dates)
Henry Clay Baldwin NC Pvt Evac Hospital WWI 3/6/1896 - 9/1/1952
Infant son of Bertha M & Henry C Baldwin 6/18/1932
Bertha Estell Baldwin 12/3/1922 - 11/10/1936
Robert E Eason 1910 - 1949
Mae Eason Creech 1881 - 1937
Peight Eason 9/18/1867 - 7/1/1915
Mary E [Rouse] wife of Dr C G Wyche 1840-1921
Dr Cyril G Wyche 1825 - 1910
Walter Green Hayes NC Pvt 56th Depot Brigade WWI 10/30/1890 - 2/22/1962
Andrew N Hayes 1/27/1888 - 3/15/1949
Thomas C Hayes 8/19/1883 - 2/17/1952
Retha H Letha 5/27/1920 -
J Elwood Hayes 6/27/1910 - 2/20/1983 (husband of Retha Letha)

Notes: Smithy Jane Rouse Baldwin was a daughter of J W Rouse who was head of household of the only Rouse family in Columbus County in the 1860 Census. She was 5th of 7 children listed in the census and was 8 years old at the time. Smithy had 3 sisters and three brothers still at home when the census was taken. Mary E, wife of Dr C G Wyche, was another daughter of J W Rouse, apparently married at the time of the 1860 census.
Dr Cyril G Wyche was asked to stay in Whiteville rather than go into the CSA during the Civil War because of the shortage of physicians.