Luke Yates, sale of slaves
Contributed by Donna Skipper
Columbus County, NC
Transcribed from microfilm of original located at North Carolina State Archives.
Columbus County        
Nov Term 1836            

Pursuant to Petition for Partition granted and filed
Ordered by the court that Absalom Powell be and he is authorized to advertise and sell agreeable to law the following negro slaves (to wit) G__?, Jerry, Jo, Jinny and her three children Juliet, Saline and Caty and make a return of all proceedings had and done thereon to next court to the end that an equal distribution may be made among the legal heirs of Luke Yates dec'd, there being fifteen: Sarah Yates, widow; Absalom Powell, in right of his wife Susan; Jesse Lee, in right of his wife Elizabeth; James Kelly, in right of his wife Lucy Ann; Daniel Yates; John Yates Jun; Robert G Yates; B. F. Yates; George W Yates; Sam'l F Reaves, in right of his wife Nancy; James Lee, in right of his wife Winifred; Joseph C Lee, in right of his wife Hellin; William P Yates; Robert E Curlee, in right of his wife Sara E; Caroline Yates.