Gore Cemetery
Submitted by Bob Carterette
January 2000
Columbus County, NC
Sacred to the Memory of
John W Gore
March 27, 1867 - October 24, 1889
Elder son of D N & S A Gore

To the Sacred Memory of
E M Hughes
September 11, 1859 - December 13, 1877
Elder Daughter of D N Gore

To the Sacred Memory of
J L Gore
March 23, 1869 - February 27, 1876
Daughter of D N & S A Gore

To the Memory of
Clarissa C Gore
April 16, 1849 - September 3, 1862

To the Memory of
Yancy B Gore
July 27, 1853 - August 28, 1862

To the Memory of my Mother
Mrs Elizabeth Gore
April 3 A D 1812
November 2 A D 1884
Age 71 yrs 9 mos and 29 days

Charles E Smith
Born September 8, 1867
Died August 25, 1911
Our Loved One

Infant Son of Charles E and Bertha Smith
April 2, 1905

Elizabeth B Walker
Wife of Robert B Smith
March 20, 2893 - November 20, 1948

B W Smith
December 23, 1826 - February 23, 1889

Dora Smith
April 12, 1864 - January 23, 1880
At Rest

Virginia L Smith
1870 - 1924

John William Gore
March 17, 1812 - December 6, 1893

In Memory of James G Pridgen
July 19, 1884 - November 12, 1847

In Memory of Jacob H Pridgen
February 18, 1847 - March 18, 1853

In Memory of
Ethel Oreo R Pridgen
February 18, 1845 - October 6, 1863

Glasgow Pridgen
Died March 10, 1870

In Memory of
Sarah Pridgen
Wife of Glasgow Pridgen
September 28, 1806 - September 1, 1874

Sacred to the Mermory of
Mary E; wife of Wm J Hinson
She was born March 22, A D 1839 and departed from this life November 30, A D 1858, aged 19 yrs 8 mos and 19 days

Robert Bruce Smith
January 17, 1883 - December 16, 1934
(A,C,L,) Railroad

In memory of John G Smith
Son of B W & Lucy Smith
October 26, 1861 - July 20, 1864

Annie B Smith
April 30, 1878 - August 5, 1893
At Rest

Lucy A Pridgen
Wife of W B Smith
March 22, 1839 - April 10, 1898

Robert Franklin Smith
October 22, 1910 - January 28, 1913

John Rogers
September 16, 1871 - September 21, 1940
Mary Gattie Rogers
September 16, 1880 - October 31, 1938

John A Wright
August 9, 1851 - March 4, 1915
Olive G Garrell
Wife of John A Wright
March 2, 1847 - July 16, 1889
Dear Parents Though We Miss You Much We Know You Rest With God

R C Son of Charlie and Bernice Williamson
October 10, 1926 - May, 1928

Infant Son of Charlie and Bernice Williamson
Born & Died July 13, 1940

A H Tompkins
May 15, 1845 - July 27, 1911
Thy Loss We Feel Deeply

Leanna Tompkins
Wife of A H Tompkins
October 12, 1846 - March 3, 1920
A Tender Mother & Faithful Friend

Sam H Tompkins
March 26, 1873 - December 1, 1925
An Honest Man, The Noblest Work of God

Sacred to the Memory of
Archibald McCallum
January 4, 18172 - June 12, 1889
How Soon Fades The Tender Young Flower

Delcon McCallum
December 12, 1905 - May 18, 1926
Only Crossed The River Of Death To That Beautiful Summer Land

George Vernon Butler
April 2, 1899 - February 9, 1936
Jesus Loves The Pure And Holy

Herman G Butler
1929 - 1946

Sallie Smith Butler
Wife of J Y Butler
September 12, 1868 - March 15, 1925

James Yancey Butler
August 5, 1866 - November 12, 1952

Pinkney H Buffkin
September 1, 1830 - January 27, 1899

Mary Buffkin
May 6, 1828 - December 26, 1899
Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord

Albert W Buffkin
November 17, 1855 - March 3, 1921

Cora A Buffkin
August 10, 1858 - December 6, 1934

Melissa Buffkin Stanley
Wife of L W Stanley
Lewis W Stanley
October 31, 1849 - December 18, 1916
Though Lost To Sight, To Memory Dear

Daughter of S V & M J Stanley
Born & Died February 12, 1904

Julian P
Son of J P & A M Stanley
October 21, 1917 - June 4, 1918

Daniel P Williamson
January 24, 1844 - February 18, 1919

Sarah J Williamson
Wife of D P Williamson
December 12, 1854 - January 31, 1920
No Pain, No Grief, No Anxious Fear, Can Reach The Loved One Sleeping Here

Sarah E McCallum
Wife of A McCallum
January 23, 1842 - November 29, 1913

J A McCallum
July 17, 1877 - March 7, 1913
Gone But Not Forgotten
Thy Loss We Deeply Feel

Joshua Fulton Stanley

Ruby Lewis Stanley (unmarked)

History of Cemetery:

The Gore Family Cemetery is located just off North Carolina Highway 1428, beside the Land Fill Road in Columbus County, North Carolina. The cemetery was in use when Dr David Needham Gore bought the property from
Glasgow Pridgen (a) in 1867. The first marked grave is that of James G Pridgen who died Nov 12, 1847. Dr Gore sold the property to Naomi Smith in 1877 with the exception of one-half acre which he dedicated as a cemetery (b).

Succeeding families who owned the surrounding property continued to use the cemetery, so it grew. In a deed from J E Holcomb to E F Powell recorded August 1917 one acre was allowed "for the cemetery" (c).

As long as the "Old Folks" lived the site was well kept, but after they were gone it was neglected. Briers, vines, and brush overgrew the place and vandals carried away some of the gravestones and others were broken.

In 1969 Margaret and Harold Waldron undertook the job of cleaning up the cemetery. They cleaned off all the overgrowth, planted grass and set out shrubbery and some of the gravestones were replaced. Although family members and friends helped and gave some money, in the main the job was done by Mr and Mrs Waldron. They hope soon to put up a chain-link fence around the property (d).

Even though the cemetery is small, there are a number of people buried there who were of local prominence and worthy of note. John William Gore was first pastor of New Hope Church and helped with its organization. He was at one time High Sheriff of Columbus County (e). He was the father of Dr David Needham Gore who dedicated the cemetery. Glasgow Pridgen who began the cemetery was a wealthy land owner and a number of his slaves are buried on the west side of the cemetery in unmarked graves (f). Lewis Warren Stanley served as Clerk of Court from 1883-1916. He was also a Justice of the Peace (g). Benjamin W Smith served as Register of Deeds from Dec 3, 1906 until Sept 1911(h). C E Smith served as Register of Deeds from Dec 3, 1906 until Sept 1911 (i). Archie McCallam was Sheriff of Columbus County from 1879 until 1882 (j). Albert W Buffkin was a surveyor, owned a turpentine shipping base and a lumber mill He was a Justice of the Peace and taught school several years.

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d Interviews with Mr & Mre Harold Waldron, Mrs Esther Worrell, Mrs Gaither Thompson, Mrs Clarence Thompson, and Mrs Edna Buffkin
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k From the notebook of Albert W Buffkin

Compiled by:
Virginia G Buffkin
March 17, 1976

Note from contributor:
This a copy of a document found in the reference section of the Columbus County library. My sister Patricia Carterette of Shallotte was shown this document by the author Virginia Buffkin. It is of particular interest to me because my great grandparents Abijah Thompkins and Leanna Duncan Thompkins are buried there.