Columbus County Deeds
Index of Columbus County Deeds 1741 - 1859, Vol. 1
Submitted March 2016 by Natasha Miles
Note: Names are transcribed to the best of my ability and may not be entirely accurate. The records are often difficult to decipher. Transcribed in order of how they appear in the file located at
1809 - Luke Yates to William Newton of Bladen County
1742 - Richard Hellier to John Baldwin (Bladen Book Folio 278)
1819 - Isham Williamson to Abraham Reynolds
1797 - Thos Hardwick Jr to John Baldwin (Bladen County)
1806 - Joshua Stevens to John Grissett
1808 - State of NC to John McKay (Bladen County)
Registered in office of Columbus County in Book L page 335th December 7th 1853
1811 - John Pouithan (?) Gerton to William Norment
1812 - Uriah Flowers to Paul Hammons
1814 - John Baldwin to Joseph Baldwin
- Joshua Williamson, Sheriff to George Parker (selling property of Shaderick Wheeler)
1815 - Jacob Hanchey (County of Bladen) to Jesse Page (Horry, South Carolina)
- Heirs of Jonithan Cribb, deceased  (Jonithan Cribb, Thomas Cribb, Anthony Cribb, Sealle Cribb, Mille Mercer & Elizabeth Williamson) to Abraham Reynolds
1816 - Abraham Reynolds to John Goodman
1818 - John Tompson to John Stevens
- Mary Clark to her daughter Dellila Stirling (or Starling)
1819 - Susana Williams, John Williams, James Sims, Benjamin Sims, Jesse Williams,
Moser Williams and Elizabeth Williams to John A Simmons
- Rebecca White to Thomas A Hawkins
- John Bramble to John Elkins
1823 - Mary Clark & Delilah Sterling to Thomas Halway
1822 - Abram Fowler to John Cartret
- Willis Swindall to James Cook
1823 - James Cook to John Edwards
- John Gore to William Gore
1824 - Joel Money to Isaac Benton
1825 - William Baldwin, Warren Baldwin, Elias Godwin, Rebecca Jordan,
 Sarah Bryan and Edward Samson to Canada Rouse
- Fredrick Sasser to William Lewis
1826 - Joshua Williamson Esquire, Sheriff to Luke R Simmons
- Joseph Sowl to Timothy Sowl
1827 - Willis Harper to Mary Ann Sims
- John Cartrett to John Mansil
1828 - William Baldwin Senr to his two sons, William and Armilain Baldwin
- Joab Mears to Hymaneh Nichols
1829 - Joel Sasser to William Lewis
1830 - Henry H Joyner to Frederick W Pleasants
- John Davis to Robert Hooks
1831 - Hardy Inman to William Kemp
1832 - Hardy Duncan to Joseph Cartrett
- Solomon King, Moses King, Alexander King, Alexander Campbell & James King to Rev Joshua Newell, John B Brown, John Browning, Alexander King and Malcom Downy (for the natural love and affection which they have to the Methodist Episcopal Church)
- Hinant Fault to Pierce Godwin
1833 - Absalom Powell Sr to Absolom Powell Jr
1834 - Robert Carver (Cumberland County) to Benjamin Warren
1835 - Lany Butler to Harman Butler
- Joseph Catrette to C Cartrett
1836 - State of North Carolina to David Meeks
1837 - William H Ivy to John Hill
- Lott Williamson to Gilford Muncreaf
- State of North Carolina to Jesse Rouse
1838 - Thomas Tatum to Guilford Moncreiff
- Seymore Summersett to John Hooks
1839 - Demsey Worrell to Alexander Downey
- Benjamin Gause (Marion, South Carolina) to Benjamin Ward (Brunswick County)
- Dempsey Worrell, Milly Worrell, Polly Worrell, Priscila Worrell, Dillila Worrel, Piersey Fulgham & Esaw Worrel to Elisha Worrell
1840 - Hardy Duncan to Michael Sellers
- Guilford Moncrieff to John Hill
- David D Campbell to Moses Holmes
1841 - Joshua Williams, Sheriff to Reuben G W Grissett (selling lands of John
S Etheridge)
- Stafford Sumersett to daughter Rachel Baldwin
1843 - Hardy Duncan to Samuel Duncan
1845 - Jesse Jones (Bladen County) to Rev George R Talley
- Lewis Williamson to River Jordan
1846 - Henry Long to Jane Etheridge
- David Ward to Simon Dyson
- David Ward to Mark Ward Sr
- Gabriel Long Sr to John Marlowe
- William Burney to John Harrison
1847 - Jacob Powell to James B Powell
1848 - Richard B Smith to J B Bell and Joseph J Bellamy
- Bythel Rouse to Robert Joyner and Henry Joyner
- William Baldwin Jr to Hannah Baldwin
1849 - John Iving to Mary Ann Iving
- Moses Harrelson to Nathaniel Sowles
- James A Butler to John Butler
- Sarah Ward to Delila Merritt
1850 - Richard Pridgen to Thomas R Pridgen
- Stephen Inman to William P Glasgow
- Stephen Inman to Alfred Smith
- Martin Barefoot to John H Horne
- James G Briggs to Daniel G Briggs
- Josiah Maultsby to Elijah Elkins
1851 - Joseph Nobles to Warren Jacobs
- William Millican to Reuben Smith (Pitt County)
- Owen Spivey to Geroge Spivey
1854 - William Byrd disclaims land to the "rest of" Alexander Byrd's heirs (unnamed)
1852 - State of North Carolina to James A Butler (Georgia)
- Frederick Hadler and Duncan King to Samuel A King
- Alfred Smith, Alva Smith and William M Baldwin to Allen Grist, James R Grist and William Brinkley
- N L Williamson to Henry H Hinnant
- Simon Soles to Joseph Harrelson his son Isaac Soles for six years education
1853 - William Rhodes, James B Rhodse and Amon Rhodes to Michael Sellers
- Luke High to W J Outland
- James C Powell to Elijah Elkins
- Daniel Burney to William B ?
- John D Shipman to his children James Matthew Shipman and Florilla Dorcas Shipman
- Solomon Cartrett and Kincan Cartrett to Noah Striklin
1854 - Hezekiah Bonham to Andrew J Jones and THomas J Jones
- William M Baldwin to Alfred Smith
- Wm B Pruett to Daniel Burney
- William R Richardson to Calvin Haynes, Glasgow Pridgen and John H Sommersett
1855 - David Ray to William Byrd Jr
- Joseph A Long to David Register
- Augustus Smith to Albritton J Drake
- Sale of R P Vanhorn's patent from G W Long to John W Owen
- Henry Best to Sarah Sellers
- James C Summersett to Lovet Peacock
- Alfred Smith to Marmaduke Powell
- Lewis Williamson, Sheriff to Henry Best Jr (selling lands of John R Taylor)
1856 - Luke J Yates to Benjamin A Jones
- John Frink to Phillip C Godwin
- Benjamin A Jones to James R Robinson
- Wiley F White to William J Gutland
- Lewis Williamson, Sheriff to James Brown Jr (Bladen County); judgment of ? Smith against David W Baldwin, execution issued and levied on the lands of David W Baldwin
- Lewis Williamson, Sheriff to John O Daniel; judgment of Simon Millican against Bythel Mitchel, execution issued and levied on the lands of Bythel Mitchel
1857 - W F White to Calvin Chavis
- Alphonso Byrne, deceased: Kenneth Haynes & wife Mary Byrne and others petition to sell land of Alphonso Byrne, deceased to William A Dyson
- Willie Hudson to David Register
- John H Summersett to Lovet Peacock
- J C Summersett to Lovet Peacock
1858 - A J Drake to James E Grant
- Priscilla Ann Stewart to W S Rackley
- Sarah Long, Priscilla Faulk and Elizabeth Smith heirs of James West, deceased petitions for sale of lands to Louis Schwattz
- Lewis Williamson, Sheriff to JB Stanly and Alfred Smith; judgement of Alfred Smith and  Allen Inman against James Jarrell, execution levied against lands of James Jarrell
- Isham Williamson Quit Claim deed to William Driver & wife Sabry, Riley W Wilson & wife Elizabeth Ann, Thomas J Powers, Mary E Powers, Allen Godwin, William B Powers, Stephen H Powers, Willis Ballard & wife Clarissa, and William H Massey & wife Hellen, heirs at law of Ezela Powers
- Elias Creech to Enoch Robbins
- N L Williamson, Anna Mills, J W Mills, J H Mills, John Mills, Scott C Mills, Caleb Spivey and wife Dorcas, Jessee Spivey and Wife Elizabeth Ann to Nancy Harrelson
- W J Futeill  to Rebecca Harrelson
- River Jordan & wife Leecy (Bladen County) to Philip Freeman
- Harrison Godwin to Theophelus Ellis
- Jesse Long to A S Drake
1859 - Nathaniel L Williams & D F Williamson to G W Sellers
- William S Cook to William H Toon
- David Register to H ? Parker
- Jesse Newman to L R Mason
- Solomon P Merrett to Daniel T Singletary
- Martin Frier to Lovet Peacock
- Calvin Haynes to William Hawkins
- James Smith & wife Winiford to Arthur W Butler
- H H ? to John H Davis
- A J Byrne (Bladen County) to Elisha Elkins