Currie Cemetery, Lebanon
Columbus County, NC
Transcribed by David B High June 1998 from the private publication "They're Buried in Our Past Columbus County NC 1808 - 1883" dated December 1983. Permission granted by the authors Anita W Barfield and Kay W Duncan.

Prudence A Currie 10/1/1851 - 1/28/1934
Neil Currie 10/28/1817 - 3/21/1905
Duncan Currie 1772 - 10/31/1847
Marrion Kelly Currie; His Wife circa 1780 - Between 1850 and 1860
Elcy Currie 1/3/1807 - 7/20/1855
Flora Currie 9/21/1810 - 7/19/1855
Mary Currie 8/2/1805 -
Jane Currie 4/25/1812 -
Elizabeth Sasser Jones Died 5/4/1940; Age 92 years 4 months; Wife of Hartford Jones
Hartford Jones 4/1/1845 - 7/22/1915
(Tom Jones, the son of Hartford and Elizabeth Sasser Jones, had their remains moved to Columbus Memorial Park; Whiteville NC, circa 1970)
Infant of McKoy & Flaudie H Currie (Born & Died perhaps in the 1920s)
Baby girl 7/5/1915
Child of Hannie Hawes & Lula Butler Hawes (Born & Died 1940s or 1950s)
Don Lee Currie; Born & Died 8/25/1952; son of Dewitt Lee and Frances Todd Currie (named Dewitt Lee Curie Jr; name changed after he died)
George Currie - no dates (Black, came to the farm as a slave at about 8 years old. Purchased by Neil Currie from Calvin C Gore 5/12/1857 for $500. His wife was named Reeny. There may be other African Americans buried here.)

* Neil, Elcy, Flora, Mary, and Jane Currie are children of Duncan and Marrion Kelly Currie per the US Census of 1850.

* The information on the individuals from Elizabeth Sasser Jones to the end of the list was included in a letter from Virginia C Anders to Kay W Duncan dated 11/16/1983.