Branson's North Carolina Business Directory: 1890
Submitted by Natasha Miles
January 2010
Columbus County, NC
Columbus County
Area, 750 Square Miles
Population, 17,856; White, 11,804; Colored 6,052

Columbus County was formed in the year 1808, from Bladen and Brunswick counties, and is named for the great discoverer, Christopher Columbus.
Whiteville, the county-seat, is named after James B White, one of the first members of the General Assembly. It is 126 miles south of Raleigh, and contains a population of 950.
Surface - Level and much of it in swamps. Soil good when well drained. The Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad passes directly through the county.
Staples - Naval stores are produced largely and profitably. Shingles and lumber are worked largely. Cotton, corn and sweet potatoes are grown extensively.
Timbers - Pine of different varieties, cypress, gum, water oak, white oak and several other species.
Fruits - Berries, apples, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes, melons, etc.

Towns and Post Offices
Names and Population
Applewhite, -
Armour, 25
Bolton, 75
Bug Hill, 30
Byrdsville, 25
Cerro Gorda, 200
Chadbourn, 400
Clarendon, 30
Coleman, -
Cronly, 100
Crooms, 30
Doomore, 25
Dothan, 20
Elbow, 150
Eoka, 15
Evergreen, 100
Fair Bluff, 250
Grist, 50
Haddock, 50
Hallsboro, 100
Hub, 500
Iron Hill, 50
Kingsville, -
Lake Waccamaw, 50
Lebanon, 20
Leroy, 25
Mollie, 25
Old Dock, 35
Orton, 40
Peacock Store, 25
Pireway, 20
Prong, 50
Record, 20
Robeson, 50
Sue, 25
Tabor, 125
Vineland, 325
West, 25
Whiteville (c h), 950
Wooten, 20

County Officers
Clerk Superior Court - K H Lennon
Commissioners - S N Forme, chmn; M F Owen, L I Yates, E Blackman, G L Powell
Coroner - Dr G F Harrell
Register of Deeds - Dr B F Nance
Sheriff - M J Ward
Solicitor Seventh District - H F Seawell
Surveyor - J D Long
Standard Keeper - J A Lunsden
Treasurer - J K Gore
County Examiner - L W Stanly
Supt Health - Dr I Jackson

First Monday before the first Monday in March. Seventh Monday before the first Monday in September.

Town Officers
Chadbourn - Mayor, J B Chadbourn
Fair Bluff - Mayor, G A Powell
Hub - Mayor, A D Lewis
Whiteville - Mayor, J S Williamson
Commissioners - D P High, J L Wiggins, E B Branch, J R Maxwell, A F Powell Treasurer, A J Maxwell
Marshal, J K Hammons

Townships and Magistrates
Bug Hill - J J C Gore, S W Reams (Bug Hill), J L Dice (Pireway), T J Stanly M J Stevens, J B Cox (Bug Hill), J N Cox (Dothan) C B Stanly (Pireway)
Bogue - Thos Barefoot, N Powell, A P Sassar, J P Pierce, Sr, G Maultzby,
J E Thompson, H Wyche (Bogue)
Chadbourn - B F Yates, Ned A Edmonds, W G Frack, J M Byrd, I M Fowler, Thos Thompson, D E Greene, S L Hughes, Jos A Thompson, W G Nobles (Chadbourn),
Fair Bluff - T E Borden, W J Benton, P T Godwin, C F Benton (Cero Gorda), R Q Powell, E D Meares (Fair Bluff ), Wm Strickland (Crooms)
Lee's - J W Gore (Old Dock), D J Jolly (Eoka), Forney Pierce, J P Hill, G A Mills, J P Reaves (Eoka)
Ransom - D S Cowan (Robeson), E W Wells, J M Hill, Alva Benson, H
Lenon, J W Flynn, George W Applewhite, R C Applewhite (Applewhite)
Tatom - Ira Lennon (Orton), M G Williamson (Evergreen), J C Lennon (Orton), A D Williamson, E R Brown (Cero Gorda), George W Lennon, J Q McDugal, A M Benton (Orton)
Western Prong - W M Pridgen, W D Wooten, D P Brown, G English, J E Powell, J T Wooten (Wooten)
Welch's - R D Sessions, J L McKay (Whiteville), J R Baldwin, J E Campbell, J M Chipman, I M Brown (Elkton)
Waccamaw - M Campbell, D M Hobbs, W E Westbrook, H H Holton (Pocosin), J W Dickson, H B Short, J Hall (Lake Waccamaw)
Williams' - J M D Long, J M Hardy (Marley), J M Cox, John Skipper (Iron Hill), M M Harrelson, M Wright, Minos Meares, Simeon Simmons (Haddock), C W Brown (Mc Tabor)
Whiteville - A J Thompson, L W Stanly, J C Powell, T S Memory, Sr, N W Friar, A Toon, H B Register, H C Moffitt, J T Best (Whiteville)

Names, Pastors, Post-offices and Denom
Free-Will Baptist
Beaver Dam - Lebanon, P Blackman
Walker Mills - Grist
Bogue Chapel - Hallsboro, J F Tattle
Cross Roads - Orton, Haynes Lennon
China Grove - Chadbourn, C P Bullock
Church- Fair Bluff, J A Smith
Church (col) - Whiteville, D Gresham
Church (col) - Lake Waccamaw
Chuch - Whiteville, J F Tuttle
Church - Mt Tabor, Joshua Soles
Cherry Grove, Joshua Soles
Church - Chadbourn, T J Cobb
Hepsy Hill - Whiteville
Iron Hill - Iron Hill, C P Bullock
Lake Waccamaw - Flemington, T J Cobb
Macedonia - Cerro Gorda
Mt Moriah - Robeson
Mi Sinai - Haddock, E R Bullock
Mt Zion - Clarkton, T J Cobb
New Hope - Leroy, G F Stanly
Oakdale - Orton, T J Cobb
Pireway - Bug Hill, A G Stocks
Pleasant Plains - Eoka, E W Wooten
Pine Forest - Grist, T J Cobb,
Pleasant Hill, Peacock's, C P Bullock
Potter Swamp - Cerro Gorda, J F Tuttle
Seven Creek - Pireway, A G Stocks
Sweet Home - West, A G Stocks
Western Prong - Wooten, J A Smith
White Marsh - Whiteville, T J Cobb
Britt's Chapel - Whiteville, T J Browning
Church - Whiteville, W H Townsend
Church - Bolton, L S Etheridge
Church - Fair Bluflf, W H Townsend
Church - Lake Waccamaw, L S Etheridge
Church - Old Dock, J M Marlow
Church - Peacock's Store, T J Browning
Church - Cerro Gorda, T T Gordon
Church - Evergreen, T J Browning
Evergreen - Evergreen, T J Browning
Lebanon - Lebanon, J M Marlow
Hebron - Hallsboro, L S Etheridge
Pine Log - Iron Hill, J M Barlow
Porter Swamp - Cerro Gorda, J M Marlow
Shiloh - Lake Waccamaw, L S Etheridge
Shiloh - Eoka, J M Marlow
Smith's Chapel - Elkton, L S Etheridge
Wayman - Armour, L S Etheridge
Wooten's Chapel - Prong, T J Browning
Church - Chadbourn, T H Newkirk
Church (col) - Chadbourn, Johnson
Church - Whiteville, T H Newkirk
White Plains - Elkton, T H Newkirk

Ministers Resident
Names, Post Offices and Denominations
Browning, T J, Whiteville
Etheridge, L S, Wayman
Greening, T J, Eoka
Marlow, J M, Old Dock
Townsend, W H, Whiteville
Free-Will Baptist
Green, D F, Chadbourn
Sikes, J M, Whiteville
Lennon, Haynes, Orton
Soles, J, Mount Tabor
Smith, J A, Fair Bluff
Wooten, E W, Wooten
Primitive Baptist
Wright, M, Haddock

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Names, Post Offices and Proprietors
Boarding House, Vineland, E Howes
Boarding House, Chadburn, J P Foulk
Boarding House, Whiteville, J H Maxwell
Boarding House, Vineland, Miss Ellen Brown
Boarding House, Lake Waccamaw, Mrs M Carroll
Boarding House, Fair Bluff, Mrs O H Drake
Boarding House, Chadbourn, Mrs G Brown
Boarding House, Hub, Dr J Hester
Hotel, Hub, Mrs W M Powell
Hotel, Whiteville, H C Moffitt
Whiteville Hotel, Whiteville, Mrs F A Howell

Names and Post Offices
Allen, D C, Armour
Burkhead, W G, Whiceville
Lewis, D J, Whiteville
Schulken, J Bion, Whiteville
Williamson, J R, Whiteville

Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors
Acme Mfg Co, Wilkes Morris, General Superintendent; Cronly & Morris (Wilmington), General Agents
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Fair Bluff, Scott & Goodyear
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Peacock's Store, J N Hayes
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, Wesley Webb
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, C Mitchell
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, S M Carroll
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, John Butler
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, K H Brady
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Whiteville, J K Hammous, F P Bourdeux
Buggies and carts, Vineland, Murdock Frazier
Contracting and building, Chadbourn, Patrick Rasberry
Contracting and building, Chadbourn, Isham Howard
Coopering, Robeson, D J Webb
Coopering, Robeson, Joseph Webb
Coopering, Rjbeson, Robert Webb
Coopering, Robeson, Thomas Webb
Fertilizers, pine-straw matting, pine straw oil, cotton, logging and shingle factory, Vmeland, Scholkan & Co
Shingles, Waccamaw, J H Springer
Shingles and lumber Lake Waccamaw, H B Short
Shingles, Whiteville, Richards & Co
Turpentine, Bugg Hill, M B Smith
Turpentine and cotton-gin, Elkinville, L A Smith & Co
Turpentine and gin, Pronar, W D Smith
Turpentine, Mt Tabor, C C Pridgen
Turpentine, Old Dock, HMBlackman
Turpentine, Lebanon, Pinkney Blackman
Turpentine, gin and saw, Hallsboro, Flynn & Hall
Turpentine, Pireway, S H Thomas
Turpentine, Vineland, J B Singletary
Turpentine, Pireway, J R Gore
Turpentine, Mt Tabor, S H Boswell
Turpentine, Pireway, F C Williamson
Turpentine, Chadbourn, Chadwick E H Thompson
Turpentine, Vineland, W A J Soles
Turpentine, Fair Bluff, G N Powell
Turpentine, Robeson, RC Applewhite
Wine, Whiteville Wine Co, D P High, Manager

Merchants and Tradesmen
Names, Post Offices, Lines of Business
Brinkley, Mrs M, Gen Store
Brinkley R T, Gen Store
Farmer, H J, Gen Store
Bug Hill
Smith, MB, Gen Store and Turpentine
Cerro Gordo
Benton, Mrs W V, Gen Store
Harrelson, E J, Gen Store
Kelliham, H D, Turpentine
Nance M H, Gen Store
Williamson, J L, Gen Store
Brown, R E L, Lumber and Gen Store
Thigpen, WE, Gen Store
Applewhite, R C, Gen Store
Hand, D, Gen Store
Dothan Exchange, Gen Store
Fair Bluff
Anderson, A H, Gen Store
Anderson Mrs S C, Gen Store
Drake, M E, Gen Store
Elsenton, M D, Gen Store
Gregg, D M, Grocer
Gregg, R J, Gen Store
Jenkins, A W, Gen Store
Powell & Smith, Gen Store
Rogers, J F & Co, Gen Store
Rogers, W K, Gen Store
Smith, J Fulton & Co, Gen Store
Applewhite, E L, Gen Store
Brinkley, J B, Gen Store
Powell, J W, Gen Store and Furniture
Cooper, J L (col), Grocer
Flynn & Hall, Gen Store
Wyche, H, Agent Farmer's Alliance, Gen Store
Britt & Britt, Gen Store
Butler's Lumber Co, Lumber
Rice & Floyd, Gen Store
Iron Hill
Wright, L, Gen Store
Lake Waccamaw
Dickson, J W, Gen Store
McDowell, H (col), Gen Store
Short, H B, Lumber
Stern, C A, Gen Store
Stanley, J P (near), Gen Store
Old Dock
Blackman, H M, Turpentine
Boswell, S H, Gen Store
Inman, C H & Co, Gen Store
Pridgen, C C, Turpentine
Todd & Co, Gen Store
Butler, G C, Gen Store
Buttler, J G, Gen Store and Lumber
Gore, J K, Gen Store
Wooten, Shade, Variety
Wooten, W D, Agent Gen Store
Best, John T, Postmaster
Calder Bros, Gen Store
Culbreth, N M, Postmaster
Dunn, John F, Manager, Racket Store
Lewis, R B, Gen Store and Turpentine
Millican, Haynes, Jeweler
Powell & Co, J L Powell, M'g'r, Gen Store
Richardson, A C, Depot and Express Agent and Telegraph Operator
Schulken & Co, Gen Store
Smith, J & Co (five miles south), Gen Store
Soles, W A J, Gen Store
Vineland Dry Goods Co, Powell, A F, Sec and Treas
Harrell, Dr J F, Drugs
High, Oscar, Con and Sta
Jackson & Williamson, Drugs
Maultsby, J D, Agent for Calder Bros, Gen Store
Maxwell, J H & Son, Gen Store
Memory Co, Memory, Mrs E S, Proprietor, Gen Store
Memory's, T S Son, Gen Store
Merchandise Co, Gen Store
Mills, F T, Livery
Powell, J C (near) , Gen Store
Powell, R H, Agent, Gen Store
Powell & Powell, Gen Store
Richardson & Co, Gen Store and Shingles
Truelove & Co, Gen Store
Williamson & Co, Livery

Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors
Corn, Robeson, George Webb
Corn, Whiteville, E C Watkins
Corn, Vineland, William Richardson
Corn, Whiteville, M F Bright
Corn, Whiteville, J D Maultsby, Agent
Corn, Bogue, H B Hall
Corn and saw, Pireway, J F Butler
Flour and corn, Peacock's Store, Hughes & Co
Steam saw, Hallsboro, H B Short
Steam saw and gin, Whiteville, J D Maultsby, Agent

Names and Post Offices
Culbreth, N M (Dentist), Whiteville
Floyd, A G, Fair Bluff
Harrell, J F, Whiteville
Jackson, Isaac, Whiteville
Lucas, A B, Armour
McGougan, J M Cerro Gordo
McKinnon, A Chadbourn
Rollins, Cronly
Thompson, Chadbourn
Williamson, J C, Whiteville

Names, Post Offices and Principals
Academy, Cronly, Prof Carter
High School Whiteville, J L Woodard
High School, Fair Bluff
No. Public Schools - White, 43; colored, 37

Local Cooperations
Fair Bluff Lodge, No 100, A F and A M, Fair Bluff Time of meeting, second Saturday in each month at 1 o'clock PM, and the evening of December 37th.
Lebanon Lodge No 207, A F and A M, Whiteville Time of regular communication, Saturday before each full moon at 3 o'clock p M, and on
June 24 and December 27.

Columbus News (Dem weekly), Whiteville; A J Maxwell, ed and prop
The Southern Truck Farmer, Chadbourn (weekly farm journal;) D H Hornby, mgr

Names and Post Offices
Ammon - Henry Allen, DC Allen, A J Burns, Jno Collins B Daniel, C M
Daniel, J C Daniel, T S Evans, Robt Green, Felix King, S B King, Robt
Larkin, Joseph Lasaseur, J B Love, R S Love, J D Loyd, R E Loyd, Andrew Perry, G W Robeson, W Flinn
Farmers' Turnout - James Ridley, G M Robbins
Robeson - B C Allen V Bird, D S Cowan, J Green, A B Lucas, L Malpass, J McCoy D Morrell, W B Robeson, J C Rowell