Branson's North Carolina Business Directory: 1890
Submitted by Natasha Miles
January 2010
Columbus County, NC
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory – 1890

Columbus County
Area 750 Square Miles
Population 14,439; White 8,926, Colored 5,513

Columbus County was formed in the year 1808, from Bladen and Brunswick
counties, and is named for the great discoverer, Christopher Columbus.
Whiteville, the county-seat, is named after James B White, one of the first
members of the General Assembly It is 126 miles south of Raleigh, and contains a population of 823.
Surface - Level, and much of it in swamps Soil good when well drained. The Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad passes directly through the county.
Staples - Naval stores are produced largely and profitably. Shingles and lumber are worked largely. Cotton, corn and sweet potatoes are grown extensively.
Timbers- Pine of different varieties, cypress, gum, water oak, white oak and several other species.
Fruits - Berries, apples, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes, melons, &c.

Towns and Post-Offices
Name and Population
Armour, 10
Bolton, 50
Bug Hill, 10
Byrdsville, 10
Cerro Gordo, 150
Chadbourn, 100
Cronly, 100
Evergreen, 40
Fair Bluff, 226
Grist's Station, 150
Hallsboro, 75
Iron Hill, 20
LakeWaccamaw, 50
Lebanon, 20
Mount Tabor, 25
Old Dock, 35
Peacock's Store,
Pireway, 20
Robeson, 75
Vineland, 250
Waccamaw, 50
Whiteville (C H), 823
Wooten, 10

County Officers
Clerk Superior Court - W M Baldwin
Commissioners - D P High, J P Stanly, A G Smith, E D Mears, W D Wooten
Coroner - J E Kelly
Register of Deeds - Joshua Smith
Sheriff- Neall McPhoul
Solicitor 4th Dist - Frank McNeill
Surveyor - John G Thompson
Standard-Keeper - C M Baldwin
Treasurer - J B Harrellson
Supt Pub Schools- Rev G W Hill
Board of Education - H B Collier, J A Elderdice; G W Hill, chm'n
Supt Health - Dr I Jackson

Seventh Monday before first Monday, fourth Monday after first Monday in March; fifth Monday before first Monday in September.

Town Officers
Whiteville- Mayor, H C Moffett
Commissioners - Eli Memory, J S Memory, M A Byrne, R S Richardson, H F Schulkin
Marshal - E C Watkins
Treasurer - J B Schulkin
Cerro Gordo -
Chadbourn -
Fair Bluff-

Townships and Magistrates
Bogue - Thomas Barefoot, T B Pierce, S L Chancey, G W Flynn (Hallsboro),
Henry Wyche, Thomas Brown (Whiteville)
Bug Hill - J A Elderdice, M J Cox, Henyard Long (Bug Hill), E W Fowler, L G Butler, S W Reaves (Pireway), Bug Benton (Bug Hill)
Chadbourn - W T Braswell, J A Brown, W L Frink (Chadbourn), F C Williamson (Clarendon), E H Thompson (Cerro Gordo), Mills Walker, Bradley F Yates
Fair Bluff - T F Toon, M Q Coleman, A W Jenkins (Fair Bluff), H D Williamson, T E Bardin (Cerro Gordo), J H Godwin (Crooms), J Q Hammond, Jr (Fair Bluff)
Lees - J A Thompson (Old Dock) John Register, J J Long (Eoka), W J Hill (Vineland), II W Long R B Lewis (Whiteville)
Ransom - S N Forney, J B Brinkley (Freeman), S Jewett (Cronly), W M Parker (Whiteville)
Tatom's - J Lenen J R McColskey, A H Lennon (Evergreen), A D Williamson (Cerro Gordo), J H Williamson (Whiteville)
Waccamaw - JAClark, H H Holton M Campbell H B Short (Lake Waccamaw), Armlin Nye (Freeman), B M Mears (Whiteville)
Welch's Creek - J M Shipman, Edward Troy J M Brown, Joseph Ray (Whiteville)
Western Prong - Buck Brown, M W Pridgen (Whiteville), G W Elkins, Lenon Jordan, J Q Elkin, John E Powell (Clarkton)
Whiteville - E W Woolen, H C Moffit, J I Williamson, Donald McRackan (Whiteville), L W Stanly (Vineland), John T Best, J P Williams (Whiteville)
Williams' - S F Norris, C W Brown (McTabor), M M Harrison, Manuel Wright (Clarendon), S M Stanly (Lebanon), J K Harper, Simeon Simmons

Names, Post-offices, Pastors and Denominations
Beaver Dam - Bug Hill, Joshua Soles, Bap
Cherry Grove - Crooms, Joshua Soles, Bap
Church - Mt Tabor, Joshua Soles, Bap
Church - Whiteville, Bap
Church (col) - Lake Waccamaw, Bap
Church (col) - Whiteville, Bap
Cross Roads - Bladenboro, Haynes Lennon, Bap
Church- Fair Bluff, J A Smith, Bap
Iron Hill- Iron Hill, Bap
Lake Waccamaw - Flemington, J W Dickson, Bap
Macedonia - D N Gore, Bap
Mt Moriah - Robeson, J P Lennon, Bap
Mt Sinai - Bug Hill Joshua Soles, Bap
Pireway - Pireway Ferry, J Soles, Bap
Pleasant Plains- Eoka, G W Hill, Bap
Seven Creeks, N Millican, Bap
Sweet Home, D J Ray, Bap
Western Prong - Wooten, GW Hill, Bap
Britt's Chapel- Whiteville, T J Browning, Meth
Church - Whiteville, T J Browning, Meth
Church- Bolton, R L Warlick, Meth
Church- Fair Bluff, T J Browning, Meth
Church - Lake Waccamaw, R L Warlick, Meth
Church - Old Dock, - Jenkins, Meth
Curch - Fair Bluff, H Pope, Meth
Church - Vineland, - Jenkins, Meth
Church - Peacock's Store, T J Browning, Meth
Church - Cerro Gordo, T J Browning, Meth
Church - Evergreen, T J Browning, Meth
Hebron- Hallsboro, R L Warlick, Meth
Lebanon - Lebanon, - Jenkins, Meth
Pine Log - Iron Hill - Jenkins, Meth
Porter Swamp - Cerro Gordo, G W Hill, Meth
Shiloh - Lake Waccamaw, R L Warlick Meth
Shiloh - Eoka, - Jenkins, Meth
Smith's Chapel- Whiteville, R L Warlick, Meth
Wayman - Armour, R L Warlick, Meth
Wooten's Chapel - Clarkton, T J Browning, Meth
Church- Chadbourn, G W McMillan, Pres
Church- WhitevilL, G W McMillan Pres
Church (col) - Chadbourn, Pres
Church (col) - Lake Waccamaw, Zion Meth
Church (col) - Hallsboro, - Zion Meth
Church (col) - Whiteville, - Zion Meth

Ministers Resident
Names, Post-offices and Denominations
Dickson, J W, Whiteville, Bap
Gore, J W, Whiteville, Bap
Hill, G W, Eoka, Bap
Lennon, Hanes, Bladenboro, Bap
Ray, D J, Whiteville, Bap
Smith, J A , Fair Bluff, Bap
Soles, J, Mount Tabor, Bap
Wooten, E W, Wooten, Bap
Browning, T J, Whiteville, Meth
Tart, James H, Fair Bluff, Meth
McMillan, G W\, Whiteville, Pres
Gore, D N, Peacock's Store, Prim Bap

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Names, Post-offices and Proprietors
Boarding house, Chadbourn, Mrs G Brown
Boarding house, Fair Bluff, Mrs O H Drake
Boarding house, Lake Waccamaw, Mrs M Carroll
Boarding house, Vineland, Miss Ellen Brown 
Hotel, Whiteville, H C Moffitt
Whiteville Hotel, Whiteville, Mrs F A Howell

Names and Post-offices
Allen, D C, Armour
Ellis, Pearson, Whiteville
Hines, Joel, Whiteville
Lewis, D J, Whiteville
Schulken, J Bison, Whiteville

Kinds, Post-offices and Proprietors
Acme Mfg Co, Wilkes Morris, gen supt; Cronly & Morris (Wilmington), general agents
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Whiteville, C H Frazier
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, K H Brady
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, John Butler
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, S M Carroll
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, C Mitchell
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Robeson, Wesley Webb
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Peacock's Store, J N Hayes
Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Fair Bluff, Scott & Goodyear
Blacksmithing and wheel wrigh ting, Whiteville, C M Baldwin
Buggies and carts, Vineland, Murdock Frazier
Contracting and building, Robeson, W Webb
Contracting and building, Chadbourn, Patrick Raspberry
Contracting and building, Chadbourn, Isham Howard
Contracting and building, Whiteville, J H Maxwell
Contracting and budding, Whiteville, Elias Newman
Contracting and building, Whiteville, R S Richardson
Coopering, Robeson, D J Webb
Coopering, Robeson, Joseph Webb
Coopering, Robeson, Robert Webb
Coopering, Robeson, Thomas Webb
Fertilizers, pine-straw matting, pine-straw oil, cotton bagging, etc, Cronly
Shingles, Waccamaw, J H Springer
Shingles and lumber, Lake Waccamaw, H B Short
Shingles, Whiteville, Richardson & Co
Turpentine, Bugg Hill, H C Smith
Turpentine and cotton-gin, Elkinsville, L A Smith & Co
Turpentine and gin, Clarkton, W D Wooten
Turpentine and gin, Chadbourn, J A Brown
Turpentine, Mt Tabor, Pridgen & Boswell
Turpentine, Old Dock, H M Blackman
Turpentine, Lebanon, Pinkney Blackman
Turpentine, gin and saw, Hallsboro, S B Hall
Turpentine, Pireway, S H Thomas
Turpentine, Vineland, J B Singletary
Turpentine, Clarendon, F C Williamson
Turpentine, Vineland, W A J Soles
Turpentine, Cerro Gordo, E H Thompson
Turpentine, Mt Tabor, Pridgen & Boswell
Turpentine, Bogue, H Bruce Hall
Turpentine, Cerro Gordo, H D Williamson
Turpentine, Fair Bluff, J N Powell
Turpentine, Robeson, R C Applewhite
Wine, Whiteville, Whiteville Wine Co, D P High, manager

Merchants and Tradesmen
Names, Post-offices, Lines of Business
Parker, W M, Gen Store
Brinkley, B W, Gen Store
Brinkley, R T, Gen Store
Brinkley, Mrs M, Gen Store
Bug Hill
Smith, H C, Gen Mdse
Word, A F, Gen Store
Cerro Gordo
Benton, C F, Gen Store
Coleman, D K & Co, Gen Store
Harrellson, J B, Gen Store
Kellihan, H D, Gen Store
Nance, M H, Gen Store
Williamson, E D, Gen Store
Brown, J A, Gen Store
High & Thigpen, Gen Store
Williamson, F C, Gen Store
Wright, Manuel, Gen Store
Wooten, W D, Gen Store
Godwin, J H, Gen Store
Stevenson (J C) & Taylor, Gen Store
Coleman, M E, Gen Store
Reaves, D F, Gen Store
Fields, James K, Gen Store
Fair Bluff
Anderson, L F, Gen Store
Anderson, A H, Gen Store
Dowling, Thomas, Gen Store
Elvington, M D, Gen Store
Oglesby, T K, Gen Store
Powell I M, Gen Store
Rogers, J D, Gen Store
Spivey, J E, Gen Store
Waddell, J P, Gen Store
Brinkley, J B, Gen Store
Straus, J H, Gen Store
Powell, J W, Gen Store
Flynn, D M, Gen Store
Hall, S B, Gen Store
Lake Waccamaw
Dixon, J W, Gen Store
Jackson, J R, & Son, Gen Store
McDowell, Henry, Gen Store
Montgomery, William, Gen Store
Short, H B, Gen Store
Blackmon, Pinkney, Gen Store
Haddock, A W, Gen Store
Hinson, D J B, Gen Store
Stanly, J P, Gen Store
Mount Tabor
Fowler, F H & Co, Gen Store
Innman, C H & Co, Gen Store
Pridgen & Boswell, Gen Store
Old Dock
Blackman, H M, Gen Store
Gore, J K, Gen Store
Thomas, S H, Gen Store
Bordeaux, D J, Gen Store
Carter, E J, Gen Store
Holmes, A G, Gen Store
Springer, J H, Gen Store
Baldwin, M L, Keeper of Jail
Barker, W, Fish
Culbreth, N M, Jewelry and Drugs
Culbreth N E, Gen Store
Dew & Co, Saloon
Formyduval, C C, Gen Store
Harrell, J F, Drugs
Harrington & Carter, Livery
High D P, Saloon
Kelly, J E, Fish
Lennon, J H, Gen Store
Lewis, R B, Gen Store
Long & Co, Gen Store
Maltsby's Son, Gen Store
McPhail, N, Gen Store
Memory, T S, Ins Agt
Memory, T S's Son, Gen Store
Moffitt, H C, Painter
Maltsby, J D, agt, Gen Store
Patterson, J G, Saloon
Powell John L, Gen Store
Powell, W M, Gen Store
Powell & Co, Gen Store
Pridgen, J J, Painter
Reeves, D F, Saloon
Richardson, V V, ex-U S Marshal Eastern District
Richardson & Co, Gen Store
Schulkin & Co, Gen Store
Schulkin & Co , Saloon
Stanley, J C, Gen Store
Ward, B, Gen Store
Ward, A M & Co, Saloon
Whiteville Wine Company, Saloon
Whiteville Wine Company, Gen Store
Carter, L W, Saloon and Livery Stables
Millican, A G, Jeweler
Norris, G J & Co, Gen Store
Powell, A W, Depot Agent
Powell & Taylor, Gen Store
Soles, W A J, Gen Store
Singletary, J B, Gen Store
Williams, J P, Postmaster

Kinds, Post-offices and Proprietors
Corn, Robeson, George Webb
Corn, Whiteville, E C Watkins
Corn, Vineland, William Richardson
Corn, Whiteville, T S Memory
Corn, Whiteville, J D Maltsby, agent
Corn, Bogue, H B Hall
Corn and saw, Pireway, J F Butler
Flour and corn, Peacock's Store, Hughes & Co
Steam saw, Hallsboro, H L Struthers
Steam saw, Peacock's Store, S F Hughes
Steam saw, Vineland, J J Frazier
Steam saw, Hallsboro, H B Short
Steam saw and grist, Fair Bluff, Dempsey Coleman
Steam saw and grist, Wooten, Shade Wooten
Steam saw and gin, Whiteville, J D Maltsby, agent

Names and Post-offices
Culbreth, N M (dentist), Whiteville
Devane, J S, Armour
Floyd, A G, Fair Bluff
Harrell, J F, Whiteville
Jackson, Isaac, Whiteville
Lucas, A B, Armour
McGougan, J M, Cerro Gordo
Morrison, M R, Whiteville
Russ, C D Elkinsville (Bladen co)
Wyche, C G, Whiteville

Names, Post-offices and Principals
Academy, Cronly, Prof C V Thues
High School, Fair Bluff, Col T F Toon
High School, Whiteville, 
No. public schools - white 78; colored 68

Names and Post-offices
Chauncey, Samuel J, Flemington
Johnston, N D, Fair Bluff
McEachern, H A, Whiteville

Local Corporations
Fair Bluff Lodge, No 190, A F & A M, Fair Bluff; time of meeting, second Saturday in each month, at 1 o'clock
P M, and the evening of December 27
Lebanon Lodge, No 207, A F & A M, Whiteville; time of regular communication, Saturday before each full moon,
at 3 o'clock p m, and on June 24 and December 27

Columbus Record, weekly (dem), Whiteville; H C Moffitt, editor; J A Brown, proprietor
Lebanon News, Lebanon (dem), weekly; Blackman & Sellers, editors

Names and Post-offices
Armour - D C Allen, S B King, R E Lloyd, J B Love, A B Lucas, J J Newbold, W M Parker, C B Williams Bladenboro - Francis Lennon
Bug Hill - J W Faulk, J J Gore, D R Gore, J J C Gore, H Jennett, J M Long, Sr, I F Long, J B Long, J M C Long, Asa Long, Hinyard Long, James Long, S W Reaves, H W Reaves, H C Smith, M J Stephens, James Stephens
Byrdsville - Vaughn Byrd, F M Creech, G S Ellis
Cerro Gordo - J J Benton, T E Borden, W W Brown Sr, E K Brown, W W Brown, Jr, H M Brown, B V Coleman, W J Coleman, D J Coleman, J R Coleman, R H Edmond, James Faulk, J T Gowan, Philip Godwin, C J Godwin, E H Havrelson, J B Harrellson, J M McGougan H R McLelland, Thos Nobles, N J Thompson, W H Vann, John Williams, H D Williamson, M P Williamson, Joshua Williamson, Rebekah Williamson, John H Williamson, L I Yates
Chadbourn - M D Blackman, Tames Blackman, M B Blake, ] B Blake, Alfred Dyson, Elias McKenzie, D F Mercer, James C Mercer, W J Norris, S H Thompson, Benjamin Ward, N L H Williams
Clarendon - M D Blackman, Samuel Garrett, John Granger, M J Harrelson, Anthony Hinson, Alva Hinson, J P Hinson, J W Hughes, W J Hughes, Kelly Mercer, E H Todd, F C Williamson
Clarkton - C K Baldwin, A T Bullard, E H Burney, Buck Brown, J W Brown, G W Elkins, G C High, J L High, P H Hobbs, Lennon Jordan, Charles Lennon, G W Meadows, D W Means, Latt Memory, E L Nance, Alex Nance, M F Owen, M W Pridgen, S Singletary, S W Smith, M K Smith, J T Wooten, J H Wooten, Gade Wooten (col), W D Wooten, Shade Wooten
Councils - D P Meares, B M Meares
Cronly - O J Burns C M Carr, John Collins, S N Formy, B A Jones, John O'Bryan, Zack Taylor, Henry Vines
Crooms - J H Godwin, E V Strickland, A G Worley, A M Worley
Elkinsville - J Q Elkins, Orren Lennon, Lewis Moore, C D Russ, A M Shaw, J M Shipman, D M Smith, B M Spaulding
Eoka - W A Best, D R Best, J M Best, J R Carroll, M E Coleman, J O Evans, Lem Floyd, J B Harrelson, W A Harrelson, Daniel Hester, VV I Hill, A B Hill, D J Jolly, R B Lewis, J J Long, Wiley Williams, Forney Pierce, D F Reaves, John Register, J O Smith, W A J Sowles, Jesse Sowles, J O Stevens, Benjamin Ward, A F Ward
Evergreen - A M Benton, W H Harrison B T Kissam, D S Lennon, J C Lennon, J R McColesky, J S Nance, R J Nance, S F Stevens, L G Stephens, Elias Williamson, Hosea Williamson, N L Williamson, Alonzo Williamson, John O Williamson
Fair Bluff - B A Anderson, D Coleman, Henry Coleman, Dempsey Coleman, E M Edmond, Guilford Edwards J M Enzor, W H Enzor, S W Gowan, W C Hammond, J E Hammond, Charles Hammond, P A Inman, A W, Jenkins, Isaac J Jernigan, E D Meares, A Nance, J J Page, G T Parker, V A Shaw W M Shaw, Burrill Smith, Coleman Strickland, Cary Strickland, W Q Strickland, E M Strickland, Hale Strickland, A Strickland, J H Fort, James Tyler, William Wilson
Freeman's - E L Applewhite, J B Brinkley, A Wehrholn
Grist's - John Hinson, L W Powell, Mrs N D Powell, J D Rabon, David Struthers, M M Walker, R J Yates, J L Yates, B F Yates
Hallsboro - Thomas Barefoot, J O Barefoot, Sr, D J Batten, Sr, Kenneth Batten, J G Batten, Thomas Brown, S L Chauncy, J S Council, John Dew, Ray Edwards, D M Flinn, G W Flinn, G A Flinn, A P Formyduval, J A Formyduval, A J Formyduval, W T Hall, S B Hall, Warren Haynes, J S Pierce, J P Pierce, G G Pierce, J P Pierce, A J Pierce, B F Pierce, A S Pierce, I H Powell, E M Powell, Calvin Sasser, J G Tedder, W M Thompson, A R Wayne, Henry Wyche
Iron Hill - James B Cox, D D Cox, G C Cox, J S Cox, M J Cox, B J Cox, W M Cox, S B Cox, Allen Inman, J M Jolly, F K Powell, Yancy Spivey, Caleb Spivey, E W Watts, Kenion Wright, J C Wright, Lawson Wright, John Wright
Lake Waccamaw - Charles O Beaves, Crandal Brown, Melton Campbell, S J
Chancy, J J Chancy, W H Chancy, A T Clark, Dougald Clark, J W Dickson, Haywood Eason (col), A G Holmes, H H Holton, J A Jackson, J R Jackson, H B Short, A G Smith, T W Smith, W W Wayne
Lebanon - Henry Best, Pink Blackman, Neill Curry, A M Gore, J L Gore, G M Hardee, John Harper, J K Harper, D J B Hinson, S M D Long, Bethel Long, J W Powell, Kenneth Sellers, Amos Sellers, J P Stanly, J M D Stanly, J H M Stanly, Gregory Lennon, C O McKellar
Marlville - A D Campbell
Maxwell's - D M Blue C H Dock, H J Farmer, J C Strouss
Merritts - A F Blake, Jno A Evans, Haynes Hinson, James Hinson, James Jolly, G W Sellers, V P Sellers, A L Sellers, Kelly Sellers, B W Smith, J B,
Singletary, J W Tedder, Wilson H Tyre, Wingate White, Edward Whiteville
Mount Tabor- G P Bullock, D P Coleman, C P Faircloth, Laban Fowler, W M Fowler, B J Hinson, E M Hinson, J Y Jackson, S F Norris, Andrew Norris, W A Norris, C C Pridgen
Old Dock - H M Blackman, J B Blackman, Duncan Evans, C L Formyduval, VV L Formyduval, D Y Formyduval, J W Gore, J H Hill, Willis Hudson, D J Register, M G Sasser, D F Smith, J A Thompson, J G Thompson
Orton - D F Hester, A H Lennon, Haynes Lennon, Wright Lennon, Caswell Porter, Robert Powers, James A Shepherd
Peacock's Store - Thomas J Bass, G W Babson, U F Baswell, Timothy Butler, J M Byrd, H C Cowan, J H Dyson, W S Frink, D T Frink, C P Gore, D E Green, E Harris, J N Hayes, J W Hughes, E F Hughes, S E Hughes, S L Hughes Richard McDougald, W J Millican, J F Nealey, Anderson Thompson, Thomas Thompson, C Y Thompson, E H Thompson
Pireway - J O B Anderson, S M Anderson, Benjamin Benton, W R Best, R J Best, G C Butler, D M Butler, J G Butler, J D Butler, J F Butler, D C Canady, J A Elderdice E W Fowler, S L Gore, Joshua Gore, H C Gore, Burwell Gore, Jonathan Gore, Joseph Gore, J H Gore, M L Gore, J K Gore, H H Hewett, E Holmes, W J Lay, W H Long W E Marlow, W B Norris, T J Stanly, W H Stanly, James O Stocks
Robeson - R C Applewhite, D S Cowan, J P Lennon, T E Mitchell G M Summerell, A J Swinson
Rosindale - Israel Moore, Sr, B M Spaulding (col), Evon Spauding (col), J W Spaulding, Henry Spaulding
Sidney - B M Harrelson, B F Harrelson, M M Harrelson, Minus Mears, Tackson Powell, Moses Williams, Manuel Wright, McLellan Wright
Vineland - James O Barefoot, J T Best Murdock Frazier, J M M Gore, C C Gore, E J McRackan, M C Millican, Elias Newman, W R Richardson, H B Register, R G Rockwell, Joshua Smith, J R Taylor, W H Thompson, Mel Young
Whiteville - J R Baldwin, A J Baldwin, D D Baldwin, A J Baldwin, Sr, D J Baldwin, C M Baldwin, W G Baldwin, J A Baldwin, W M Baldwin, W H Baldwin Daniel Batten, Nathaniel Boswell, John Bright, Samuel Bright,
R T Britt, T M Brown, D M Brown, A W Buffkin, P Buffkin M A Byrne, J E Campbell, L VV Carter, D H Cook, A C Cook, Elias Creech, Elijah Creech, John Creech, M A Daniels, Gooley Duncan W J Dyson, N W Friar, David George, Mrs Emeline George, D M High, A H High, Jacob High, James High, W F High, Charles High, J M Hinson, Eli Hinson, W J Huggins, Jonathan Lennon, Ira Lennon, J D Maultsby, W J McGirt, J L McKoy Donald McRackan, T S Memory, S E Memory Eli Memory, W F Owen, John E Powell, D W Powell, John C Powell, Napoleon Powell, Mrs Lucy Powell, R S Pridgen, V V Richardson, Simon Sasser, W H Sellers, R D Sessions, M N Sibbett, W J Spivey, Samuel Stephens, John F Thompson, Albert Thompson, W J Thompson, George W Thompson, H Thompson, Archie Toon, A F Toon, Edward Troy, E C Watkins, W E Worrell
Wootens - H B Collier, E W Wooten