Branson North Carolina Business Directory, 1872
Contributed by Natasha Miles
Columbus County, NC
Columbus County
Population in 1870 – 8474
White, 5526; Colored 2948
County Seat – Whiteville
Population – 104
White, 86; Colored, 18
Population of Whiteville, including Township, 2026

County Officers
Clerk Superior Court – Isaac Jackson
Commissioners – Haynes Lennon, Ch'n, Jas High, Wm M Baldwin, Dempsey Coleman, D D Campbell
Coroner – John L Barden
Register of Deeds – B W Smith
Sheriff – V V Richardson
Solicitor – J A Richardson, 4th Dis
Surveyor – J J C Gore
Standard Keeper – W J Taylor
Treasurer – Francis Lennon

Names, Clerks, and Post Office of Clerks
Bogue – J N Highsmith, Bogue
Bug Hill – E M Fowler, Bug Hill
Fair Bluff – H D Williamson, Cerro Gordo
Lee's – Henry Pierce (constable), Whiteville
Tatom's – A D Williamson, Cerro Gordo
Welch's Church – Lewis Moore, Whiteville
Williams' – J B Harrelson, Whiteville
Whiteville – J S Frink, Whiteville

Names, Post Offices, Pastors and Denom.
Bolton – Bolton, W B Maness, Meth
Duncan's - W B Maness, Meth
Fair Bluff – Fair Bluff, W B Maness, Meth
Flemington - W B Maness, Meth
Liberty, W B Maness, Meth
Pine Log, W B Maness, Meth
Piraway, W B Maness, Meth
Shiloh, W B Maness, Meth
Swindal's, W B Maness, Meth
Whiteville, Whiteville, W B Maness, Meth
Beaver Dam, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Cherry Grove, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Cross Roads, Haynes Lennon, Bap
Iron Hill X Roads, Bap
Mt Sinai, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Mt Moriah, John P Lennon, Bap
Macedonia, J W Gore, Bap
Pleasant Hill, D N Gore, Bap
Pleasant Plains, G W Hill, Bap
Porter Swamp, G W Hill, Bap
Sweet Home, D J Ray, Bap
Seven Creeks, N Millican, Bap
Whiteville, Whiteville, Haynes Lennon, Bap
Western Prong, G W Hill, Bap
Waccamaw, (Mission Station), Bap

Names, Post Offices and Proprietors
Whiteville Hotel, Whiteville, Mills Howell
Flemington Hotel, Flemington, Mrs M A Brothers

Names of Lawyers and Post Offices
Ellis J W, Whiteville
George Forney, Whiteville
Maultsby J A, Whiteville
Price Mouzan, Whiteville
Stanly W J, Whiteville

Manufactories, Post Offices and Proprietors
Wines, Whiteville, D P High & Co
Wines, Whiteville, A J Bantner
Wines, Whiteville, J B Stanley
Wines, Whiteville, Maxwell & Co
Wines, Bogue, Edwards & Hall
Spirit Barrels, Whiteville, H C Rockwell
Spirit Barrels, Fair Bluff, Smith & Toon
Wagons and Buggies, Whiteville, M J Young
Wagons and Buggies, Whiteville, W J Taylor
Shingles, Flemington, D L Leeds
Shingles, Flemington, D D Barber
Turpentine Distillery, Flemington, W H Chancy & Bro
Turp. Dis, Bogue, Jackson & Brooks
Turp. Dis, Bogue, Edwards & Hall
Turp. Dis, Horse Shoe, T M Smith
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, Thompson, Hughes & Co
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, J F Butler & Co
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, Rockwell & Spivy
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, Haynes & Co
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, J H Summersett
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, Maxwell & Co
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, Owen Smith & Co
Turp. Dis, Whiteville, H C Rockwell
Turp. Dis, Peacock's Store, W H Toon
Turp. Dis, Peacock's Store, Lennon & Collier
Turp. Dis, Peacock's Store, Jennings & Co
Turp. Dis, Grist's, M M Walker
Turp. Dis, Grist's A F & J M Powell
Turp. Dis, Cerro Gordo, D F Williamson
Turp. Dis, Cerro Gordo, J E Buill & Co
Turp. Dis, Cerro Gordo, J J Barden & Bro
Turp. Dis, Cerro Gordo, H D & J William
Turp. Dis, Cerro Gorod, B T Barden
Turp. Dis, Fair Bluff, Smith & Toon
Turp. Dis, Fair Bluff, D Coleman

Names, Post Offices, Line of Business
Butler J T & Co, Whiteville, G S
Barden J J & Bro, Cerro Gordo, G S
Buie J E & Co, Cerro Gordo, G S
Barden B F, Cerro Gordo, G S
Brewer & Brenton, Fair Bluff, Liq
Chancy W H & Bro, Flemington, G S
Coleman & Williamson, Cerro Gordo, Liq
Coleman (D) & Co, Fair Bluff, G S
Edwards & Hall, Bogue, G S
Flinn G W, Bogue G S
Faulk Isaac, Fair Bluff, Liq
Haynes & Co, Whiteville, G S
Howell Mills, Whiteville, G S
Hinson J L & Bro, Whiteville, G S
Harrell David J, Whiteville, Liq
Joyner R T, Whiteville, G S & Liq
Jackson & Brooks, Bogue, G S
Jennings & Co, Peacock's Store, G S
Lennon & Colyer, Peacocks's Store, G S
Memory T S, Whiteville, G S
Maxwell & Co, Whiteville, G S
Powell J W & A F, Grist's, G S
Pate G G, Cerro Gordo, Liq
Powell R M, Fair Bluff, G S
Rockwell H C, Whiteville, G S
Rockwell & Spivey, Whiteville, G S
Register John, Whiteville, G S & Liq
Summersett J H, Whiteville, G S
Smith T M, Horse Shoe, G S
Smith & Toon, Fair Bluff, G S
Thompson, Hughes & Co, Whiteville, G S
Toon H H, Peacock's Store, G S
Wooten E W, Whiteville, G S
Williamson (J & A D) & Co, G S

Ministers, Resident
Names, Post Offices and Denominations
Maness W B, Whiteville, Meth
Gore D N, Peacock's Store, Bap
Gore J W, Cerro Gordo, Bap
Haynes Lennon, Cerro Gordo, Bap
Hill G W, Whiteville, Bap
Lennon Haynes, Peacock's Store, Bap
Lennon J P, Green Swamp, Bap
Millican N, Whiteville, Bap
Ray D J, Whiteville, Bap
Sowls Joshua, Fair Bluff, Bap

Names and Post Offices
Campbell S J, Cerro Gordo
Jackson Isaac, Whiteville
Morrison M R, Whiteville
McGougan J M, Fair Bluff
McPhail T D, Cerro Gordo
Wyche C G, Whiteville

Post Offices
Big Swamp
Cerro Gordo
Fair Bluff
Grist's Station
Peacock's Store
Pireways Ferry
Whiteville (c. h.)

Name, Principal and Post Office
Whiteville Acad, A J Butner, Whiteville

Post Offices, Names, Acres and Value
Bogue – O H Powell, 1186 acres
Cero Gordo – D F Williamson, 2887; W W Brown, 554
Fair Bluff – J M McGougan, 657; D Coleman, 1630
Grist's Station – A F Powell, 1718
Whiteville – W M Baldwin, 3737; Samuel Bright, 2076; F George, 3196; L George, 679; David George, 422; G Pridgen, 1320; J C Powell, 850; W Richardson, 272; James High, 640; Wm Ward, 5050; T S Memory, 1662; R M McRackan 2695, F Lennon, 1121; Wright Lennon, 810; A J Troy, 950; J H Gore, 6000; H C Smith, 1570; J S Cox, 2520; John Mears, 1300; S W Smith, 800

Surface – Level, and much of it in Swamps Soil good when well drained. The Manchester Railroad passes directly through the county.

Staples – Naval Stores are produced largely and profitably. Shingles and Lumber are worked largely. Cotton, Corn and Sweet Potatoes are grown extensively.