Branson's North Carolina Business Directory: 1869
Submitted by Natasha Miles
January 2010
Columbus County, NC
Branson's North Carolina Business Directory – 1869

Columbus County
Population in 1860 - 8567
County Seat - Whiteville

County Officers
Clerk Superior Court, Isaac Jackson
Coroner Murdock Frazier
Haynes Lennon, Ch., James High, Josiah Maultsby, Dempsey Coleman, D D Campbell
Register of Deeds, B W Smith
Surveyor, C C Gore
Sheriff, V V Richardson
Standard Keeper, W J Taylor
Solicitor 4th Dist, John A Richardson
Treasurer, Francis Lennon

Churches and Pastors
Bolton, Meth
Duncan's, Meth
Fair Bluff, Meth
Flemington, Meth
Liberty, Meth
Pine Log, Meth
Piraway, Meth
Shiloh, Meth
Swindal's, Meth
Whiteville, Meth
Beaver Dam, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Cherry Grove, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Cross Roads, Haynes Lennon, Bap
Iron Hill X Roads, Bap
Mount Sinai, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Mount Moriah, John P Lennon, Bap
Mount Tabor, Joshua Sowls, Bap
Macedonia, J W Gore, Bap
Pleasant Hill, D N Gore, Bap
Pleasant Plains, G W Hill, Bap
Porter Swamp, G W Hill, Bap
Sweet Home, D J Ray, Bap
Seven Creeks N Millican, Bap
Whiteville, Haynes Lennon, Bap
Western Prong, G W Hill, Bap
Waccamaw, Mission Station, Bap

Hotels and Boarding Houses
Whiteville Hotel, Whiteville, Mills Howell
Flemington Hotel, Flemington, Mrs M A Brothers

Ellis J W, Whiteville
George F, Whiteville
Maultsby J A, Whiteville
Price Mouzan, Whiteville
Stanly W J, Whiteville

Wines, Whiteville, D P High & Co
Wines, Whiteville, A J Bantner
Wines, Whiteville, J B Stanley
Wines, Whiteville, Maxwell & Co
Wines, Bogue, Edwards & Hall
Spirit Barrels, Whiteville, H C Rockwell
Spirit Barrels, Fair Bluff Smith & Toon
Wagons and Buggies, Whiteville, M J Young
Wagons and Buggies, Whiteville, W J Taylor
Shingles, Flemington, D L Leeds
Shingles, Flemington, D D Barber
Turpentine Dis, Flemington, W H Chancy & Bro
Turp. Dis., Bogue, Jackson & Brooks
Turp. Dis., Bogue, Edwards & Hall
Turp. Dis., Horse Shoe, T M Smith
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, Thompson, Hughes & Co
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, J F Butler & Co
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, Rockwell & Spivy
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, Haynes & Co
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, J H Summersett
Turp. Dis., Whiteville. Maxwell & Co
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, Owen Smith & Co
Turp. Dis., Whiteville, H C Rockwell
Turp. Dis., Peacock's Store, W H Toon
Turp. Dist., Peacock's Store, Lennon & Collier
Turpentine Distilery, Peacock's Store, Jennings & Co
Turp. Dis., Grist's, M M Walker
Turp. Dis., Grist, A F & J M Powell
Turp. Dis., Cerro Gorda, D F Williamson
Turp. Dis., Cerro Gorda, J E Buill &Co
Turp. Dis., Cerro Gorda, J J Barden & Bro
Turp. Dis., Cerro Gorda, A D & J Williams
Turp. Dis., Cerro Gorda, B T Barden
Turp. Dis., Fair Bluff, Smith & Toon
Turp. Dis., Fair Bluff, D Coleman

Butler J T & Co Whiteville, G S
Barden J J & Bro Cerro Gorda, G S
Buie J E & Co, Cerro Gorda, G S
Barden B F, Cerro Gorda, G S
Brewer & Brenton, Fair Bluff, Liq
Chancy W H & Bro, Flemington, G S
Coleman & Williamson, Cerro Gorda, Liq
Coleman (D) & Co, Fair Bluff, G S
Edwards & Hall, Bogue, G S
Flinn G W, Bogue, G S
Faulk Isaac, Fair Bluff, Liq
Haynes & Co, Whiteville, G S
Howell Mills, Whiteville, Liq
Hinson J L & Bro, Whiteville, G S
Harrell David J, Whiteville, Liq
Joyner R T, Whiteville, G S & Liq
Jackson & Brooks, Bogue, G S
Jennings & Co, Peacock's Store, G S
Lennon & Colyer, Peacock's Store, G S
Memory T S, Whiteville, G S
Maxwell & Co, Whiteville, G S
Powell J W & A F, Grist', G S
Pate G G, Cerro Gorda, Liq
Powell R M, Fair Blufl, G S
Rockwell H C, Whiteville, G S
Rockwell & Spivey, Whiteville, G S
Register John, Whiteville, G S & Liq
Summersett J H, Whiteville, G S
Smith T M Horse Shoe, G S
Smith & Toon, Fair Bluff, G S
Thompson, Hughes & Co, Whiteville, G S
Toon H H, Peacock's Store, G S
Wooten E W, Whiteville, G S
Williamson (J & A D) & Co, G S

Gore D N, Peacock's Store, Bap
Gore J W, Cerro Gorda, Bap
Haynes Lennon, Cerro Gorda, Bap
Hill G W, Whiteville, Bap
Lennon Haynes, Peacock's Store, Bap
Lennon J P, Green Swamp, Bap
Millican N, Whiteville, Bap
Ray D J, Whiteville., Bap
Sowls Joshua, Fair Bluff, Bap

Campbell S J, Cerro Gorda
Jackson Isaac, Whiteville
Morrison M R, Whiteville
McGougan J M, Fair Bluff
McPhail T D, Cerro Gorda
Wyche C G, Whiteville

Post Offices and Post Masters
Bogue, Mrs J J Edwards
Cerro Gorda, John Campbell
Fair Blufif, Joshua Waddell
Flemington, Charles Chancy
Grist's, Mrs M M Walker
Peacock's Store, Enoch Hannon
Whiteville, H C Moffitt

Whiteville Acad., Whiteville, A J Butner

Prominent Famers
W M Baldwin, 3737 acres; Samuel Bright, 2076; F George, 3196; L George, 679; David George, 422; G Pridgen, 1320; J C Powell, 850; W R Richardson, 272; James High, 640; Wm Ward, (5050); T S Memory, 1662; R M McRackan, 2695; F Lennon, 1121; Wright Lennon, 810; A J Troy, 950; J H Gore, 6000; H C Smith, 1570; J S Cox, 2,520; John Meares, 1,300, and S W Smith, 800, Whiteville; A F Powell, 1718, Grist's; D F Williamson, 2,887; W W Brown, 554, Cerro Gorda; J M McGougan, 657; D Coleman, 1,630, Fair Bluff; O H Powell, 1,186, Bogue

Surface — Level, Sandy, and in places swampy; soil good.

Staples — Cotton, Corn, Lumber and Naval Stores