Bellevue Cemetery (incomplete)
Transcribed by Lisa Lawrence Hudson
October 2003
Columbus County, NC
Bellevue Cemetery is an African American Cemetery located in Chadbourn, NC. The burial ground has been used for approximately 100 years by African Americans with ties to the Chadbourn and surrounding communities. It is situated in the center of a secluded wooded area surrounded by pine trees with a dirt road leading into the burial ground. The dirt path completely encircles the original site, however, recently new trees have been cleared for additional plots. The graveyard has been well kept during recent years, but many grave markers have been lost. Death records for my family reveal that often family members acted as 'undertaker' and buried their own kin within a day or two of the death. This researcher believes that this is the same cemetery previously referred to as "Yates Colored Cemetery", and the "Chadbourn Colored Cemetery" according to death certificates, but have as yet been unable to definitively conclude this as fact.

Naomi L Daniels 1900 - 1994
George Yates 1907 - 1976
Mable S Yates 2/14/1910 - 5/15/1986
Ada L Leggett; Died 9/28/1979
Ellis A Yates 4/9/1900 - 5/6/1982
Lavern R Lawrence 1909 - 1997
Mary L Smith 11/04/1938 - 2/13/1988
Hattie M Lawrence 1/15/1900 - 2/14/1988
John Sr Mitchell Lawrence 10/07/1873 - 2/26/1966
Louisa Lawrence (date illegible)
Mary B Lawrence 1902 - 1995
Horace B Lawrence 8/15/1899 - 4/4/1965
James Edward Lawrence 12/25/1921 - 06/12/1958; NC PFC 653 QM Truck Co WW2
Sylvia Livingston Brinkley 9/4/1894 - 2/23/1967
Callis N Brinkley 5/22/1877 - 2/26/1962
Johnnie Waitus Lawrence 4/23/1921 - 7/13/1964; Staff Sgt. WWII
Wilson Lawrence Died 2/2/1976
JoAnn Yates 8/18/1865 - 1/5/1949; Asleep in Jesus
Paul Lawrence 7/22/1894 - 4/22/1931
Jacob D Lawrence 9/8/1906 - 4/2/1937; A Dear Husband